Lorde Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Lorde Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Lorde is an incredible songwriter and singer based in New Zealand. Her great vocals and amazing performance makes her famous all over the globe. The entire music industry recognizes her tracks by her voice alone, as it thrills all who listen to her. The queen continues to rule the chartbusters, thanks to her interest and talent in music. Her debut single titled ‘Royals’ makes her famous and adored. It is through her artistic talent and mind-blowing performances that she now rules hearts of thousands of fans all over the globe. Below is an analysis of ten of her best songs, check out the hits.

LordeTop 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Lorde Till 2017

10. “Team.”

“Team” is very much popular in her fans. This song is one of the best songs for Lorde and ranks among the super hits, and its video is extremely attractive to many. “Team” is a more pop-tinged head boppers than the former Charting at No.6 on the Hot 100, the song made its way to the top of the Adult Top 40. The song is all about a dream and very calming for ears according to her listeners.

9. “Ribs.”

This song was a promotion song of the album on 2013, and it comes from “Pure Heroine” album thus making the second single off her rank within the universal group. The wonderful and powerful song has helped the audience to connect with it and feel its beauty. Slow to build and ambient, when the song hits its peak her words paint a dramatic image to the listeners

8. “Yellow Flicker Beat”

This song attracts the mood of the listeners delightfully since it got has the powerful combination of skill, rhythm, tune, great understanding of melody and incredible voice of the singer. This song can woo the listeners and also helps them to hold their breath entirely.

7. “Glory and Gore.”

This song is a super duper hit song that wins her listener’s mind in a moment that comes from the “Pure Heroine’ album. The trip-hop beats were accompanied by gothic vocals, almost mocking our fascination with violence.

6. “White teeth teens.”

“White teeth teens” comes from the “Pure Heroine” album and is just incredible to her fans and her displays the best of her songwriting ability. Lorde sang this song to define the simplicity of romanticism and healthy living.

5. “Bravado.”

This song is reflective and originally included on her “Pure Heroine” album. The song encourages anyone struggling with egotism not to heal. Instead of feeling self-reflective and lonely, find something you can be good at, and you will be approved automatically of it by others. “But I learned not to want, the quiet of the room with no one around to find me out.” ‘I want the applause, the approval; the things that make me go.’ This is one of the Lorde Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. “Meltdown.”

Lorde gets to take the catch of the song and let’s face it. She made the song what it is that is with a dirty gritty and again bringing that old sound to what is also lead by rap.

3. “Buzzcut Season.”

“Pure Heroine” is the album for the “Buzzcut Season.” The song is the genre of tropical music, and Lorde tries to disregard life reality in this world, and she is living in her paradise on her own with no worries she says “living in a hologram,” in the significant lead.

2.”Everybody wants to rule the world.”

Lorde talks about forgetting the love and turning back on Mother Nature, “Gravity Falls no turning back,” since it seems that everybody wants to rule the world.

1. “A world Alone.”

This song comes from “Debut” album, and it stands out as the best track on her this album. It offers a look into Lorde’s life, the world around her and being able to open up to someone about her life, “dancing in a world alone.” Lorde’s talks about teenagers, she says that they are so obsessed with rumors. But she believes that her relationship with her sweetheart will be unique compared to others and is going to fetch attention all over. She continues and says that all that will result in weird comments, rumors, and headache but all she wants is her sweetheart to ignore everything and “let’em talk” cause they both are dancing in this world alone. She sings.

Lorde New Songs 2016-2017


“Royals” come from the “The love Club EP” album in which is the finest music track. This song is one of the Lorde’s new single 2016-2017 and No. 1 song that scored the youngest two Grammy Awards for the song of the year and as the Best Pop Solo performance. This song was the best hit that brought the entrancing songwriter to the world stage. If you have never heard of this song at any point by now, just know that you might be living under a rock.

“Tennis Court.”

This song comes from “Pure Heroine” Album. The powerful feelings and emotions of the song are competent of wooing every music listener through its power and excellence. It’s also an amazing song that enables an incredible ability to bring forth and develop a great talent in the forefront. The singer was reserved with a beautiful place by the “Tennis Court’s” great beats.

Lorde is a great singer who is well known for entertaining all her fans, and she ever sings the sub genres of pop, electronic and rock music. She is also known for her passion in the music industry and her great, incredible dedication towards developing and bringing something new and influential for her fans which sooth and gee their ears. If you happen to listen to any of records sung by her, we can assure you if you are still not a fan of her, you will be one. Her great understanding of harmony and melody and her beautiful sense of music has made all her fans to go crazy with her music.

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