Lana Del Rey Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Lana Del Rey Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Lana Del Rey is a music queen who was born Elizabeth Grant in the United States of America. She is a model, songwriter, and singer. She released her first album in 2010, since when she has turned into a controversial figure, debated by both lovers and haters. The singer boasts of three studio albums with fascinating songs in each of them. From her number one album on Billboard called ‘Ultraviolent,’ the musician continues to stack her albums with a variety of songs, covering many genres and styles. Below are ten of her best tracks, we hope your best song makes the cut.

Lana Del Rey Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Lana Del Rey Till 2017

10. ‘Brooklyn Baby.’

The track is produced by Dan Auerbach from the ‘Black Keys’ as the fourth song from the queen’s album called ‘Ultraviolence,’ a Billboard number one song. ‘Brooklyn Baby’ released in June 2014. ‘Well, my boyfriend’s in a band.’ ‘He plays guitar while I sing Lou Reed.’ ‘I’ve got feathers in my hair.’ ‘I get down to beat poetry.’ ‘And my jazz collection’s rare.’ ‘I can play most anything.’ ‘I’m a Brooklyn baby.’ ‘I’m a Brooklyn baby.’

9. ‘Video Games.’

‘Video Games’ is the first track from the album called ‘Born to die.’ The track released around summer in 2011 on the internet and later published in October 2011, officially. The track heavily comprises of distant nostalgic tones that are common among many tracks by Del Rey. The record is successful all over the globe, as it peaked at position one in Germany after release, with platinum certifications in Austria, Australia, Belgium, and Switzerland.

8. ‘Ride.’

‘Ride’ is release number one from Lana’s EP number three called ‘Paradise.’ The track is produced by Rubin Rick, and it came into the public domain in January of 2012. The rack is not a big commercial success, but it acts as a transition from the musician’s ‘Born to Die’ era to a new era. ‘I hear the birds on the summer breeze, I drive fast.’ ‘I am alone in the night.’ ‘Been tryin’ hard not to get into trouble, but i.’ ‘Just ride, I just ride, I just ride.’

7. ‘Born to Die.’

In the second single located in the ‘Born to Die’ album, Rey Del sings about a relationship that is toxic and ill-fated. The track released in January of 2012, with the same experiencing moderate success immediately after release, although fans received the track well. ‘Born to Die’ is certified gold in more than four countries and silver in the United Kingdom. ‘Come take a walk on the wild side.’ ‘Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain.’ ‘You girls insane.’ ‘We were born to die.’ ‘We were born to die.’

6. ‘Shades of Cool.’

‘Shades of Cool’ released around summer in 2014. The incredible track is produced by Dan Auerbach, as single number two on Lana’s studio album position three called ‘Ultraviolence.’ ‘But you are unfixable.’ ‘I can’t break through your world.’ ‘Cause you live in shades of cool.’ ‘Your heart is unbreakable.’ ‘My baby lives in shades of cool.’ ‘Cool heart and hands and aptitude.’ ‘He prays for love, he prays for peace, and maybe someone new.’

5. ‘Blue Jeans.’

‘Blue Jeans’ is a track that released around April back in 2012. The track is number three among other songs in ‘Born to Die’ album, and it touches on the outcomes of a broken relationship. The song is not a massive commercial success as compared to other singles on the same album. However, ‘Blue Jeans’ continues to receive appraise, reaching position 22 on the ‘Billboard Hot 100.’ The track is certified as a Platinum by the RIAA. It rose to position 41 on ‘US Rock Digital Songs Chart.’ This is one of the Lana Del Rey Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘Young and Beautiful.’

‘Young and Beautiful’ is Lala’s contribution to a soundtrack for a remake of ‘The Great Gatsby,’ a soundtrack released in 2013. The track is the first top 40 hit for the singer, having peaked at position 22 on the ‘Billboard Hot 100.’ The song is also RIAA Platinum Certified. ‘Will you still love me.’ ‘When I’m no longer young and beautiful.’ ‘Will you still love me when I got nothing but my aching soul?’ ‘I know that you will.’ ‘Will you still love me when I’m no longer beautiful?’

3. ‘Cruel World.’

After running away from a volatile affair, Del Rey decides to compose a track. The queen sings about relief and grief that she has experienced in the abusive relationship. The record is written alongside Dan Auerbach and it boasts of being the first song on ‘Ultraviolence,’ the 2014 album. ‘Put my little red party dress on.’ ‘Everybody knows that I’m the best, I’m crazy.’ ‘Get a little bit of Bourbon in ya.’ ‘You’re dancing in circles around me.’

2. ‘Money, Power, Glory.’

Lana sings to her critics and haters, and she directly attacks them for spreading rumors about her after she rises to fame. She also attacks the media for displaying her in a negative way. The slow hymn-like the track is the eighth single from the ‘Ultraviolence’ album. ‘I want money, power, and glory.’ ‘I want money, all your power, all your glory.’ ‘Hallelujah, I wanna take you for all that you got.’ ‘Money, power, and glory.’

1. ‘Summertime Sadness.’

Single number four in the ‘Born to Die’ album is ‘Summer Sadness,’ released in June 2012. The track is the musician’s best-known track, also featured in the ‘Cedric Gervais Remix.’ The record is certified by the RIAA as Platinum and got to position five on the ‘Billboard US Rock Songs Chart.’ ‘Kiss me hard before you go, summertime sadness.’ ‘I just wanted you to know that.’ ‘Baby, you are the best.’ ‘High heels off, I’m feeling alive.’

Lana Del New Songs 2016-2017

Life is Beautiful

In her latest record, Lana starts by telling her lover not to be unfair or pretend to be awake, because his heart is burning, with ‘Fire.’ ‘Come on boy, let’s go.’ ‘We can hit the road.’ ‘We can go anywhere right now.’ ‘Life is still so beautiful.’

Lana Del Rey is an incredible upcoming musician. Her songs are so cool that they relax the body, mind, and soul. Listening to the tracks feels like listening to birds singing in a beautiful African Park during summer. She is a thriller who will only get sexier and sweeter in music. All the best Lana Del Rey, Mwaah!

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