Keith Urban Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Keith Urban Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Keith Urban is one of the finest country music artists in the world. The musician has lots of massive hits, although we have only sampled ten of his best tracks. Keith originates from Australia, but has taken over America and continues to spread all over the globe, like a Canadian summer wildfire. He produced his first album in 1999, while in the United States of America. Here are the best songs by Keith Urban, and his latest releases.

Keith Urban Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Keith Urban till 2017:

10.’Cop Car.’

‘Cop car’ is one of the most famous tracks from Keith Urban. The song is about finding love in a bizarre and uncommon way, in the back seat of a police car. He sings of them driving past the no trespass sign, thinking all the night belonged to them, so there was no need to hurry. Unfortunately, some cops come and pull them, and they get into total trouble. He knows her dad will ‘kill’ him, but he does not care much. Everything Keith cares about is the fact that the girl steals his heart, ‘at the back of the cop car.’

9. ‘You’ ll Think of Me.’

The song earns Urban a Grammy award, the first in his entire career. He sings about a bad breakup with a lover, a feeling that a majority of people experience. The song helps individual survive through breakups, thanks to her excellent track. He sings about waking up in the early morning, unable to sleep as a result of stress. He cannot believe his girl belongs to another man. Keith asks her to take her freedom, memories, records, space and reasons because Urban does not need them. However, the singer reminds her that ‘you will think of me.’

8. ‘Somebody Like You.’

‘Somebody like you’ is one of the hit songs that Urban has produced. The song dates back to 2002, but still plays in the radios until today, with people singing along. He sings about a new wind blowing, and his body breathing deeper than before. It feels nice to have the feeling, and now he wants to love someone, ‘somebody like you.’ He forgets his lonely past and forgives himself for his mistakes, because all he ‘wanna’ do is ‘to love somebody,’ somebody like you.’

7. ‘You Look Good in My Shirt.’

The song is about Keith reuniting with a former lover, unaware of the results. He tells her that she is ‘looking good in his shirt.’ He records the song in 2003 and puts it among his hits five years later, making it an anthem. He sings to her that the moment she walks behind her and covers his eyes, he rattles names but knows it is his lover. He does not know whether it will work, all he knows is that the girl ‘looks good in his shirt.’ The song is amazing and unique.

6. ‘Days go By.’

“Days go by’ is a hit song that advises people to have fun while they live, as ‘you only live once.’ Keith sings about changing lanes and driving fast to be somewhere in the race. He sings that: days go by and he ‘can feel them flying,’ as a hand outside a moving vehicle.’ Those are the only days we have, so it is good to start living, because ‘days go by.’

5.’Raining on Sunday.’

Keith is a successful musician: Foster Radney writes the song and sings it, but allows Urban to record the entire track. The song is a favorite Sunday, that which all of us want to have with our lovers. He asks his girlfriend to pray that it rains on Sunday: they will hide under the covers the whole afternoon. They have better things to do if it rains on Sunday. ‘Monday will take care of its self,’ just in case it rains on Sunday. The song is about having fun, regardless of the situations. This is one of the Keith Urban Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘Sweet Thing.’

The song is one of the tracks in his album titled ‘Defying Gravity.’ Keith plays a beautiful guitar with his 10th best hit. Urban recalls the day he took her for their first date and how she looks fantastic, driving him crazy. Urban remembers opening the car door for her, and how sweet that was. He asks her to come along under a cotton tree so that they can have fun with each other. He feels like Romeo, and in fact, he wants to steal more of her time. He wonders if that is a crime or a ‘sweet thing.’

3. ‘Stupid Boy.’

‘Stupid boy’ is one of the best tracks by Keith. The song is originally done by Buxton Sarah, in collaboration with Deanna Bryant and Dave Berg. Keith gets a unique chance to record the track, and as usual, he never disappoints. Keith sings about a precious, wild and innocent girl, with everything different and beautiful. He condemns a stupid boy, who the girl loves a lot but the boy fails to take her home. ‘Stupid boy, you can’t fence that in.’

2. ‘Kiss a Girl.’

‘Kiss a Girl’ is a song that Keith co-writes, and it successfully crosses over to pop music. The track is a dance tune that gets everyone up and dancing whenever it plays. He sings that it is not usual for him to kiss girls, but it is a while since he broke up with a girlfriend. Urban decides not to be lonely in the big world: he wants to ‘kiss a girl’ and hold her tight. The song is about finding somebody new and moving on after a breakup.

1. ‘Who Wouldn’t Wanna be Me.’

The song expresses the guitar skills that the musician does possess. The track is the first hit for Urban, and it boasts about being position one three times in the charts of country music. Keith has no money in the pockets; he has holes in the jeans and he lost his job. He is, however, happy because he is with his girlfriend, and leaves all his troubles behind. He drives from Georgia to Tennessee, free and alive. ‘Who wouldn’t wanna be him?’

Keith Urban New Songs 2016-2017

1. Wasted time

In the new song, Keith recollects the amazing moments they have shared with his lover. He remembers the beautiful summer nights they shared. He cannot believe that the relationship is finally over, and wonders if the wife thinks the same as well. He cannot come to his senses and believe that all that is ‘wasted time.’

2. ‘Blue Ain’t Your Color

Keith sings to a lonely girl in a bar, telling her that she is seated there because her guy does not treat her well. He tells the lady that she does not need the man, as it looks ‘black and white. ‘Blue looks good on the skies and the walls but does not match her eyes. That is why ‘blue ain’t your color.’

Keith Urban is a talented country musician. His fans originate from different nationalities around the world, thanks to his unique singing styles. He is a fan thriller, and his music is the best to listen to while relaxing. His latest hits are better than his earlier ones, and we can guess he is getting better. What an incredible musician.

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