Luke Bryan Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Luke Bryan Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. One of the hottest artists in country music is Luke Bryan, and his popularity continues to spread like wildfire. The musician boasts of a ‘CMA Entertainer of the Year’ award, which he won in 2014. He is a talented singer, who continues to thrill country music fans. Below are 10 of his best songs, as well as two of his latest releases. Check out to see if your favorite track makes the cut.

Luke Bryan Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 Songs by Luke Bryan till 2017

10. ‘Play It again.’

‘Play it again’ is a track about a favorite song that someone likes to hear over and over again. The girl stops everything she does to dance to the song, whenever it plays. The musician admires a girl and starts looking for her boyfriend, hoping she doesn’t have one. Suddenly her best song plays and she holds Bryan’s hand to have a dance. She asks the DJ to play it again, and the song repeats until she is damn satisfied. The girl kisses Bryan, and the love starts, with the girl ready to spend her last coin to have the DJ play the song again.

9. ‘Country Girl (Shake It For Me)

‘Country Girl’ kicks off the career of this musician, and remains his signature song. He sings to the girl, telling her to shake it for the bees and the bird, for the fish and the squirrels. Bryan requests the sweet daughter of the farmer to shake it for him. He tells her to come to his arms, and shake it even more. The song is expected of Bryan, as he is madly in love with this girl, and he just wants her shake. The track is a romantically composed, and is ideal for night parties.

8. Drunk on You

‘Drunk on you’ is a love song about dancing below the moon during one summer night. He tells the girl that every kiss drives him wild. Bryan is a little drunk on the girl, and he gets drunk during summer. The song is an expression of wild love, the love that gets Luke drunk without taking alcohol. The girl drives him crazy, and that is why he compares her to alcohol because both the lady and beer make Luke drunk, but love is sweeter than alcohol.

7. ‘I Don’t Want This Night to end.’

The song’s title is already suggestive, and it is about meeting someone special that you do not want the night to come to an end. The track is about being with a new person, who you want to know more; thus you want the night to be longer. Bryan tells the girl that despite the fact that she doesn’t know her, the little blue eyes pull him in, just like the moon in her skin. The musician does not know where they are, or in which road they are, all he knows is that he does not want the night to end.

6. ‘Drink a Beer.’

The song’s meaning is sad and unfortunate, about the singer losing his siblings. He decides to sit down, watch the sun disappear and drink some beer. He receives the bad news, but Bryan does not know what to do, so he hung up the phone and takes a walk. He sits down at the same place they sat with his friend, watching the sunset disappear, and drinking a beer, all because he does not feel like going home.This is one of the Luke Bryan Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘Do I.’

The song is about a relationship in trouble, and the singer asks her girlfriend whether she still loves his kisses. The musician’s busy life keeps him away from his lover, which leads to problems. He passionately asks the girl what they are becoming, because they are running away from each other, with their emotions high. He tells her that even if he acted like he does not care, she would not mind either way. Bryan sings that he has given her everything, but she now wants to leave her lonely, does he move on with life and forget about her? ‘Do I?’

4. ‘Crash My Party.’

‘Crash my part boasts about being track number one on Bryan’s fourth album, and the first single he releases. The track is a massive hit and is about the musician telling a girl that she can call anytime, and come to his party all the time. He tells the lady that he is ready always to change his plans for her sake. He does not mind telling friends and relatives that he will not meet them, so long as he is with her girl. The girl has permission to call in the middle of the night, and the doors are open with lights on, just in case she decides to visit Luke. ‘She can crash his party.’

3. ‘Roller Coaster.’

‘Roller Coaster’ is a track about meeting a special someone while on vacation, and that turns out to be the only time you spend with her. However, Luke is not able to forget about her, and her memories keep coming back. He meets a beautiful girl on vacation, and the girl kisses her, their affair besides the sandy oceans. The girl gets him twisted, ‘like an old beach roller coaster.’ After the week is over, his days turn miserable, and he cannot handle life without the girl. He wishes that the girl is back, but unfortunately, he is long gone. She got her completely twisted, ‘like a roller coaster.’

2.’That’s My Kind Of Night.’

The track is a classic single about a good night together with a girl. The night has a little fishing, some music, and love, with all people singing along and dancing. He tells the cute girl that he will sound like a winner when he takes her home, to enjoy his kind of night. He sings about a night that will favor both of them, with his lips over her mouth. She asks her to hang her t-shirt on a limb and enjoy the evening because that is: ‘My kind of night.’

1.’She Get Me High.’

‘She get me high’ is an energetic dance song that puts people into happy moods. He asks for a place in the sand to accommodate the girl because everything she wants is to dance. The girl gets him low and high because she has the key to the Bronco. The girl thrills her in all her movements, and he can’t help but fall in love with her. Whether she is bare footed or in heels, she gets Luke crazy, and all she wants is the girl to be his, because ‘She gets him high.’

Luke Bryan New songs 2016-2017

1. Southern gentleman

The latest release is a romantic song, where the singer reminds his lover of their first date. He recalls how he cooked dinner for her, and how he tried to kiss her at the end of the party. He tells her that he loves her genuinely, and that is as true as the gospel its self. She reminds her that nobody will love her ‘like this Southern gentleman.’

2. Move

Luke sings to a beautiful girl, asking her to move because she has sexy hips and legs. The lady is so hot that the musician is unable to move whenever the girl moves. The girl gets thrilled when the country song plays, and the singer requests her to ‘move.’

Luke Bryan has lovely country songs, and his talent is unique. He sings about real life issues such as love, death, and heartbreaks. He masters his skills and produces the best tracks. All the best Luke, we are waiting for more songs.

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