Lady Antebellum Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Lady Antebellum Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Lady Antebellum is an incredible country music band. The group starts simple by performing during fairs in the country and advance to play at sold out venues. Their music is always consistent, and their tracks continue to be thrillers to those who understand country music. The songs listed below are the band’s finest, despite there being so many hit songs done by the band. We have sampled ten of the best, have a look.

Lady Antebellum Top 10 Songs of All Time 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Lady Antebellum of all time Till 2017

10. ‘Downtown.’

‘Downtown’ is a track that is well received by country music fans. It is a love song about a girl getting fed up by her boyfriend’s character of not taking her downtown as he used to do earlier. The beats get you moving, and the lyrics are very catchy. The girl complains about not being taken to the parties, and the parties were happening in their absence. She thinks the boyfriend is unfair and has changed a lot.

9. ‘American Honey.’

‘American Honey’ is a track that makes history for selling more than one million singles. The band is nervous about releasing the song at first because they had just made a big hit out of ‘Need You Now.’ However, the track holds its prestige, the song detailing youthful innocence. The song does possess a different sound from what fans expect. The track starts by telling about a kid who grows up by the road side, but the deeper meaning comes as the track progresses.

8. ‘I Run To You.’

‘I Run to You’ is a successful hit done by Lady Antebellum, if it’s not the best that she has done to this date. The track acts as a turnover to the band’s career and propels them to an overnight success. The record is made appealing by the fact that it is a love song, but it remains different from anything you have ever heard. She sings that she always runs to the friend whenever lies turn out to be the truth. The track concerns people who have been in relationships but did let the affairs go.

7. ‘Bartender.’

We can already tell that Lady Antebellum loves singing about drinking, and this track is not any different. The track is more of a tale than anything else you would think about. Fans get instantly hooked whenever Scott Hillary sings to the bar attendee, telling her to pour the drinks right the entire night. ‘Bartender’ is one of the very memorable songs by the ‘Lady Antebellum’ band.

6. ‘Love Don’t Live Here.’

‘Love Don’t Live Here’ is the band’s first single, despite the same not starting off as a hit. However, country music fans grow to like the record, eventually making it a 2008 breakup song. They tell a partner that he has the nerves to waltz and think whatever belongs to them is his again. The track is an excellent tale about one person moving on and the other one sticking to the past.

5. ‘Looking For A Good Time.’

‘Looking For A Good Time’ is a track in which rock meets country. The debut album track is one of the best tracks performed live by the band. The song thrills people who are in the twenties, making it their party anthem, especially when they visit bars. The band sings about looking for a good time, and fun sums the good times up. The track blends well with a glass of wine and whiskey after a long day of work. This is one of the Lady Antebellum Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘Need You now.’

Fans argue that ‘Need You Know’ is one of the biggest tracks by Lady Antebellum. That is probably because the track is the group’s highest selling single which remains the biggest hit in the band’s career. It is another tale of strained relationships, where a partner complains about being alone at late night, still waiting for the sweetheart to come back home. The partner then calls home after being drunk, and the song culminates in a tense marital affair.

3. ‘Just a Kiss.’

Lady Antebellum know how to ‘Kill’ fans with love songs, and they make the tracks look like real stories. ‘Just a Kiss’ is a home run for the band, giving them a prestigious double platinum rating. They explain the kiss as one that felt real and right, making the listener imagine just how sweet the kiss could have been. The song makes you feel romance instantly, something brought by the fact that Josh Kelly and Hillary Scott sing together.

2. ‘We Owned The Night.’

‘We Owned The Night’ is a high-ranking track done by the band. The song is certified as gold, and it continues to give a different taste to the listeners. The track breaks the usual sounds we always heard from Lady Antebellum, which changes things in a nice way. The track talks about good things, as opposed to a majority of their songs that are about breakups and strained relationships.

1. ‘She Is.’

‘She Is’ never released as a single, but the track still catches the attention of fans. The record describes who the lady is, and not the person that she is not. Lady Antebellum always make sure that they bring things to life, and that also happens in the song. The girl never stands the things that she is not able to change, which is a powerful message contained in the song. The woman believes that she can be all that she wants to be.

Lady Antebellum New Songs 2016-2017

Thy Will (Hillary Scott & the Scott Family)

Hillary is a member of the Lady Antebellum band who decides to sing a sad song about her heartbreak. She sings about a man who proposed to her and she gave in, following him. The man later breaks her heart, and she believes the man had a plan to disappoint her. Whenever she tries to pray, all she affords to say is ‘thy will be done.’

Lady Antebellum is a well-doing country band, and nobody can deny the fact that their songs are anthems globally. Their long time experience in music makes them produce the best, especially whenever they join hands in everything they do. For real, the band is an ‘American and global honey.’

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