Michael Jackson Top 10 Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Michael Jackson Top 10 Songs of All Time. Michael Jackson was an incredible and famous musician in the 80s. The artist grew to a legendary status and was the undisputed King of Pop music. He starts his career as a child in collaboration with his brothers, after which he discovers his singing talent. Despite his life being controversial, he lived to be a great music star. Jackson released ten albums, the most common being ‘Thriller.’ He also released 59 singles, which made him famous globally. Below are the best ten songs that Michael Jackson produced.

Michael Jackson Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Michael Jackson:

10. ‘Human Nature.’

‘Human is track number five in the ‘Thriller’ album. The track is a great success, and it rose to position seven on various ‘Hot 100 charts.’ Michael hears a girls sigh as he sleeps. He decides to wake up and head to the city. Michael sings that all his actions are a form of human nature, and Jackson goes ahead to admire a stranger and wishes to touch her. The girl loves the way Jackson looks at her, and he is happy too. ‘If they say.’ ‘Why why, why, tell them that it’s human nature.’

9. ‘Rock With You.’

‘Rock With You’ is a track contained in the ‘Off the Wall’ album, a famous disco track. The song rose to the top on many R&B and Billboard charts. Jackson romantically soothes a girl, telling her to allow the feeling of love into herself. He wants to dance and rock with her the whole night. Whenever the girl dances, Jackson feels a strange sweet feeling, and he asks her to do it slow. ‘I wanna rock with you all night.’ ‘We’re gonna rock the night away.’

8. ‘Black or White.’

‘Black or white’ is a track contained in the ‘Dangerous Album,’ released in 1991 as single number one in the entire album. The song is a hard one in comparison to others released by Jackson, and it was a massive success. In less than three weeks, the track rose to position one on the ‘Billboard Hot 100′ songs. The song became Michael’s position one hit in a span of thirty years. ‘But if you’re thinking about my baby.’ ‘It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.’

7. ‘Bad.’

‘Bad’ follows the excellent ‘Thriller’ album, and it helps Jackson propel his music career even further. The video is directed by Scorsese Martin, the incredible film director and includes Snipes Wesley. The song rose to position one on the ‘Billboard Hot 100′ chart, which is a display of might. Michael Jackson uses his singing ability to compose an excellent song, explaining how ‘bad’ he can be. ‘You know am bad, am bad, you know it.’

6. ‘Smooth Criminal.’

‘Smooth Criminal’ is an outstanding track in Michael’s career. The song helps the musician move from his ‘Thriller,’ despite it being in the ‘Bad’ album. The track peaks at position seven on ‘Billboard Hot 100′ charts. He sings about a lady called Annie, who is attacked by a ‘smooth criminal.’ Ant Farm Alien later records an incredible cover of the track. ‘Annie, are you okay?’ ‘You’ve been struck by a smooth criminal.’ Ok! I want everybody to clear the area right now.’

5. ‘The Way You Make Me Feel.’

The song also comes from the ‘Bad’ album. The track is the third from the same album to rise to position one on ‘Billboard Hot 100′ hits. The song displays Michael in a light tone, and as a flirt, not a lover. She flirts with the girl, telling her that she is so beautiful that Jackson gets a fever. He wishes the lady could kiss him and be by his side. He is happy that his lonely days are no more, as he now has a companion. ‘I like the feeling you’re giving me.’ ‘The way you make me feel.’

4. ‘Beat It.’

The song is another hit single from the ‘Thriller’ album. The track is famous because of Eddie Van Halen’s contribution on the guitar. The same boasts of a Grammy Award in two categories: ‘Best Male Rock Vocal Performance’ as well as ‘Record of the Year’ award. The song also rose to position one on ‘Billboard Hot 100′ tracks. ‘The fire in their eyes and their words are really clear.’ ‘So beat it, just beat it.’

3. ‘Billy Jean.’

‘Billy Jean’ is another hit from the famous album ‘Thriller.’ The track is number two on the album, and it sold many copies over a very short time. The song pocketed two Grammy Awards and made Jackson the best pop artist globally at the time. The song is Michael’s expression on how he views groupies, and it has nothing to do with his life. ‘Billy Jean is not my lover.’ ‘She is just a girl who claims that I am the one.’

2. ‘Man in the Mirror.’

‘Man in the Mirror’ is the fourth single in the ‘Bad’ album that does incredibly well. The song has the best lyrics among all the tracks that Jackson has produced. Rumors have it that Jackson did not write the song himself. The track urges people in the whole world to change this universe, which means they start with fixing themselves.

1. ‘Thriller.’

The song’s video is closely related to the track. Landis John, the famous horror icon is the director of the song. Many people say that the video is a horror movie expressed in the form of a song. In the track, Michael and his girl go to a movie, but the girlfriend is forced to leave, all because the film is too scary. He turns into a wolf on the way home and later into a zombie, starting the ‘Thriller’ Zombie dance. ‘You know its thriller, thriller night.’

Michael Jackson Predicts His Death

Controversy and mystery surround the death of pop king Michael Jackson. It is still unclear as to what killed Jackson. Before he died, he appeared in a CNN interview and said: ‘I’m better off dead’ ‘I’m done.’ Initial reports indicated that Jackson committed suicide, then came the court case that ruled that his doctor assisted him to kill himself. Rumors mongers say that ‘illuminati’ killed Jackson as he tried to convert to Islam. All the same, he is dead, may he rest in eternal peace.

Michael Jackson was an incredible pop artist, and we will miss him forever. His unique singing styles and his long time experience in the music industry made him one of the best singers. His songs continue to thrill the world, years after his untimely demise. He is a global music icon, and we thank God for the time that he lived to entertain us. Rest in peace Michael Jackson, till we meet again.

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