Jeremih Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Jeremih Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Felton Jeremih, also known as Jeremih is an artist who continues to offer a steady contribution towards the music industry, since signing to ‘Def Recordings.’ A majority of his tracks are massive hits, but it has taken him some time to get to mainstream musical success. Today, Jeremih is peaking and features in ‘Apple TV Commercials.’ We have sampled ten of his best songs, and some of his latest releases. Check out to see whether your favorite songs makes it to the top ten.

Jeremih Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Jeremih till 2017:

10. ‘Love Don’t Change.’

‘Love Don’t change’ is a romantic track about putting efforts in a relationship to make it durable and healthy. Jeremih explains to his girl that he still kisses her in the morning and makes her breakfast in the bed when she is still asleep. Despite him not doing ‘everything’ the girl wants, he thinks he tries his best because love doesn’t change. He knows that true love is not easy, but pleads with the girl never to leave, even though he might give reasons. ‘Our problems and the pain, but Love don’t change.’

9. ‘Impatient.’

Jeremih collaborates with Ty Dolla $ign to produce a patented falsetto in a slow jam, using soft beats. He does not want to wait till night, and he opts to talk immediately. Jeremih Knows his way well, even with the lights down. A cute girl makes him think all night, and he never gets her out of mind. Jeremih is not able to keep the eyes off her face, and cannot talk about her body because the singer has waited for long enough. The beauty with the girl makes him impatient about everything, and he can’t wait to be with her.

8. ‘Body.’

‘Body’ is a collaboration between Dreezy and Jeremih contained in the ‘About Nothing’ album. The lyrics in the song are of sexual nature. The musician tells a girl to deep herself in the liquor to allow him to pull the zipper. Some people say the song is referenced to the Kardashians, but there is no sufficient evidence to show that the track attacks them in a direct way because Jeremih sings ‘end of story baby’ immediately after mentioning ‘keep K with me like Kourtney.’ This is one of the Jeremih Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

7. ‘Don’t Tell Em.’

‘Don’t tell em’ features YG, sampling a 1992 hit song titled ‘Rhythm is a dancer.’ The song originates from the musician’s third album, and it expresses a softer side of the singer. The sampled song is familiar and continued to be a hit until today. Jeremih needs a companion because rhythm is a dancer. The companion has to be his girl. The track is a personal favorite of many fans across the globe. ‘Body like summer, don’t tell ‘em what we do.’

6. ‘All The Time.’

‘All the time’ is a controversial track, as its explicit lyrics makes it hard for it to get airtime on radios. The song, however, has some cutoff stylings and catchy beats, making it a thriller to many fans across the globe. He thinks about the girl all the time, as she is all that matters to him. The song shows that Jeremih has an excellent talent in music that fans can rely on, but he needs to reduce the explicit content in some of this songs, although many love them for their naughtiness.

5. ‘Like Me.’

The song includes Jeremih and Lil Durk, and it is a version of being romantic. They sing that the woman knows nothing about love, and she gives reasons as to why she would rather go with Lil Durk and Jeremih. The two sing about an innocent girl who does not know anything about bad boys or bosses. She does not know about foreign cars, or how much they cost.
‘Hit the club with a nigga like me, do drugs with a nigga like me, fall in love with a nigga like me, never love a nigga like me.’

4. ‘Planez.’

‘Planez’ is a track from the ‘Late Nights’ album that features J. Cole. Many versions of the song have come along, but have never displaced the track from its position. The single gets Jeremih his first nomination to the Grammy in 2016.The duo criticizes their haters, telling them that they cannot survive their fame. They sing about riding in the city and having fun right in the eyes of their haters. ‘I got you in the air, your body in the air.’ ‘How it feel up there?’

3. ‘Down On Me.’

“Down on me’ is a track from Jeremih’s second album that features 50 Cent, with the musician offering a synthesized sound. The song has upbeat backgrounds that blend with fast lyrics. The video has spotlight dancers in choreographed routines. Jeremih tells the girl that she looks physically attractive and that if she is beauty, then he is the beast (reminding her of the romantic movie titled ‘The beauty and the beast)’ ‘Girl what I want is you down on me, put it down on me.’

2. ‘Birthday Sex.’

Jeremih features in songs done by other artists for a long time, but ‘Birthday Sex’ introduces him to his fans. The song rose to position four on the Billboard and boasts of a being a platinum selling track. The video is simple than many of his others, with less choreography that assists to highlight dark lyrics as well as the vocals. The song is an anthem and a signature for the artist, many people associate him with the track.


The song is universal for having featured on an ‘Apple TV commercial.’ The song’s chorus is catchy, with many words that are easier to listen but hard to sing. ‘Qui is a love song in which he tells his girl that they cannot be called ‘we’ if she is not present. Jeremih’s sound upgrades the song and makes it exciting and romantic.’Oui’ is the best song that Jeremih produces, and we recommend him for the excellent work.

Jeremih New songs 2016-2017

1. Nobody but you

In this hot release, Jeremih sings about a girl she is madly in love with, in fact, he tells her that he is addicted to her. Jeremih sees no other hot girl in the world, none but her alone. The track is romantic.

2. ‘Take it slow (Feat. Trey Songz)

The two musicians collaborate to produce a hit partying song, ‘Take it slow.’ They sing to a girl, asking her to take things slow so that they last long. It is already a hit, less than six months since its release.

Jeremih is an excellent musician, and his success does not come on a silver plate. However, it looks like it is now his time to shine. The musician has worked on his craft and defined his signature sounds, raising his demand in the musical industry. We wish Jeremih all the best, may he grow to be greater than all the artists who continue to mentor him.

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