Pink Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Pink Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Pink is one of the best musicians in modern times. She derives her inspiration from a number of artists including Madonna, Janis Joplin, and Whitney Houston. Her contralto voice rasps erotically at all times, leaving many musicians behind, as far as rating is concerned. Wonderfully, Kelly Clarkson agrees that Pink’s voice and music is one of the best for the current generation. Below are some of the best songs that Pink has done, as well as her latest release.

Pink Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 best songs by Pink till 2017:

10. ‘Just Like a Pill.’

Love is sometimes addictive, just like drugs. The song is an instant success, and it peaks to position eight on the Billboard after release. The video is great, and her hairstyle is sexy, which makes fans fall in love with her more. The song starts by depicting her lying on the floor allegedly after taking too much. She asks the guy what he has done to make her that way, as she thought it would be fun. She asks the man to come but it turns out that the guy is just like a pill: instead of making her better, he make her ill.

9. ‘F****ing Perfect.’

The track is an emotional piece of work that explains why we should be our true self, without pretending. The song boasts of a Grammy nomination for a Solo Performance track. Amazingly, the ‘Perfect’ rose to position two on the Billboard in 2011.The musician sings about her mistreated, misunderstood and misplaced life. She says that she makes wrong decisions and does wrong turns, which composes her stupid life. She urges her lover never to feel like he is less than perfect because he is the best.

8. ‘Get This Party Started.’

The song gets Pink’s parties started, literally. Festivities begin exactly after her song hits top four on the Billboard. The song explodes globally and rises to position one on different charts worldwide. It is important to note that the great song is produced and written by Perry Linda. Pink sings about a party where she is the chief guest, and she urges people to get it started, as she is on her way. The Saturday party looks fantastic, and she reminds her fans to check her golden rings. She presents a view of a dirty Saturday party that she is just about to attend, and the song turns out to be a fantastic party track.

7. ‘Raise Your Glass.’

In the song, Pink celebrates people who accept themselves for who they are, having in mind that we are all unique in a way. The song experiences success and is currently her third hottest single globally. She sings about an ultimate adult party, where she requests people to turn off the lights to allow the loose their mind. She asks the panty snatchers and party crashers not to be fancy but to get dancing. She wishes that everyone freaks out, but requests all to raise their glasses, for the party in never ending.

6. ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

Pink admits that she gets inspiration from Janis Joplin, who always inspired her by singing blues when the society did not accept women to sing such songs. In fact, she wears her heart on the sleeve. Despite her being intelligent, witty and charming, she battled a bad duckling syndrome. Pink sings to her boyfriend, asking him to give her one last kiss after both of them have had a long day. She, however, adds that the relationship is over and that she will go dancing alone, get drunk and take another man home. She says she has had enough and that may be their last moment, so she requests for one last kiss. This is one of the Pink Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘Try.’

On this song, Pink gains inspiration from Madonna, who changed the style and still did well. Pink sings the song in her way since she thinks people are interested in her as a person, not her music. She sings asking whether any girl ever wondered why the boyfriend changed, although she thinks that it’s better that you never ask. She sings that whenever there is desire, there is always some flame. She thinks that the Flames have to burn, but nobody should ever quit because the flames burn. She urges people always to try. The song shows her rational thinking and her fantastic musical talent.

4. ‘So What.’

The song is written and produced alongside one of the most talented pop directors, Martin Max. She gets inspiration from her personal split with Carey Hart, her husband. However, Hart features in the video, after they apparently rekindled. She sings that she thinks her husband is lost, and she does not know where he went.Pink decides to drink her money, but no to pay his rent. She decides to get a new attitude at night and get herself into trouble by starting a fight. The song is interpreted by many as a way to reconcile herself and move on with life after breaking up with her husband.

3. ‘Who Knew.’

‘Who Knew’ is a song about healthy relationships that suddenly turn sour. The song performs well and rises to position nine on the Billboard. However, it is important for all fans to understand that the collaborated version with Dr. Duke and Martin Max is about the unexpected death of her friend, and has nothing to do with relationships. She sings about a guy who takes her hand and promises to be around for her all the time. She believes his words and accepts him. They break up later, and she recalls how she never thought that he would be gone, three years later. She wishes she still has him to touch, and she now knows why some people say: count your blessings before they are gone. She asks herself: Who knew?’

2. ‘Please Don’t Leave Me.’

The song explodes after its release and makes it to the top 20 at the Billboard, holding position 17. However, its long stay makes it famous worldwide, topping music charts in many countries. Despite the fact that Pink is a tough rock star, she now pleads with her lover not to end their relationship. She starts the song by trying to yell and explains that despite all the crazy things she does including being mean, it always comes to” ‘please don’t leave me. ‘She apologizes and tells her lover that he is the best thing in the world, and she can’t do without him

1. ‘Just Give Me a Reason.’

Pianos all over the globe play this anthem almost every night. The song picks after release and rises to the first position on the Billboard, staying there for over three weeks. Nate Ruess from the group called Fun gives an answer to Pink with his vocals: ‘Just Give Me a Reason. ‘She starts the song with calling his lover a thief, who stole his heart. Pink describes herself as a willing victim who allowed him to see both her good and bad sides. She continues to sing that he is now talking in his sleep about things he never said before: that he has had enough of relationship. The song is a thrill to fans all over the globe, and it makes Pink one of the most successful musicians.

Pink New Songs 2016-2017

Just Like Fire

In her latest release, Pink sings that she is running out of time and she wants it, although she wishes that they stop turning her off. She adds that she is walking on a wire trying to go higher, but liars and clowns surround her. Pink is ‘Just like fire.’

Pink is a great artist, and her song titled ‘Give me a reason’ is the perfect example of who she is and what she is capable of doing. We just can’t help but love her and expect more from this lovely musical queen. We love you Pink.

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