Justin Timberlake Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Justin Timberlake Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. One of the hottest performers all over the globe is Justin Timberlake. Starting as a member of a music group called NSYNC, Justin decided to branch and released his first album in 2002. He has experienced success in all of his four albums. Timberlake boasts of many songs, but we have sampled the best 10 in this list. Let’s hope your favorite song is on the list.

Justin Timberlake Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Justin Timberlake till 2017

10. ‘Cry me a River.’

‘Cry me a River’ comes from Timberlake’s first single album. The song is about a girlfriend who makes a wrong choice to leave him, but later realizes his mistake and pleads to come back. Justin doesn’t want her back because he believes the breakup should be the end of the relationship. He, therefore, sings ‘Cry me a river,’ as he believes the girl shouldn’t have treated him that way. The song is one of the best breakup songs that Timberlake releases.

9. ‘Rock Your body.’

‘Rock Your Body’ is an upbeat dance song by Timberlake. The song is about how fun it is to get out onto the dancing floor to enjoy life. The song carries many insinuations, and the guy tells the girl that she better be naked by the time the song ends. Timberlake beats boxes, creating a pleasant sound effect. The song releases during the ‘Wardrobe malfunction’ involving Janet Jackson, but the stigma of that event has faded, and the song is an incredible pop hit.

8. ‘Sexy Back.’

The song is one of Timberlake’s most popular and is known for climbing to position one for over seven weeks. The song is catchy and upbeat, with some distorted voices from Timberlake. The musician sings about bringing ‘sexy’ back, and how the rest of the boys have no idea of how to act. Until today, Timberlake makes crowds go wild whenever he performs the song. The songwriter has killer dancing styles, which make crowds go crazy whenever he plays.

7. ‘My Love.’

‘My love’ is a love song, and the title tells it all. The track concerns a man making effort to convince a lady that she needs his love, as it is the best. He explains the things he is ready to do for her, just to win her love. However, he wonders if that alone will be enough to change her mind and make her love him. The song is very popular, but there is no official video up to date. The song boasts of a Grammy award as the best rap collaboration.

6. ‘What Goes Around Comes Around.’

Many people believe in the above phrase, which also doubles up as the title of the song. The song is about a particular girl who decided to cheat on her boyfriend out of selfishness. However, what goes around comes around: her boyfriend now cheats on her. The incident makes her believe that even what comes around goes around. The song is a great hit that plays even today. Despite the song being controversial, it holds a Grammy award, something that shows it was such a superb piece of work.


The song is a dedication from Justin Timberlake to his grandparents. A closer look at the video confirms that it dedicates to the parents. It is a great love song, about soul mates who live together, loving each other. Justin sings that the partner is like a mirror, which stares back at you every time you look at it. The song is breathtaking with catchy lyrics. The song keeps making comebacks, and it never fades, you can be sure to hear it play anytime on the radio. This is one of the Justin Timberlake Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4.’Not a bad thing.’

The song is one of the best by Timberlake. The song is about a couple trying to reunite after meeting on his show and getting engaged. The two got engaged I a night as they listened to Timberlake’s songs, which makes the man to argue that it is not a bad thing to get involved one evening at the subway. The song is kind of laid back, which makes it fascinating. ‘Not a bad thing’ is a good song to sing to your crush, especially after meeting in difficult environments such as clubs, just convince her that it is not a bad thing.

3.’ Suit and Tie.’

Fans waited impatiently for the release of this song, the number one single in the ‘20/20 Experience’ album. The song concerns the singer getting dressed to kill and going for a date, something that he is so passionate. The song is a first time hit, and until today, the track gets airtime all over the world. Timberlake brought Jay-Z into the track, and suppose that contributes to the popularity enjoyed by the track. ‘Suit and Tie’ is another great release from a talented musician, Justin Timberlake.

2.’Love Stoned/I think that she knows.’

‘Stoned love’ is an excellent track, with many sweet and romantic lines in it. The flashing lights come from all sides. They hit the girl in a way that makes Timberlake just to stare. Timberlake sings that the girl stones her in love, and that is ‘bad,’ and she knows she is indeed ‘bad.’ The hit song is very catchy and romantic. The son is about a man who is crazy and infatuated on a lady and is from Timberlake’s second album.

1. ‘TKO.’

The song features Timberland and is one of the many tracks in the ‘20/20 experience’ album. The musician uses hard fighting words to explain how he felt after the girl’s heart broke his heart. He sings that he is out for the count and that the lady knocks her out,’ just a TKO.’ The song is the best, out of all the songs Timberlake ever released. We hope to get another hit that performs better than this song.

Justin Timberlake New Song 2016-2017

I got the feeling

Justin Timberlake’s new release is incredible. He has a sense inside his bones, one that goes electric when turned on. The atmosphere extends to both his city and his home. He can’t stop the feeling, and so he decides to ‘just dance.’ The song is great, and the dancing styles and ladies in the track very sexy. Just watch the video confirm.

Give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar: Justin Timberlake is a great musician, and his music thrills the entire world. His music career will only shine brighter, thanks to his large pool of fans. Let us all wait for what he release next, and we hope it will be better than any other tracks he has ever done.

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