Top 10 Most Popular Puzzle Games For Android

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Puzzle Games For Android 2017. Androids have many games that give us a lot of entertainment and fun. Some of their specifications and features may confuse you other times, but the overall reliability and performance of these games is good. The users of these Android gadgets looking for cool puzzle games should consider first the collection since playing games is a nice option compared to spending the whole time on social media networks or on watching movies. Some of these games improve the thinking capacity of a person as they are a good brain teaser. They also help to reduce boredom since they will get you engaged to something. Below is a list of some of the top most popular puzzle games for Androids in 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Puzzle Games For Android 2017

10. The Hoplite


This is a very lovely play-down game which was developed and marketed in 2013 by Cowley Douglas. It is a very good for iOS operating systems and Androids. It has a range of rounds which are enough to make the users or players occupied. This game comes in different versions. It is a nice game that will keep you occupied on your device thus saving you the stress of boredom in case you are not that busy.

9. The Hitman GO

The Hitman GO Top 10 Most Popular Puzzle Games For Android

This is a nice and popular puzzle game for iOS operating systems and for Android mobiles. The game was developed and marketed by Square Enix Montreal. You can easily download this game from Google play store. This is a game you pay for before you can get it, so for people who like looking for free puzzle games should forget about this game. However, this is a great game and if you own an Android device then you need to download it.

8. The Candy Crush Saga

The Candy Crush Saga Top Most Puzzle Games For Android 2018

This game is nice for all Windows, iOS operating systems, and Android phone users. It is an entertaining and high quality puzzle game which can be downloaded easily from the internet. The game involves candies of seven colors displayed on the screen and which you must crush before earning some points. This game is really great and you really need to download it on your Android mobile.

7. Room Two

Room Two Top 10 Most Popular Puzzle Games For Android 2017

This game is best for iOS phones and for Androids users. Its play-down can also be downloaded on Windows phones. It contains an upgraded version of a game called The Room. This game has many challenging puzzles that will leave you guessing on what to play next. However, this game is not for free, you need to pay for it before you can download. The Room Two is one of the coolest games for Androids users. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Puzzle Games For Android 2017.

6. The Cut the Rope 2

The Cut the Rope 2 Top Most Famous Puzzle Games For Android 2018

Cut the Rope is an innovative and creative puzzle game. This game is an animated piece of entertainment. It has a feature On Nom; this collects the candies as the game proceeds until it is over. You need to play this game with very great attention as it is very challenging. The game will remove any boredom out of you and make you happy at the same time. It is one of the best games for Android phones. If you need a puzzle challenge then you need to play this game.

5. The Flow Free

The Flow Free Top Famous Puzzle Games For Android 2019

This is an exciting puzzle game which can only be downloaded on devices such as iOS, Android and Windows Phones. The Flow Free is simple yet has very high features. It covers around one 1MB memory space. This game comes with great sound effects. It is such a nice and lovely game that will make you happy.

4. The Paint it Back


This game is one of the simplest and easiest puzzle play-down for your children’s. It was developed and marketed a few years back by Casual Labs LLC. The Paint it Black involves paintings and pictures to work on. This puzzle game is free; however, you have to purchase more than one hundred maps. It is really a nice game that will keep you busy and make your children happy.

3. The Calculords

The Calculords Top Popular Puzzle Games For Android 2017

This is a very nice game for Android users. It was developed and offered by Ninja Crime. This game has a size of 17MB. The game has also a reasonable price compared to other Android games. Calculords requires arithmetic and mathematical skills. It such a lovely game that Android users should not miss.

2. The Kiwanuka


This is a large game with a big storage capacity of 42MB. It was created by Jeyll. It was then released in the market in January 2015. It is a newly created game for iOS and Android users and involves a mob where players have to guide and protect the staff and other characters in the game. It is such a nice game and a brain teaser at the same time.

1. Monument Valley


The Monumental Valley was created in Indie Studio Ustwo. The game was then marketed in 2014. However, you have to buy this game before you can download it from Google Play Store by paying close to USD4 for a single user. This nice game has got some optical illusions and varying structures which are meant to capture your attention. It is really a nice game.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Puzzle Games For Android 2017. We have many types of these puzzle games for iOS and Android users. These games are really nice as they keep you happy and busy at the same time. They are also a good brain teaser thus they help the brain to think more critically.

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