Jason Derulo Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Jason Derulo Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Before a majority of us came to know about Jason DeRulo, the now celebrity musician only gained credibility in the musical industry through writing and producing songs for other artists. Jason Derulo delivers his first single in 2009 titled ‘Whatcha Say.’ The musician has released over three albums. Some of those albums include ‘Talk Dirty,’ ‘Jason Derulo,’ ‘Tatoos’ and ‘Future History.’ Jason has worked with other musicians such as Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and 2Chainz. The artist has sold more than 300 million singles, and we now want you to know his ten best songs.

Jason Derulo Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 Songs by Jason Derulo of all time till 2017:

10. ‘Bubblegum.’

‘Bubblegum’ is an uptempo track in the R&B genre that features on ‘Talk Dirty.’ The record is produced by Timberland, with Tyga featuring as the rapper on the track. In the song, the duo sings about a sexy girl who also happens to be an incredible dancer. According to them, the girl has a sexy back that they call ‘a ghetto booty.’ When DeRulo decides to sing about a woman’s hot body, you can always expect the best, like what we hear in this track.

9. ‘Ridin Solo.’

‘Ridin Solo’ is a track that praises the freedom associated with being single again after breaking up with the former lover. The song contains samples from ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony,’ a record by ‘The Verve,’ despite the samples being excluded in the initial version. The song is number three in Jason DeRulo’s self-titled third album. The track is a celebration of something that people never celebrate: the fact that you have just broken up and that you are now free to do whatever you want.

8. ‘In My Head.’

‘In My Head’ is single number two from Jason Derulo’s album that is self-titled. The track tops various international charts and is a grace to the debut album. The remix of ‘In My Head’ features Nicki Minaj, the sexy songwriter, rapper, and singer. The inclusion of the female star makes the song incredible because the two musicians blend well. Listen to it, and you feel like there is nothing else ‘in your head’ except the song.

7. ‘Vertigo.’

‘Vertigo’ is a very emotional duet that features Jordin Sparks, the ‘American Idol’ alum who co-writes the track with Jason Derulo. The melodic track contains a sultry feel and apparently, does showcase the vocals of Jason DeRulo. What more would fans ask for if not a combination of the two great artists who are a favorite to millions of people across the entire world? The duo is talented, and that is the same thing they display in the track.

6. ‘Trumpets.’

‘Trumpets’ released as single three in Jason DeRulo’s Tattoos album and is also included on ‘Dirty Talk.’ The song takes position fifteen on the ‘U.S, Billboard Hot 100′ songs. Jason Derulo sings about all that goes through his head when the girl does undress. He alleges that he hears symphonies and that he wrote the song while looking at the girl. Whenever the girl leaves, Jason DeRulo hears violins because he is so obsessed with the girl.

5. ‘Wiggle.’

‘Wiggle’ is another ‘club appropriate’ tune that is upbeat and catchy. One thing that makes people love ‘Wiggle’ is its likable beat as well as the feature from the funny rapper called Snoop Dogg. The track rose to the fifth position on the ‘Billboard Hot 100′ songs. The song fails to make sense to some people, but the very reason that makes them think the record is meaningless makes it famous. In a larger part of the track, the musician says: ‘wiggle, wiggle wiggle.’This is one of the Jason Derulo Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘Marry Me.’

‘Marry Me’ is the melodic ballad that makes it to position twenty-five on the ‘U.S. Billboard Hot 100′ songs. Since the track was released in the summer of 2013, the song track has been widely used as a wedding song. Jason Derulo sings that whenever she thinks about the girl, the number that comes to him mind is one hundred and five. Those are the years that he plans to spend with his lover. He sings about waking up beside her in bed. When everything is ready, he promises to marry her.

3. ‘The Other Side.’

‘The Other Side’ features on both ‘Talk Dirty’ and ‘Tattoos.’ The track is about falling for a lady immediately after seeing her. The song becomes a playlist for parties and a fan favorite all over the world. He sings about how he never thought he would end up with the girl. However, they get closer as time goes by, and they end up falling for each other. He tells her that they will drink the whole night and have their hands over each other’s body. They will kiss and go to the other side, as they are ‘not friends anymore.’

2. ‘Whatcha Say.’

The catchy song does blend R&B and pop in an interesting way. The track is DeRulo’s first single that ever featured an artist. The track easily climbs to position one on the ‘Billboard’s Hot 100′ songs. The track boasts of a certification as a double platinum. The song starts ironically with the girl singing that DeRulo meant well, but she does that in a ridiculous way. He apologizes for cheating on his lover and tells her that lust lured him.

1. ‘Talk Dirty.’

The first single in which Jason DeRuro ever featured an artist is ‘Talk Dirty.’ The rapper Master 2Chainz gave a verse that makes the famous single complete. The track released in summer 2013 and became a chart topper in the United Kingdom as well as other countries globally. He sings that he needs no explanation because he has gone around the globe, but the girl’s sexy body needs nothing to explain, just some little understanding when she ‘talks dirty to him.’

Jason DeRulo New Songs 2017

1. ‘You Make Me.’

He sings about being out of his mind whenever he thinks about the girl. He promises to be the best man the girl can get because the girl ‘makes him cool.’ The song is incredible, and many fans love it already.

2. ‘Your Love.’

In the new song, Jason decides to sing about the sweet love that he enjoys from his girl. The romantic composition raises love feelings to anyone who listens to it; it is an absolute dedication to a loved one.

3. ‘Get Away.’

‘Get Away’ is a new release in which the musician urges a girl to walk away with him for just one night. He tells her that he is the best escape, a ‘get away’ as well as a midnight escape. He urges the girl to stay with him as he is the ‘get away.’

Jason Derulo is a musician who has come from far. The guy has a bright future ahead, and we wish him the very best. May he release more songs to his fans and may the tracks get better and better. We love you Jason DeRulo.

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