Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows in India of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows in India of All Time till 2017. India television shows have become a darling to many people. There are several exciting television shows that have kept many glued to their television sets. It is clear that television shows in India are quite dynamic and the industry is growing exponentially. There are several big name actors you certainly cannot miss. The Indian actors are one of the most exciting in the world. The Bollywood film industry has stormed the world in the recent years and remains a force to reckon with. This piece of writing discusses the most popular Indian television shows of all time. if you are a lover of the Indian movies, this article will be suitable for you and the new ones can also dare to watch any of the listed all time great television shows.

List of Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows in India of All Time till 2017

10. Diya Aur Baati Hum

Diya Aur Baati Hum Top Most TV Shows in India of All Time 2018

This is an exciting television soap opera that was aired on the plus channel. This Indian name translates to you are a lamp and I am a wick. The television show is about the journey of the young woman sandhya in the modern society who tries hard to fulfill her dreams and all the time she unexpectedly encounters her husband and family something she least expects. The story of the young woman begins in college where she is forced into a traditional wedding upon her parent’s death and her superb journey to becoming a popular IPS officer which was her childhood dream. Her husband stood by her even when his family abandoned them because of her and even rejected her mother’s retrogressive advice where necessary. Sandhya and Ved the son of Sooraj is an adult and his father Sooraj hides his true identity from son as he believes that Ved will never love him if he finds out his identity. He later absolved try a Kabaddi challenge. Sandhya has a new mission to eliminate terrorism and has to part with the family. A bomb blast in the train makes all people to believe she is among the causalities Bhabho forgets sandhya and now hates her due to her work. . Finding out what happened to her is the reason you should watch this series.

9. Dekh Bhai Dekh

Dekh Bhai Dekh Top Most Famous TV Shows in India of All Time 2018

This is astory of Diwan family three generations they all live in a bungalow they inherited from their forefathers in Mumbai. This series captures their high and low points. Their incredible attitudes help them avoid sibling rivalry, troubles in the relationship, troublesome in-laws and parents and the business problems. Its characters make it necessary to watch this series.

8. Comedy Nights with Kapil

Comedy Nights with Kapil Top Most Popular TV Shows in India of All Time 2017

It premiered on the colors television hosted by the amazing Kapil Sharma and was a comedy and to a large extent a celebrity show. Most celebrities hosted come to market their movies in this comedy show. It was the top most rated television show in India and its host Sharma was the winner of the prestigious entertainer of the year 2013.

7. The house


This is a top Indian sitcom that is first premiered in 2008 showing on the week days on SAB TV. It also airs on the Sony pal daily. This show is centred around the column written by a renowned journalist Kaarak Mehta on the Chiltralekha magazine. The show crew was invited by the Indian prime minister to participate in the swacch Bharat abhiyaan. This television show was also visited by the prime minister of Poland. This is the longest comedy according to Limca Book of records.

6. Kaun Banega Crorepati

Kaun Banega Crorepati Top Famous TV Shows in India of All Time 2019

This is a United Kingdom based show that fuses the Bollywood style of entertainment and the instruments. Sushil kumur a contestant name became the first million dollar from the show just three years after its production. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows in India of All Time till 2017.

5. CID

CID Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows in India of All Time 2017

This is an anthropology series created by Singh. It is about the investigation department of India airing on the Sony entertainment TV as well as Sony entertainment TV Asia. It is India’s longest running television series. This is an investigative series that talks about the cases handled by the Indians detectives the Crime investigation department.

4. Ramayan


This is one of the best television shows in India that was perfectly written, created and directed by the R. Sagar. It is about the traditional Hindu religion which is the most widely practiced religion in India.

3. Hum Log

Hum Log Top Popular TV Shows in India of All Time 2019

This is the first television opera of Indian origin and the India’s first drama series. It aired on the Doordarshan the then only television channel in the whole of India in 1984. This is about the story of the middle-class family in India and there daily lives and dreams. It was produced the same way to the Mexican series.

2. Mahabharat

Mahabharat Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows in India of All Time

This animated historical series was directed by Amaam and it is about the Hindu epic. It was released in 2013 featuring several celebrity actors from the Bollywood. This is considered the Bollywood’s animated film that is most expensive in the history.

1. Shaktimaan


This is the most popular television series in India. This is a fictional series whose director is Dinkar jani and producer is Mukesh khanna. Over four hundred episodes have already been aired on the national television, the Doordarshan. In this series, Shaktimaan is animated as a person with supernatural powers controlling the five life elements.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows in India of All Time till 2017. There have been several television series since 1984 when the first Indian television series was released. Not many can match the popularity of the above movies. If you are looking for an Indian movie to watch select from the above list and you will be guaranteed of the unforgettable entertainment.

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