MNEK Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of MNEK Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Uzoechi Emenike, professionally known as MNEK was born on 9th November 1994. He is a Grammy Award-nominee as well as a British-based singer, record producer and song’s writer. MNEK is headed to the number one spot on the electronic songs and Billboard dance charts. He is among the top 10 artists on the national airplay charts and has been on top of various charts for more than three weeks. He has a magnificent voice, which makes fans crazy with him all over the world. We have sampled ten of his best songs.

MNEK Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by MNEK Till 2017

10. Never forget you

‘Never Forget You’ comes from the ‘Never Forget You’ album. It is a digital download that released in the United Kingdom on 22 July 2015. This song peaked at number one in Sweden, number 5 on the UK Singles Chart, number 5 in Denmark number 2 in Norway and number 4 in Finland, and became both Larsson and in May 2016 MNEK’s hit first US single thus peaking at the number. ‘Never Forget You’ is a love song whereby MNEK promises a girl that he will never forget her, he has always loved her from the day MNEK met her, and the artist will always stand by her, until the day he dies.

9. More than a Miracle

The song comes from his debut EP ‘Small Talk’, the track sees MNEK on the hypnotic pop-flex, carving rhythms that promise to bounce and wiggle around your head for hours. MNEK talk about things to happen more than a miracle can happen. He tells a girl that even if mountains could move for her and the oceans split, that would not be enough for her. He talks about the way he prays day and night for more than miracles to happen.

8. The Rhythm

The song comes from the album named ‘The Rhythm.’ It was released in the United Kingdom on 19th January 2015 as a digital download and as the number three and final single from his debut extended play small talk album. The same song has peaked at number 38 on the UK Singles Chart.

7. Don’t Stop Me Now

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ is a track from the ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ album. MNEK is referring himself as a ‘Mister Fahrenheit’ and say that ‘I’m burning through the sky yeah!”Two hundred degrees’, ‘I’m traveling at the speed of light,’ ‘I want to make a supersonic man out of you.’ He seems to be deep crazy while singing this song thus makes it interested to the listeners.

6. Bad News

This song is done by MNEK and Bastille and is contained in the ‘Other People’s Heartache’ album. MNEK talks about bad news, which is true because no one waits for bad news; they come all of a sudden. He says that ‘that it kicks you in the teeth when you are least expecting.’ He tells the girl not to turn his back on him because she does not know what to say.

5. Every Little Word

‘Every Little Word’ is a track from ‘Every little word’ album. The song is so catchy and fun since he says ‘(Hah, you fuck with this shit?) Every little word you say. MNEK seems to be keen on every word his girl says, but her girl appears to take it as if it’s okay no matter what he says.

4. Wrote Song About You

‘Wrote a song about you’ is taken from EP ‘Small Talk ‘album. This song has so much romantic feeling, and MNEK prefers to be alone than lonely, he tells a girl that he wrote a song about her, about all MNEK feels. He sings: ‘Baby, baby, baby, I wrote a song about you last night,
It had the strangest melody ever.’ ‘I wrote a song about you last night.’ ‘And it went a little something like La la la; you broke my heart in two pieces.’ ‘I don’t know what to do, you’ve got me so confused now, Baby, I wrote a song about you last night, oh.This is one of the MNEK Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

3. Ready for Your Love

‘Ready for your love’ comes from the ‘Sirens’ album. MNEK tells his sweetheart that he is willing for her love no matter what. He says, ‘I’m ready for the rain to pour down on me, I’m ready for a change to come and set me free; also I am willing for my loss to become victory, But most of all, most of all.’

2. House-work

This song comes from housework album and it’s from Jax Jones Feat. Mike Dunn and MNEK. They talk about being hurt and feel like it’s like housework because it’s a life work.The song has a massive following from a cross section of fans.

1. Suddenly

In the track titled ‘Suddenly,’ MNEK talks about what he felt the first time his girl kissed him suddenly, and then later on the girl seems to play games with him thus making him feel emotional. He says ‘So tell me if you want, please don’t play games.’

MNEK New Songs 2016-2017

1. At Night I Think about You

The song comes from the album titled ‘At Night’ I think about you.’ It released on 13 May 2016 by Virgin EMI Records. MNEK talks about sleepless nights thinking about the girl, and he tells the girl that he is okay in the morning and fine in the afternoon, but at night MNEK thinks about her as an echo in his brain and he wonders if she hears it too.

2. In Your Clouds

This song is one of the latest songs in 2017 from small talk album. He talks about how he feels with the girl she loves most; she says when the sweetheart is next to him she fear anything, he feels loved.

MNEK is precociously talented and bewilderingly young, and his songs are a favorite to many people. His voice is excellent, and everyone wishes to listen to MNEK singing. We wish him all the best in his music career. Fans hope he produces thrilling songs at a higher pace. We are waiting for more tracks MNEK, and we love you the most.

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