Lady Gaga Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Lady Gaga Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Lady Gaga, as many know her professionally, was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, on the 28th day of March 1986. She was born in the United States of America. She is a jack of several having indulged in singing, acting as well as writing songs. The acting was her first love in high school, but she later found more love in music. ‘The Fame’ was her debut album in the year 2008. The album had a great success producing great hits like ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Just Dance.’ Since then, she has continued to release many great hits that have found their way to the top of many pop music charts. In fact, Lady Gaga has had such a stellar career that in the year 2017, she was announced the first woman to contribute four albums in the US that have become number one in the 2010. The success of her fifth studio album titled ‘Joanne’ (2016) makes the recognition possible. Let us now try to evaluate Lady Gaga’s career with her best ten songs

Lady Gaga Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Lady Gaga top 10 songs till 2017

10. ‘ Sexxx Dreams.’

‘Sexxx Dreams’ is from Gaga’s album titled ‘Artpop.’ Some of her fans think it should have been the lead single off the album other than ‘Applause.’ Not to mean that ‘Applause’ was never a deserving lead song. ‘Sexxx Dreams’ might have become a favorite to many owing to its disco aspect that presented fancy disco flourishes. It is a happy pop tune. Her vocals are so well articulated that it is possible to notice the different textures in the song. The lyrics are also on point for a club hit.

9. ‘You & I (Mark Taylor Remix).’

‘You and I’ was released in June 2010 and was mainly performed during Gaga’s tour of ‘Monster Ball.’ In all her albums, Lady Gaga never fails to compose some poetry that recounts some of her difficult journeys in New York. The song did not achieve glory after its first release. It came to reach greatness when it got a remix that featured Mark Taylor. Unlike the previous version that had a low-key piano, the remix had an increased tempo and some forefront vocals. The bassline has been mixed systematically. Towards the end, when one would expect that it will lose the nice rhythm, the backing track retires slowly to pave the way for Gaga at her piano once more.

8. ‘Judas.’

Born this way is from the album ‘Born This Way’ released in 2012. The album’s release seemed so ambitious to some. It is true Gaga was full of ambition, and she knew she had all it took to conquer the world. The message in her song clouded the tune at first. Some of her critics thought she was trying to replicate ‘Express Yourself’ by Madonna. The campaign to the album appeared to fall away, and the production of the songs seemed to have been hurried. Gaga’s lyrics, however, overshadow the flaws in the track ‘Judas’- which is so like Lady Gaga. She gifted the song a chorus full of glory and cheer. ‘Judas’ also demonstrates Gaga’s wealth in vocal styles. She gets quite explicit as she spits some lyrics in half-rap style. The track reminds you just how farcical rap can get.

7. ‘The Edge of Glory.’

This song is also a child of the album ‘Born This Way.’ The album had very supercharged ballads. ‘The Edge of Glory’ came out as the best tune of the album. The song was inspired by the death of Gaga’s grandpa and their 60-year long companionship with her grandma. It seems she had such an excellent relationship with her grandparents. We can read just how personal their relationship was from how soulfully she performs. Once again the chorus is just lovely and full of energy too. This is one of the Lady Gaga Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘Dance In the Dark.’

This tune is all about self-hatred. People never quite comprehended the lyrics well. It was not until the death of Gaga’s friend, Alexander McQueen that she added a new dimension to it. The message that fame is but a mask that cannot come to the rescue of every person is cemented here. Musically, the song places side by side different textures. The well-processed vocals of the lyrics enhance the chorus in an unusual manner. ‘Dance in the Dark’ is perhaps the first song that seems to satisfy her fans. She intimated to MTV that she hoped and prayed that she could inspire some change in people subliminally through the song.

4. ‘Alejandro.’

It was such an odd single from Gaga. The song had the slowest tempo ever among her songs, and this could be why her label was hesitant in pushing it as a single. Eventually, Gaga succeeded and had ‘Alejandro’ ruling the airwaves to become her seventh successive top 10 hit in the US. In the song, Gaga bids farewell to her ex-lovers. It has a guitar riff at the beginning that is complimented well by a little of the 90s teen disco that sets in. Like other Gaga’s songs, a glorious chorus steals the show.

3. ‘Telephone.’

This hit was courtesy of Gaga’s major collaboration with Beyonce. It came at a crucial point in both artists’ careers. Gaga’s was fighting for relevance, and Beyonce was looking to breaking the rules already having released two surprise albums. A twin verse heralds the tune as compared to what we are used to- where there is a distinctive verse followed by pre-chorus and finally a chorus. It boasts a good production that balances the dynamics and the tempo so well. The chorus comes hardly a minute after the song starts. Truth be told, had Beyonce not honored a partnership, Gaga would still have done some justice to the song. On listening to Beyonce’s rap, though, one cannot accommodate the idea of Gaga going it solo.

2. ‘Bad Romance.’

‘Bad Romance’ was not Lady Gaga’s first hit. It was, however, the tune that made her an irresistible artist to her fans. A good production saw it release a great video. It won two Grammy Awards. It reached a real commercial success selling more than 12 million copies all over the world.

1. ‘Paparazzi.’

This song spelled out ambition in capital letters. Ever since the start of her career, Gaga has always seemed to be after fame. ‘Paparazzi’ had a theme for fame too. The great video had Alexander Skarsgard as the leading man for Gaga. In his quest for fame, we see Alexander trying to push Gaga off a balcony- only to be poisoned by Gaga. To add to the already acquired fame, she shocked the world when she did a VMA performance while soaked in blood.

New Songs by Lady Gaga 2016-2017

1. ‘Hey Girl” feat. Florence Welch’

The song is one among several ones released from the album ‘Joanne.’ Together with Florence Welch, they come up with a bouncy and unexpected song.

2. ‘Diamond Heart.’

If the title of this song makes you think that it belongs to Sia, then the chorus will remind you that you are listening to nobody else but Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga has been one of the greatest entertainers in the pop industry. Her performances have been not only electrifying but also full of controversy. We cannot blame her for the odd things she does, though. It is her unique trait to be more than just ordinary. She continues to be relevant and has a huge following across the United States.

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