Jennifer Nettles Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Jennifer Nettles Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Jennifer Nettles has many talents: she was a lead singer in her band, she featured in Sugarland, acts on television as well as on Broadway, and she now makes music as her solo career. Nettles is born and brought up in Georgia, in a town known as Douglas. She discovered her talent early, as she acted on community theaters, churches, and school assemblies. We have decided to sample ten of her best songs, and here is the list.

Jennifer Nettles Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

Lost of Top 10 songs by Jennifer Nettles till 2017:

10. Enough

‘Enough’ is a very powerful duet, done in collaboration with Reba McEntire. In the track, the musician sings about somebody shared by two women. The track is both emotional and heartbreaking, as it expresses the pain felt as a result of keeping secrets. The track is composed by Emily Shackelton, Aaron Scherz, and Kelly Archer. She sings about a husband who tells her that he will be late, only to spend the entire night away. ‘But every time I think I’ve had enough, he comes around and wraps me up in love.’

9. ‘Tried Hard Enough.’

‘Tried Hard Enough’ is a track from Nettle’s album called ‘Rewind.’ She delivers the song amazingly, with her talented power. The song is a section of her band, and she releases independent albums before going to the ‘Lilith Fair.’ She sings that fear now replaces her bound and determination. She expresses deep fear in her husband because he does not see the pain in her eyes whenever she cries. ‘And I’ve tried hard enough, don’t you think I’ve tried hard enough?’

8. ‘Good Time to Cry.’

Nettles discovers that she is ‘chasing a wild goose’ at midnight when she suddenly realizes that her lover has abandoned her. She looks for a second option and gets love in a different man, but she knows that she is only filling the hole left in her heart. The song proves that Jennifer’s voice sings past country music. She sings about turning off the lights in an attempt to drown the pain, but it does not go away. She thinks that half full and half empty is just the same. ‘Make you question why; I think it’s a good time to cry.’

7. ‘You Will.’

‘You will’ is a song that talks about living each moment in life without limits. She sings about the complications associated with attempting to succeed in life. According to her, someone’s best is never best enough. She, however, thinks we should never give up but be encouraged even more. She advises people to break all the walls and doors that prevent them from reaching their goals. ‘Just never think you’ve won, and you will, and you will and you will.’

6. ‘Playing with Fire.’

Nettles tries to challenge herself with new adventures. She sings that she is bored by being good, and tired of trying to look perfect. Nettles decides to make a mess, without caring whether it offends the lover. After all, she is not attempting to impress him. Jennifer wants to flirt with her fear and dance with her desire. She decides to dress in a crazy and go down the streets, to prove to all that she cares less. ‘Wanna dance with my desire, playing with fire.’

5.’Smoke and Mirrors.’

‘Smoke in Mirrors’ is a song that this queen produced with the ‘Jennifer Nettles Band,’ as an expression of how people are capable of hiding their personalities, as looks are deceiving. She advises that it is important to take care of oneself from people until you can completely trust them. She thinks that it is easier for people to hide behind mirrors and smoke, making it hard to know their exact colors. ‘It’s more than smoke and mirrors baby.’

4. ‘His Hands.’

‘His Hands’ is a reflection of domestic violence, with two women talking about a similar man, and how they both dealt with him, as both of them once dated him. They compare the man’s hands to thunder on the skin, his hot breath, and how both of them got scared whenever he looked at them. She remembers the man approaching her and taking the phone number, and how romantic he looked by then. ‘Cause his hands fell like thunder on my skin.’

3. ‘Unlove You.’

‘Unlove you’ is the latest single from Jennifer on her upcoming solo album, and it expresses the vulnerability she had in Sugarland. The track is about her broken relationship and the effects of the same, including being unable to forget the man, and all they had done together. Jennifer wrote the song alongside her friend Clark Brandy. She sings how she could cry but pretend she is happy and laugh, all in denial. ‘Lord, I wish I knew how, but I can’t unlove you.’

2. ‘Know You Wanna Know.’

The song is about gossips, and how people all over the town want to know more about others. She sings about cheating and rumors that go around on blogs all over the internet. She sings about a married man who grooves with a girl, and people see them and spread rumors all over. Winners loose as a result of those stories. She just wants rumor mongers to understand that she is aware of them and their intentions. ‘Feel bigger when they’re small, and act like you are above it all.’ ‘Know you wanna know, know you wanna know.’

1. ‘Jealousy.’

‘Jealousy’ is a track about a lady discovering her shady side, which leads her to pour alcohol on the clothes of her love rival. The song looks at the kind of jealousy that exists in a lady after she breaks up with a man. The song is a reflection of something that occurs in relationships all the time. She tells the rival girl that she is not worth the man, but adds that she should not take the feeling individually because it is just jealousy. ‘K-k-killing me, all this jealousy.’

Jennifer Nettles New Songs 2016-2017:

1. Hey Heartbreak

Jennifer sings sleepless, telling it to leave her alone because her eyes are red and the best thing sleepless can do is get out of her bedroom. She asks heartbreak to give her the keys and blames it for her troubles, telling it never to come back again. ‘Hey heartbreak, I’m breakin’, I’m breakin’ up with you.’

2. ‘Drunk in Heels.’

Jennifer sings about her going home drunk, unable to wash the dishes or cook. She wonders whether her husband does not see the dirty dishes. She sits and thinks that it is easier to be a man than a lady. ‘When we get drunk, we do it on heels.’

Jennifer Nettles is an ambitious artist, and her shift from television acting to band singing then to a solo career shows that she is ready to do anything in the pursuit of her dreams. The musician sings about issues that affect a cross section of people such as love and heartbreaks. She sings more about matters that affect women, which is evident in her songs titled ‘Better time to Cry’ and ‘His Hands.’ We wish her well, and we also expect more music from the singing queen.

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