Meghan Trainor Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Meghan Trainor Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Meghan Trainor is a controversial and successful artist. Would you imagine that she spent many years writing songs for a different artist? However, God is great that she is now a star of herself. Charismatic and sassy, she is now one of the best pop artists. Below are the songs that have turned Trainor into a superstar. I have sampled the top songs from all her albums, enjoy having a look at the best she ever gave to her fans.

Meghan Trainor Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Meghan Trainor top 10 songs till 2017


Trainor is a great musician, and that is why he calls a song ‘Title’ and gets away with it. The musician has a way to spin the ‘title’ in the lyrics as well. Despite that being a loud out number, she gives invitations. ‘Title’ may not be her best song, but is among the most favorite she has done so far. In this song, Trainor shows that she is unique in two ways: one is that she is hilarious in her art of music, and two that she can compose an upbeat pop. She is an incredible musician, for sure.

9. ‘My selfish heart.’

‘My selfish heart’ is a song that is different from all the rest in that its beats are great. The drums in the track make it outstanding among all other songs that are composed of not being able to let a partner go. In this performance, Trainor is very relaxed, in fact, she gets out and flexes her muscles a little, a great talent she chooses not to overuse. The song has a repetitive chorus that may get o your nerves, but that’s the price to pay to enjoy the lovely song. Great song from a great musician.

8. ‘What if I.’

‘What if I’ is Trainor’s most straightforward song about love, and its position on this list is also lovely. The song creates memories of the classic souls. The heart setting is not only in the musician’s song but her vocals as well. The song could play half a century ago and fit the ages, but that’s not the point, the issue here is that Trainor looked for something classic and made it even cooler.

7. 3 A.M.

‘3 A.M,’ Kindly do not confuse this song with that of ‘Matchbox Twenty’ with the same name, they are different, although they tread on the similar ground. Trainor’s song is about the feeling of loneliness at midnight, and the strange thing is that loneliness leads her to text a person she shouldn’t, after a night out drinking. The pop sensibilities display the rash decision as positive, and the song sounds happy and feels as if it’s a real time track. It looks like everything she sings just leaves a smile on the face, regardless of the content in the song.

6. Close your eyes

Trainor has performed many songs about being perceived in the wrong way and having done wrong in the real sense, but ‘Close your eyes’ is very different. The song focuses more on inner beauty, that good heart which cannot be seen by human eyes. The major flaw in the song is that it entails a robotic background vocal, that does n’t matter for sure, but the song is still amazing. ‘Close your eyes’ is Trainor’s groovy pop set on music, and she laid back setting. The musician allows the words to sink with the slow music, and that creates an incredible lasting effect. This is one among the Meghan Trainor Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. Better When I’m dancing

Trainor is so popular that she is approached to make movie music, but that’s not a surprise. ‘The Peanut’ movie is the origin of ‘Better when I’m dancing,’ and the same characters are in her video. The song makes it to the top five, and the calypso sound separates it from her big hits. The song also sounds a little throttled back, a nice change of pace. Trainor is right in big numbers, but ‘Better When I’m dancing proves it’s not a must that she takes everything a notch higher. ‘Better when am dancing’ is, however, a sweet song as compared with the rest.

4.’Dear future husband.’

‘The song is a progress of the Trainor we know, a musician who sings poppy tunes. The track sold double the expected copies but did not hit the top ten charts. Her list containing what her potential spouse had to do combines with high energy and a different tongue. The song got better when she stripped it down, and that is important to know if you are a fan of the song. ‘Dear future husband’ is a fantasy song about a future marriage partner that many people love.

3.’Like I’m Gonna Lose you.’

It is lovely to listen to Trainor switching gears with this soulful slower love song. She and Legend John make a fantastic pair in this song, and they should do another song as well. The track propelled her career by showing that she can do more than upbeat pop songs. The song does express the soft side of the musician’s voice, and how special she can sing. Trainor must sing like this more; it is just so sweet to listen to this track.

2.’Lips are Movin

‘Lips are moving is probably the most romantic way to tell someone that he is cheating. However, the song progresses the funky beats that she made famous with ‘All about that bass.’ She, however, uses the sound to deliver a smack down on this song. That explains why this song was as successful as her smash hit, as the two are simply alike. All this is for the better, Trainor has now discovered what works best for her. Fans can now expect even sweeter music.

1.’All About That Bass.’

All about that bass’ is Trainor’s biggest hit, and that is why it is number one. The song is a global sensation, and nobody seems to get away from it since its release. The track is top of all hits in ten countries and is certified nine times Platinum by RIAA. The success is because she discovered a perfect way to combine retro and modern pop and made it wish gusto, an approach that depicts Trainor Meghan inside a nutshell. The song is a hit and has made the musician a worldwide superstar.

Meghan Trainor new songs 2016-2017


‘No’ is a song produced by Reed Ricky and written by Kasher Jacob, among two other writers. The song is basically about men who never take the hint when women are not interested in their advances towards them. It is an all-time favorite of many ladies.

2. ‘Me too.’

The song is an about empowerment and self-confidence. The singer urges people, especially ladies to be more confident and empowered. The track is just another manifestation of the ‘independent woman,’ a concept that is now familiar all over the globe.

Trainor is an amazing artist, and her career seems to be shining brighter as time goes. She, however, needs the support of her fans to remain the superstar that she is at the moment. We wish her all the best in her career.

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