Prince Top 10 Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Prince Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time. The death of Prince shook the entire world, but his message and life inspire thousands around the world. Over his life, Prince made it release 40 albums and was one of the most famous musicians in the eighties with innovative funk, pop, fusion and R&B. Almost all of his songs are unique, delicious and humorous, with an unhinged singing and writing style. Below are the best of Prince’s songs that continue to thrill fans, years after his death.

Prince Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Prince top 10 songs of all time.

10. The beautiful ones

‘The beautiful ones’ is a classic track by Prince that propels his music to a new level. As Prince sings about unrequited love, his heart pains as he delivers passion and drama above a piano, drums, and synth. The musician begs his lover to take him over anybody else, as he is and will always be the best. ‘The beautiful ones’ is a heartfelt song that carries a lot of fashion in it, the song qualifies to be one of the best.

9. Raspberry beret

‘Raspberry Beret’ is one of Prince’s entirely composed pop track.Despite the fact that it was not well received as compared to his other tracks, the song is an all time favorite.‘Raspberry Beret’ is a romantic story of a man meeting with a girl at the dime and five stores, with an accessory that is not usual. The song has a nice upbeat and contains memories of the musician’s times. The song has excellent qualities, and it boosts the moods of its listeners.

8. Darling Nikki

‘Darling Nikki’ is a song that introduces Nikki, a woman with whom Prince is madly fascinated with and madly loves her. The song displays the fascination of the musician in the most compelling way ever. The singer explains an encounter with a ‘sex fiend’ a woman she meets in a lobby inside a hotel before she gets escorted to her castle which has ‘devices’ and an agreement he must sign before the two get intimate. The song is naughty.The story led to the application of ‘Parental Advisory’ labels and stickers on the album.

7. Kiss

In this song Prince is at his highest peak, blending an erotic nature with tenderness, wishing for his lover’s ‘kiss’ and nothing more. Prince is not concerned with her looks or wealth, and his falsetto makes it more convincing, building up to a jangling guitar offered by Wendy Melvoin, the Revolutionist. The track is a sweet love song that creates romance every time it plays.

6. Little Red Corvette

Like many other pop songs in the eighties, the musician uses a vehicle as a metaphor for a right time, coupled with a woman. He hopes that his ‘little red corvette’ has a very sexy ass, one he has never seen, but with a pocket horses and a list of jockeys. In a sweet synth, the musician encourages the lady to take things slow and look for something more dependable in life. Fans love the guitar parts of the song and the high-quality video. This is one of the Prince Top 10 Songs of All Time.


Though released around mid-1982, Prince’s ‘party like it’s 1999, the song came back to the limelight in its namesake year, 1999.Despite the concept of the song being ominous, the intent and tone look debauched and up beaten to encourage all to live to the fullest in the possible final moments. However, some people think that Prince wrote his destiny when he decided to compose this song.

4. Sign of time

‘Sign of times’ addresses reigning issues experienced in the eighties. However, much of struggles described in the song always resonate. Coupled with a delicate funk that is past other of his singles, Prince reflects about drug abuse, HIV-AIDS poverty and gang violence with empathy and precision as a compelling way of narrating stories. The song has original and great basslines and is creative as well as an insightful track that holds true until today. The live version is excellent, in particular with a guitar.

3.’Let’s Go Crazy.’

Beloved Prince says that they are gathered to get through life, which he calls a ‘thing.’ The song has monolog previews about living this life to the fullest, getting past the weight of elevators that pull us down in life. The single track is ready at almost the same time with ‘When Doves Cry,’ making a streak that propels him as an international pop innovator. The guitar to this song is amazing, and Prince turns the song into a dancing song

2. When Doves Cry

The song mainly applies the use of drums and synths, and it is both moody and dramatic.’ When doves cry’ is the first ever single for the musician. He mixes romantic tensions with family dimensions, which is a particular perspective about relationships. The idea of intermingling the two is a tactic that is outside the pop tropes. The single is the first preview for his album called ‘Purple Rain,’ of 1984.

1. Purple Rain

‘Purple Rain’ is a huge, emotional, lush and excessive track. The song combines forces of many sounds by blending pop with hard rock, funk, and R&B to make the song chilly and thrilling. Purple Rain is a tribute song for the star after his demise. The song contains many rings, and its interpretation is endless, let’s say it is complicated but simple. The romantic song makes people believe that this musician was a Prince, but died a king.

Songs in which Prince predicted his death:

1. April

Before his death, Prince predicted that he was to die. For instance in this song: ‘Sometimes it snows in April,’ he sings about loss. Prince adds that sometimes life ‘is not always the way.’ After it snowed in April, Prince died.

2. Elevator

In his song titled: ‘Let’s go crazy,’ Prince says that if an elevator breaks you down, you should go crazy, a floor higher. After his death, Prince is found dead in an elevator! Once again the star predicts his death and the exact place where he is to die, in an elevator.

Rest in peace Prince. You entertained the world, and we will always dance to the tunes of your songs. Till we meet him again, those are the best of his songs, keep listening to them as a tribute to the fallen soldier, the world lost such a talented musician.

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