Top 10 Most Useless Heroes In The DC Universe

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Useless Heroes In The DC Universe of all time till 2017. The DC universe has many heroes who are adored by many people. They are liked because of their supernatural powers and exceptional abilities. Such heroes include batman, wonderman and superman.We read about them in books and watch them on TV. They are popular in the world of entertainment. If you are a movie enthusiast,you definitely know a few things about them. Not all super heroes are that important. Some of them are very useless.This is what we are going to look at. Here is a list of top 10 most useless heroes in the DC universe.

List of Top 10 Most Useless Heroes In The DC Universe of all time till 2017

10. Doll-man

Doll-man Top Most Popular Useless Heroes In The DC Universe 2018

Doll-man hero was known for his shrinking ability. He could shrink to 6 inches tall. This impressive hero was popular in early comedy. But today,he is no longer being used in the DC universe. He has therefore become useless.The most interesting thing about the doll-man is that he could shrink to smaller size but still retain his great strength.It is unfortunate that his popularity has greatly reduced in the recent past.

9. Red Bee


Red Bee is a great hero. He likes striking and bringing terror in DC universe. He is usually seen walking around the streets of Superior city.He normally carries bees and stinger gun. These are the weapons that he uses to terrify other characters.Many kids love Red Bee. Unfortunately, he no longer exists. He was murdered by another hero. He is therefore of no use.

8. Vibe


He is arguably the most useless hero in the DC universe.He played the role of a leader.He was in charge of street gang. The hero received much attention from people and was talked about almost everywhere. Thanks to his great powers and unique abilities. He stood out from other heroes in the DC universe.However, he is no more. This is why he is useless.

7. Infect

Infect Top Popular Useless Heroes In The DC Universe 2019

Infectious Lass, abbreviated as Infect is a female character. She was a great heroine. She belonged to Legion. The heroine is from a different planet called Somathur. Her name depicts her character. She infects other characters with diseases. Her mission is to have everyone dead. This is why she kills anybody she comes across. Her character of killing others is what made many people to dislike her. Infect has since disappeared from DC universe.

6. Matter Eater Lad

Matter Eater Lad Top 10 Most Useless Heroes In The DC Universe

This lovable hero came from a planet called Bismoll. He is famous for his greed. He eats anything he finds. For example diamond, metal, stones and more.He has the unique ability to digest lava. He eats but does not get satisfied.This is something that always left film enthusiasts wondering. Matter Eater Lad is no longer in the DC world. He is one of the Top 10 Most Useless Heroes In The DC Universe.

5. Black Condor

Black Condor Top 10 Most Useless Heroes In The DC Universe 2017

Black condor was one of the most feared hero in the DC universe. He was also intelligent when compared to other characters. He had the unique ability to fly at a terric speed. This made many people especially children to like him. He relocated to US to fight bad politicians and bootleggers. The hero is no longer in existence.

4. Gunfire

Gunfire Top Famous Useless Heroes In The DC Universe 2019

Gunfire was a popular hero by then. He used to attack his enemies by using bloodline parasite. This fierce character was featured in Bloodline story. He had the courage to attack and vanguish superheros. He is no more in the DC universe. He has become completely useless.

3. Brother Power The Greek

Brother Power The Greek Top Most Useless Heroes In The DC Universe 2017

He was an amazing hero. He was known for his lightning strikes. He fought for the right of other characters. His biggest enemy was Nazi-esque conservatives. It is unfortunate that this lovable hero is longer being used in DC entertainment.

2. Comet The Superhorse

Comet The Superhorse Top Most Famous Useless Heroes In The DC Universe 2018

He came from ancient Greece. He later developed into a horse. This gave him additional powers which enabled him to do extraordinary things.He really loved Supergirl. The hero is longer in the DC universe.

1. Resurrection Man


He is the resurrecting hero. He would die and then resurrect. Resurrection man gained more power after resurrection to prevent him from other deaths.He used to be powered by tektites. This made him stand out from other heroes. He was loved by many people. He was so popular. His stories can be found in novels and comic books. You can also watch films in which he was featured. He has vanished from DC universe.

The above are indeed the top 10 most useless heroes in the DC universe of all time till 2017. They possessed unique abilities which enabled them to do extraordinary things.Others would eat anything they came across including stones.Some would not die forever. They would resurrect. Despite their exceptional abilities, most of them have since disappeared in the DC universe. They have become useless. Some were hated because of the bad things they used to do. For example infecting other characters with diseases. All in all,they are useless because we no longer see them in the DC universe.