John Lennon Top 10 Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of John Lennon Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time. John Winston Lennon was an English musician. He was born on 9th October 1940 and died on 8th December 1980. John Lennon started his musical career as part of an infamous group, which was called the Beatles. The Beatles were arguably the most success music group of the 60’s. After the group disbanded in 1970, John Lennon kick-started a solo career that bore fruits such as ‘Give Peace a Chance’, ‘Imagine’ and ‘Working Class Hero’. Aside from music, John Lennon was involved in political activism. He was against the Vietnam War, a stand he expressed in some of his songs. John Lennon was murdered at the age of 40.

John Lennon Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

John Lennon Top 10 Songs of All Time

10. #9Dream- 1974

Trying to understand the lyrics of this song can prove quite challenging. John Lennon did not shed much light on the meaning of the song. He said that it came to him in a dream. The musician also had an obsession with the number 9. When he was at the Beatles they did songs such as ‘Revolution 9’ and ‘One After 909’. This song featured in the Billboard Hot 100 at, guess which number, … 9. “Ah! böwakawa poussé, poussé”, is a phrase that did make a good chorus.

9. Mother- 1970

In this track, John Lennon talks about his troubled childhood. His father abandoned the family when he was very young. His mother died when Lennon was just but a teenager. The lyrics are sad, and he expresses his feelings in a very lonely tone. “Mother you had me, But I never had you”, that line alone sets the mood of the song. He continued to raise a profound and thoughtful question: “If we can be abandoned by those who made us, who in the hell can we trust?”

8. God- 1970

For starters, there is nothing gospel about this song. When still with the Beatles, Lennon once said: “We’re more popular than Jesus.” That stirred mixed reactions from fans and critics. “God is a concept by which we measure our pain,” opens the song. In the song Lennon rebuked all the myths he did not believe in including Buddha, Jesus, Kennedy, Yoga and most importantly his former group, The Beatles. The man just did not care, take him for what he is or leave him, was the message the song portrayed.

7. Mind Games- 1973

‘Mind Games’ expressed Lennon’s talent in songwriting more than any other song in his catalog. The song is about the various simplicities and complexities of love and life altogether. It was inspired by the book the singer was reading at the time, titled Mind Games. The song explained that people differ politically, harbor different opinions and worship differently but must keep the world moving in the right direction. “Keep on playing those mind games forever, Raising the spirit of peace and love, not war.”

6. Beautiful Boy- 1980

This is one of the John Lennon Top 10 Songs of All Time. ‘Beautiful Boy is a song Lennon dedicated to his son, Sean Lennon. He had done the same with his other son, Julian when he wrote ‘Good Night’. The song, which was ideally a lullaby to the 5-year old boy, was moving and utterly sincere. “Close your eyes have no fear, the monster’s gone and your daddy’s here”. The lyric, “I can hardly wait to see you come of age,” is the most depressing as Lennon died few months after singing the song. Sean shared the same birth date with his father.

5. Watching The Wheels- 1980

After the birth of his son Sean, Lennon decided to put his musical career on hold and raise the boy. Of course, some fans and critics thought this stupid. This song was a response to those who believed he threw away his career. “I am just sitting here watching the wheels go round. I really love to watch them roll. No longer riding on the merry go round, I just had to let it go.” From these lyrics, Lennon was arrogantly telling everyone that he still had it and could throw a hit even when the other hand was busy changing a diaper.

4. Working Class Hero- 1970

The song shows Lennon’s spite for authorities and revolutionaries. As a person who hailed from the déclassé city of Liverpool, he held on to his roots adamantly. Lennon despised the “small-minded” people who had authority over him. Listen to this song whenever you feel like a bunch of grownups do not know what they are doing or when authorities have mishandled you. “And you believe you are so clever and classless and free. But you’re still fucking peasants, as far as I can see.” It does not matter whether you are in control of your life, there are still people who can take the control away.

3. Imagine-1971

‘Imagine’ is a classic that is one of Lennon’s most successful singles. The song combines simplicity and a real message. It was used as an anthem of peace back then, and it is still employed in campaigns nowadays. Yes, Lennon was a dreamer, but apparently not the only one. Unity and togetherness are essential virtues in this world.

2. Jealous Guy- 1971

Another of John Lennon’s exhibition of pure lyrical talent is Jealous Guy. This ultimate piano ballad is evidence that Lennon was just human with many faults in his romantic relationships. The Lennon in this classic is both ‘shivering inside” and swallowing his pain”. The musician knew how to express his emotions: “I was feeling insecure, You might not love me anymore. I’m just a jealous guy.”

1. Instant Karma- 1970

‘Instant Karma’ was one of Lennon’s most successful single. It was his first to appear in top 10 of Music Charts, at No.3. The hit came amid wrangles with former members of The Beatles. It sounded as if he was not letting go the grudge between him and the other band members. But it is not all personal; the lyrics touch on political sentiments as well as ideological views. All these are climaxed by a chorus that can only be defined as infectious. It is as if Lennon wrote the song to prove to everyone, including The Beatles, that he did not need anyone to make good music.

John Lennon Songs Before He Died

1. (Just Like) Starting Over-1980

This song was from his final album, Double Fantasy, but was released before the album. The song came after Lennon had taken a five-year break from music to raise his son. The song was supposed to mark a new beginning for his music, his career, and his personal life. The lyrics are so simple that you would swear they are all in your head but you do not know from where. It was a song about a renewal that was stopped before it started. The song was released in Oct 1980, and he died in December that year. This song topped Billboard Hot 100 after he died.

2. Woman- 1980

Like the title suggests, ‘Woman’ is a love song, a mature and direct love song to be more specific. The video of the song was released after his death in 1980. It features a photo from his post-mortem, it can be quite disturbing. The chorus is nonsensical- “Oooh-ooh/Well, well/Doo-doo-doo-doo”- but the last verse will blow you away- “I love you now and forever”.

These are the best of John Lennon’s songs. He was killed by Mark David Chapman, who sprayed four bullets to his back. The murderer pleaded guilty in a courtroom shortly after and was sentenced. Double Fantasy, his Final album, won the Grammy Award Album of The Year in 1981. He won BRIT Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music in 1982. Lennon was posthumously inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1987 and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. Wasn’t he a great musician?

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