Little Big Town Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Little Big Town Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. If you love country music that has a nice dose of tight and great harmony singing, then you love the group known as ‘Little Big Town.’ The band is comprised of two females as well as two male vocalists, making them have some strong material. The most fascinating and extraordinary thing about the group is that since formation in 1998, the band still holds its four members together, unlike other bands that break up. The group has great charts that have succeeded nationally. Below are their sweetest ten track, which we know you have already heard more than once.


List of Top 10 songs by Little Big Town of all time Till 2017

10. ‘Little White Church.’

‘Little White Church’ is an up tempo track sung by Karen Fairchild, one of Little Big Town’s incredible band member. The song is crafted well, but it disappoints the group after release, even failing to get to national charts. However, the same track is a fan thriller, and they demand the record whenever the band performs live. Let us just say that many people love it, but they failed to vote it after release.

9. ‘Your Side of the Bed.’

Little Big Town played the song live during the CMA awards in 2013, and the whole crowd got madly thrilled. That single performance helps kick the track off, but the same song only manages to rise to position twenty-nine overall. The band starts the song by figuring the wedding day picture that is on the partner’s side of the bed. Also on the edge of the bed is a clock that does not function and a Bible that was given by their father.

8. ‘Sober.’

‘Sober’ is a hit song by the band that unfortunately fails to get the chart action and airplay that is expected. ‘Sober’ peaks at position 27 on various charts, but nonetheless it is an interesting ballad track nonetheless. The band sings about on a line while crooked and living life on the rocks. Life seems simpler when you laugh every time you fall when you are not afraid that people will take you as a fool. After all, it’s not good to go sober when you die.

7. ‘A Little More You.’

‘A Little More You’ is a track liked by critics, thanks to its sound. People discovered that the track’s vocals are excellent and the production value is cleaner than all the other songs the band has composed. However, the highest position that ‘A Little More You’ ranks is place twenty. The group advice those who want to have fun to dive in and dance on the edge of love, which is a beautiful sight. The sweetheart should give a little more to the partner.

6. ‘Boondocks.’

‘Boondocks’ is a track that makes it to position nine. The track does not want excuses for how someone behaves, geared towards all the people who live in the south. As a result, the record is well known as the ‘Southern Anthem, ‘ and it sets the correct track for the Little Big Town band. The song starts with the band singing that they are not ashamed and that in fact, they are proud of the place they came from. They keep their hearts and souls on the ‘Boondocks.’

5. ‘Bring It on Home.’

‘Bring It on Home’ is a position four track that also happens to be the band’s highest ranking record until another mega hit called ‘Pontoon’ was released. The track talks about a romantic and caring man who offers to help his partner after she has worked hard all day. The band wants to show a different breed of people, those who serve their partners instead of waiting to be served. This is one of the Little Big Town Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘Tornado.’

‘Tornado’ is a powerful song whose title may have affected the success of the same track. The song is about a lady’s anger, which is compared to a tornado. The woman compares herself to a Tornado. Like a Tornado, the man will see the woman coming, but he will be helpless, he will have to pay for his selfishness. The woman promises to leave the man thinking how the tunnel will break. The woman is looking for a man’s heart to break, ‘just like a Tornado.’

3. ‘Day Drinking.’

‘Day Drinking’ is a self-explanatory song, and it just about what that title says, drinking during the daytime. It is common with country music to embrace alcohol intake, and that also happens with ‘Day Drinking.’ The song is penned at a time when the band members engage in a mid-day party, and that is where the idea comes up. Cowboys and Cowgirls have their unique living styles, and alcohol is always part of their daily lives.

2. ‘Girl Crush.’

‘Girl Crush’ is a track with the potential of becoming the Little Big Town’s best-selling song. The track has gradually climbed the charts up to the position one post. The band sings about a man who has a crush on a particular lady. Although the guy is afraid and hides the fact that she loves her, she wishes to have her midnight smile. The man wants the woman belonged to her all his life.

1. ‘Pontoon.’

Little Big Town Know how and when to release incredible music. ‘Pontoon’ released during summer, making the same a smash hit that always played on the radios. Whenever the receivers refused to play the track, people requested for it. In case that was not possible, they always sang it themselves. ‘Pontoon’ is the best track that the band has ever released.

Little Big Town New Songs 2016-2017

Better Man

In this song, Little Big Town sings that it is better to be single than to love a gentleman who does not understand the real value of the woman he has. The person has significantly damaged the girl’s life, and the girl is unable to sleep, the girl gazes at the mirror in the wee hours of the night. The girl, however, does miss the man, and she wishes he was a ‘better man.’

Little Big Town is a band with a funny name, leaving many people wondering how a band got such a name. Fans wonder more about how a town can be little and big at the same time. However, the title is not significant as the songs, and the band is ‘Big’ in the country music world. Their songs are the best, and we continue to expect more from them.

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