Loretta Lynn Top 10 Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Loretta Lynn Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time. Loretta Lyn is one of the first names you will ever hear when you mention female county legends. The country musical queen is born Loretta Webb, after which she begins her career at a tender age. She starts a grass roots campaign to popularize her music on various radios. The singer and her husband Doolittle made a record and walked from station to station to have the same played. The same is known as a radio tour in modern day. Fans have their individual and varying opinions about which track should be in which position. However, country music fans are more likely to pick these ten songs as their most favorite.

Loretta Lynn Top 10 Songs of All Time

List of Top 10 songs by Loretta Lynn Till of All Time

10. ‘Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man.’

‘Lousianna Woman Mississippi Man’ is a duet sang by Loretta Lynn and Twitty Conway, another superstar in country music. The track is a staple of all top ten lists among people who know and understand country music. The track released in 1973 and easily rose to position one, thanks to its sweetness. The song spends a whooping fourteen weeks on the country music charts.

9. ‘Out of my Head and Back in my Bed.’

‘Out of my Head and Back in my Bed’ is a controversial song that leaves many fans wondering what exactly Loretta meant. How the hell would you want somebody out of your mind but still want the same person back in your bed? Many people love the musician’s outspoken views on ladies as is evident in various tracks on Loretta’s top 10 best track list. The record explains the confusion faced by human beings in love affairs, not knowing whether to keep a partner or let them go.

8. ‘After the Fire is Gone.’

‘After the Fire is Gone’ is a song produced by Bradley Owen. The track is a great hit done by Twitty Conway and Loretta Lynn. The record was released in 1971, and it quickly rose to position one. The band sings that romance is where you find it, although sometimes you do not find it at home. What we find sometimes are the remains of love, described here as ‘ashes after the fire is gone.’

7. ‘Fist City.’

‘Fist City’ is penned by Loretta Lyn about one of the many affairs that her husband encounters. The track makes it crystal clear that Loretta would not stand any lady trying to take her loving hubby away from her. Country music and fighting go together, just like work and pay. As soon as the track was out, ladies all over the world sung it all the time, perhaps dedicating it to someone somewhere.

6. ‘The Pill.’

‘The Pill’ is one of the most famous tracks in Loretta’s career, thanks to the material in the song. It is a comic-laden record about control of birth using pills, which Loretta Lyn identifies with. The song is penned by T.D. Bayless, Lorene Allen and Don McHan. She tells the man that when he wined and dined her as his girl, he promised to make her a wife and treat her well. Unfortunately, all that she now sees is a bed and a hospital bill. She decides to tear down the brooder house because she has the pill.

5. ‘She’s Got You.’

‘She’s Got You’ is a song penned by Cochran Hank, and the same goes to position one in the year 1962 as Loretta’s friend as well as a hero called Cline Patsy sings. Loreto does a version of the track in 1977 to honor Patsy, and the version rises to position one. She tells her boyfriend that she still has the picture given to her. However, there is one massive difference, which is the fact that she has the picture, but another girl has the man. This is one of the Loretta Lynn Top 10 Songs of All Time.

4. ‘Don’t Come Home Drinkin.’

‘Don’t Come Home drinking’ is Loretta Lyn’s first number one hit nationally and a great fan favorite. The track is always on the top 10 list of any fan who understands and love Loretta Lyn. She tells the man that he thought she would be waiting for him at home the previous night, but he is mistaken. She complains about the man’s habit of going to drink alcohol with other men every night. Loretta advice the husband that alcohol and love never mix, and she has to choose either her or the liquor behind.

3. ‘One on the Way.’

‘One on the Way’ is an amazing look at daily life for an average housewife anywhere in the world. Shel Silverstein pens the record, and you can, therefore, expect the track to be hilarious. During Loretta Lynn’s live shows, the track gets some great responses and fans always demand that she performs the track live. The song is incredible, listen to it and ‘thank me later.’

2. ‘You’re Lookin at Country.’

Loretta Lyn writes ‘You’re Looking at Country’ while she is out on a picnic tour. The track is rich in country lyrics that even ask whether barnyard shovels fit a person’s hands. Loretta wants her love done in the country style because she can also walk a country mile. She offers to walk far to find a loving country boy. She does not mind being old fashioned, provided people see ‘Country’ whenever they look at her.

1. ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter.’

‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’ is a track that is easily identified with Loretta. Lyn’s life story is made into a film by the name starring Spacek Sissy in the year 1980. ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter was recorded in 1970 and released in 1971. Loretta sings about being born in a low-income family whose breadwinner is a coal miner. However, one thing that their dad made sure they got was love, and that is what made them happy.

Loretta Lynn Songs of All Time

‘Lay Me Down’ ‘(Duet with Willie Nelson)’

In the new song, the two musicians sing about the problems faced in this world. They remember their times as children when all they had to do was to cry, and their needs were satisfied. However, their needs are now grown pound by pound. They sing that they will be at peace the only day they will be laid down, and their souls will rest.

Loretta Lyn is a fantastic country music star. She is one of the few remaining female legends of country music. Loretta has a long time experience in making country music, which is the reason why she sings so well. We love her songs, ‘to the moon and back.’ We also love Loretta Lynn for entertaining us for all this time, and God bless you Loretta Lynn.

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