Old Dominion Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Old Dominion Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. The Old Dominion Band recently won an award for ‘The Best New Group’ at the Country music awards, setting a new dawn for the group. Members of the band include Trevor Rosen, Matthew Ramsey, Brad Tursi, Whit Sellers and Geoff Sprung. The band is famous for writing tracks for other country musicians, but they now release their music. One of their well-known songs is ‘Break Up with Him,’ which continues to play all over the globe. Below are the top ten songs the band has released, as well as their latest song.

Old Dominion Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by the Old Dominion till 2017:

10. ‘Down Home Boys.’

‘Down home boys’ takes a look at teenage boys with fake identities, as well as their attitudes. The track is about the partying behavior associated with teenagers from a long time ago. The track takes a look at the life they had when they were young, a time when they cared about nothing. The record reflects the real issues that many people face when they are young, the fun they enjoy and their strange thoughts, as the majority think they will be young forever.

9. ‘Crazy As It Is.’

‘Crazy as it is’ is a track about the challenges experienced in relationships and the ups and downs couples go through. He thinks that he should walk away from the relationship but sits for a while and reflects. He discovers that he will be crazy and a fool if he left, so decides to make it work, for better for worse. The track is not contained in any album. However, it is an amazing love song that scripts well. It encourages those in relationships.

8. ‘Said Nobody.’

We all have many events in life, and none of us can say no to them. The group composes an interesting relationship track, where he alleges that he can never be fed up with the girl of his dreams, just as he can never get bored to see the sunset. Ramsey talks about all things that get him fed up, but he mentions nobody, and the song turns out to be very romantic. He tells the woman that all he wants is her heart beating next to his. ‘Don’t give me a kiss, said nobody, said nobody ever.’

7. ‘Wake up Loving You.’

‘Wake up loving you’ is a hit track for Craig Morgan that is scripted by Osborne Josh, Rosen, and Ramsey. The song is about a gentleman who breaks up with his girl, but he is not able to let her go, despite him having taken the bold step. The song is a propeller for the group, and it gets better when they perform it live on stage. He sings about meeting a beautiful girl in a club, dancing with her and taking her home. ‘And everything is right on the first ray of sunlight.’ ‘And damn if I don’t wake up loving you.’

6. ‘Wrong Turns.’

‘Wrong Turns’ is a song about the musician having a view that he is making wrong turns, which later turn to be right. The song’s setting is in a country scene, and it is mostly about night hook ups. He sings that there is something concerning the gravel’s sound that sets the mood, which makes him think of parking below the moon. He sings that it is always hard for him to drive when she looks at hi because the girl is so fine. He even asks whether anybody knows where they are at the moment.

5. ‘Shut Me Up.’

‘Shut me up’ has incredible lyrics and heavy beats, which makes it a top five track for the Old Dominion. The musician thinks the girl should offer endless kisses, instead of giving him the chance to speak for long. He tells the girl that she runs through his head, and he never gets her off his tongue’s tip. He tells her to apply strawberry on the lips to shut him up, something he calls a ‘trick.’ ‘Shut me up by showing up with strawberry stuff on your lips, you know I like that so much.’ This is one of the Old Dominion Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘Dirt on the Road.’

‘Dirt on the road’ blends country twang and rap, making it an interesting song. The group expands to use hip hop in country music, driving it as thought they had just stolen it. The girl wants to make people jealous because she knows that she is very sexy. He tells her to take the phone number and call him whenever she wants, as she is the girl of his dreams. ‘Driving me wild, girl just say go, I’ll be on you.’ ‘Like dirt on a road.’

3. ‘Nowhere Fast.’

‘Nowhere Fast’ is a track that has a great introduction, allowing them to go closer to the mainstream. The song bends the rules of country music, and it works to attract noncountry music fans. He sings about getting drunk in a parking lot, and they prefer to turn off the headlights, to avoid people noticing them. The track flows smoothly to a great end. ‘We had our foot on the gas.’ ‘Goin’ nowhere fast.’ ‘Goin’ nowhere fast.’

2. ‘Beer Can in a Truck Bed.’

One interesting thing about the song is its infectious clapping, which makes fans clap along with the song. The song is written by Ramsey, Matt Jenkins, and Rosen, with the track talking about a relationship. He requests for a cold drink because the girl is red hot. He allows the night to do whatever it wants, as he wants the girl to turn him loose and shake him. The track is romantic and lovely. ‘I just wanna roll around with you.’ ‘Like a beer can in a truck bed.’

1. ‘Break Up With Him.’

‘Break up with Him’ is the band’s number one hit track. The song is about a gentleman telling a girl to leave her current boyfriend so that she can date him. According to the man, the current boyfriend is not worth the girl, and it’s the best time to leave him. The girl also decides that it is wise to end the relationship and start things again. He calls her at night and tells her that he is not drunk, he just thinks it’s the right time to end her current relationship. ‘I know you ain’t in love with him, break up with him.’

Old Dominion New Songs 2016-2017

Song for another Time

The latest song is about the importance of loving your partner today, as opposed to waiting for tomorrow. He romantically sings for his girlfriend, Caroline. ‘Pretty soon I’ll be so lonesome I could cry.’ ‘But that’s a song for another time.’

Old Dominion is a rising country music bands. It is evident that whatever they produce today is many times better that what they produced before. That shows that the band is growing finer and better. They are romantic singers who compose the best tracks about love and relationships. Their emphasis on real life issues makes them the best and keeps us waiting for more music from them.

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