Maroon 5 Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Maroon 5 Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Maroon 5 is a successful group, having won the Grammy Award for three times. Their album named ‘Songs About Jane’ propelled them to new levels, making them a leading global band. The group is famous for their hit track, ‘Harder to Breathe,’ and they have won the prestigious award called ‘Best New Artist Grammy Award.’ The group’s frontman Levine Adam continues to gain popularity, thanks to his unique songwriting and singing styles. Fans all over the globe flock to stadiums to watch them perform live. Below are ten of the best and most successful songs the band has composed.

Maroon 5 Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Maroon 5:

10. ‘Payphone’ (Feat. Wiz Khalifa)

A payphone is a tool that is no longer used in modern times, as almost all of us have mobile phones. However, the song titled ‘Payphone’ can never be forgotten. The track is from the band’s fifth album, ‘Overexposed.’ Levine Adams sings about desperation at the perfect time, and all we can hope is that he gets to reach his dream girl. He remembers being at the payphone attempting to call home, but suddenly realizes he spent all his change on her. The musician wonders where the good times went.

9. ‘Goodnight, Goodnight.’

It is familiar with Levine Adam to tell visual stories whenever he does his lyrics. He writes the song for the fifth album of Maroon 5 titled ‘It Won’t Be Soon Before Long.’ The song rises to top various charts in Hong Kong and features in ‘CSI: NY.’ Levine recalls the things he could have done differently to save a relationship. The screen shows a love story between two people in an emotional and intriguing way. The track is interesting and raises emotions upon being played.

8. ‘Sunday Morning.’

‘Sunday Morning’ is a song from the album ‘Songs about Jane’ which contains some jazz moments that makes listeners feel breezy, just as the Sunday morning, he tries to describe. The track rose to position 31 on the US charts and features in romantic movies such as ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Gotta Give.’ He sings about a rainy Sunday morning that makes them look for cover. ‘Driving slow on a Sunday morning, and I never want to leave.’ The song is a thriller.

7. ‘Harder to Breathe.’

‘Harder to Breathe’ is single number one from the album ‘Songs About Jane’ that makes the group rise to new heights. The song is a blend of R&B and Rock. The song seems like a story about a stressed up couple. However, the track is as a result of pressure put on the band by their label to produce more singles. The results of the song amaze everyone, and the entire album turns out to be one of the best records ever. ‘Is there anyone out there “cause it’s getting harder and harder to breathe.’

6. ‘Makes Me Wonder.’

‘Makes me wonder’ is Maroon 5’s first number one song and first single track from the album ‘It Won’t Be Soon Before.’ The song is another one where Levine sings about broken relationships and confusion over the political future at the time. The song wins a Grammy award in the category of ‘Best Pop Performance at the 50th edition of the prestigious awards. ‘And it makes me wonder if I ever gave a f**k about you.’ This is one of the Maroon 5 Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘Misery.’

The song’s melody is infectious, and it makes the song enjoyable. Levine Adam uses falsetto in the right way, and the chorus comes out excellently. ‘Misery’ is single number three from ‘Hands All Over,’ the third album. The song rose to top the Billboard Adult charts and receives a Grammy nomination for ‘The best Pop Performance’ by a group or a Duo using vocals. He sings that sometimes the cuts are deeper than they look, and it’s better to cover them. ‘I’m in misery, there ain’t anybody who can comfort me (Oh Yeah).’

4. ‘She Will Be Loved.’

‘She will be loved’ is a track about a lady being loved and respected. The track is a favorite among female fans, and they sing along it as if it is a ballad. The track boasts of two nominations to the Grammy, ‘Adult Top 40′ and ‘Mainstream top 40.’ The song confirms the fact that Adam Levine is a passionate singer whose skills are not comparable to any other artists. The musician sings about a beauty queen aged eighteen years. ‘Ask her if she wants to stay a while, and she will be loved.’

3. ‘Daylight.’

‘Daylight’ is single number three from the ‘Overexposed’ album and is one of the most romantic songs ever. The song is both singable and danceable, and fans who wish to hold Adam Levine infatuate with the song, they only wish it is possible. The song rose to position one on the ‘Adult top 40 Charts’ and on the Mainstream music. He tells the girl that he must hold her close because the following day she will be gone away. ‘And when the daylight comes, I‘ll have to go.’

2. ‘Moves Like Jagger’ (Feat. Christina Aguilera)

‘Moves like Jagger’ is single number four in the ‘Hands All Over’ album. The song rose to earn a nomination to the Grammy for the best group performance category. The song succeeds commercially and makes it to the top ten highest selling singles in the digital platform. The track tops international charts such as the ‘Billboard Hot 100,”Adult Top 40,’ and ‘Mainstream top 40.’ ‘All the moves like Jagger, I’ve got the moves like Jagger.’

1. ‘This Love.’

‘This love is an erotic and emotional love song about a breakup. The track is contained in the ‘Songs About Jane’ album. The song tops international charts and boasts of a Grammy award for the category of ‘Best Pop Performance’ by a group. The song receives cumbersome and constant air play and is one of the group’s well-doing tracks. The song is Maroon 5’s best, and that is not debatable. ‘This love has taken its toll on me; she said “Goodbye” too many times before.’

Maroon 5 New Songs 2016-2017

1. ‘Sugar.’

In their latest release, they sing about being hurt, and that they need love. He suffers when the girl is away, for he no longer wants to need the love, he intends to have the love. ‘Need a little sweetness in my life.’ ‘Your sugar, yes please.’

2. ‘Again.’

On the song, the group sings about getting real love again. The song is romantic and thrilling and already has over 50, 000 views on YouTube, less than a month after its release. The group continues to prove that they can do better.

Maroon 5 is a group that is talented, and they have been in the music industry for quite some time. Their long experience enables them to sing hit songs, one after the other. Their romantic soothing tracks make them attractive to a large number of fans, a majority of them being ladies. Their latest songs titled ‘Sugar’ and ‘Again’ show that their music is getting finer, day after day.

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