Top 10 Interesting Fairy Tales About Beauty

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Interesting Fairy Tales About Beauty 2017. Fairy tales are not often looked to for a deeper meaning, but it seems that many have a similar thread running through them. Feminine beauty. Fairy tales emphasize the ideals of feminine beauty and insert subliminal messages about what feminine beauty means. According to one scholarly article entitled “The Pervasiveness and Persistence of the Feminine Beauty Ideal in Children’s Fairy Tales,” fairy tales that subliminally suggest things about the importance of the feminine beauty ideal are more likely to survive. It’s hard to believe that in the climate that we live in now where women are more independent than ever, but it seems to be true. In this list we will look at 10 interesting fairy tales about beauty 2017. Let’s go.

List of Top 10 Interesting Fairy Tales About Beauty 2017

10. Cinderella

cinderella, Top 10 Interesting Fairy Tales About Beauty 2017

Cinderella is one of the most classic tales of beauty. It originated in France and is also called “Orianna” or “The Little Glass Slipper.” It seems that many cultures have this story, including the Chinese, which we will explore a bit later in this list. In the Brothers Grimm version, this fairy tale is much darker than Disney would lead us to believe. After her mother dies because of a plague, Cinderella (or Aschenputtel) is forced into the slavery of her new stepmother. Her stepsisters are beautiful yet cruel. The time comes for a ball and Aschenputtel wants to go. Her stepmother denies her and ultimately she goes to the graveyard where her mother is buried and asks for a dress for the ball. She’s clothed by magical forces and goes to the ball. Just like the Disney film, she dances with the Prince. After several days of meeting with the Prince, she loses one of her magical slippers. He tries for several days to find her again and ultimately arrives at her home. He tries the slipper on each of the stepsisters, both of whom cut off pieces of their feet to fit the slipper. He finds that it belongs to Aschenputtel and they get married. During their wedding, doves peck out the eyes of the stepsisters.

9. Snow White

snow white, Top 10 Interesting Fairy Tales About Beauty 2018

Snow White is a German fairy tale that was also recounted by the Brothers Grimm. In the tale, a woman asks for a beautiful daughter with ebony hair, red lips, and skin as white as snow. She is born and the woman dies. Snow White’s father married another woman who will be known as the Evil Queen. Asking her Magic Mirror, which always tells the truth, who is the fairest of them all, she finds out that Snow White is more beautiful than her. She can’t stand it. She sends for a huntsman to take Snow White into the woods and kill her. When it comes time to complete the task, the huntsman is unable. He instead brings back the heart of an animal to the Evil Queen. Snow White goes to live with the Seven Dwarfs and the Queen believes she is dead. She then asks her Magic Mirror who is now the fairest in the land, it replies that it is still Snow White. Enraged, she devises several plans to trick and kill Snow White, but each of them fail as Snow White is revived by her new family, the Seven Dwarfs. Finally, the Queen successfully poisons Snow White with an apple. She falls into a death-like state and is only revived when a handsome Prince removes her from her casket in the woods. They are married and the Queen dies in a fit of rage when she finds out that Snow White will be a queen.

8. Sleeping Beauty

sleeping beauty, Top 10 Interesting Fairy Tales About Beauty 2019

In this tale, a beautiful princess is cursed when she is born by an old fairy. The fairy says that the princess will prick her finger on a needle at age 17 and fall into a deep sleep for 100 years. It comes to pass despite her family’s best efforts to keep it from coming true. Sleeping Beauty does indeed sleep for 100 years. She is rescued at last when the prophecy is fulfilled that a handsome prince will wake her with a kiss. Upon waking, she asks if it is him, her prince that she has waited so long for. They end up marrying and living happily ever after.

7. Beauty and the Beast

beauty-and-the-beast, Top 10 Interesting Fairy Tales About Beauty

In this French tale, a beautiful girl is traded by her father to a horrible beast. She goes to live with him where invisible servants tend to her every whim. She gets to know the beast and he begins to fall in love with her. Another tale with a magic mirror, Beauty escapes and looks back at the castle in her mirror. She sees that the beast is dying of heartbreak. She realizes that she loves the beast and returns. She weeps over his body and her tears turn him back into the handsome prince that he was before he was cursed. Beauty and the Beast then live happily ever after.This is one of Top 10 Interesting Fairy Tales About Beauty 2017.

6. Vasilisa the Fair


In the Russian tale of Vasilisa the Fair, a little girl is orphaned and she has to live with her evil stepmother and stepsisters. The stepmother sends her away to visit Baba Yaga to get fire to bring back for the family. After a trek through the woods, Vasilisa meets three riders who represent the different times of day (dawn—white, high noon—red, and night—black). At Baba Yaga’s house, Vasilisa is put to work, but through her sewing skills, she wins the heart of the tsar, who winds up falling in love with her.

5. Yeh-hsien, the Chinese Cinderella


Just like the Grimms’ fairy tale of Cinderella, Yeh-hsien’s tale is based on beauty. The young girl lives with her evil stepmother and stepsisters. She is befriended by a tiny golden fish in some stories and in “Beauty and Pock Face” she is befriended by a yellow cow that is the reincarnation of her mother. In both versions, the girl’s stepmother kills her friendly pet and Yeh-hsien keeps the bones. The bones provide her with comfort and in a rage she smashes them, turning them into a carriage with horses. She goes to a ball where she meets a charming man of wealth. She loses her shoe, just like the other Cinderella. She must compete in several contest’s for the gentleman’s heart alongside her stepsisters. Ultimately, they perish and she wins.

4. The Little Mermaid


This tale is darker than the Disney version. In the actual fairy tale, the Little Mermaid desires to be a beautiful human. After drinking a potion, she becomes human and falls in love with a prince. The prince falls in love with her, too, but marries another. The Little Mermaid is given a knife by her sisters with which she is to kill the prince. She is unable and ultimately falls back into the water and ascends into the heavens. In this version, the Little Mermaid dies at the end.

3. Alice in Wonderland


This is a more modern fairy tale about a beautiful little girl who falls down a rabbit hole. In Wonderland, she finds herself surrounded by strange and wonderful people and creatures. There is an Evil Queen that Alice must help the kingdom to defeat. When her journey is over, she awakes to find that it was all a dream.

2. The Emperor’s New Clothes


In this fairy tale, beauty is emphasized, but not for a young girl. Instead it is for a male Emperor. He desires to be the most fashionable in all the land and is tricked by two tailors. They give him invisible clothes, telling him they are the most beautiful clothes made from expensive fabrics, though they are invisible. In fact, there are no clothes and the Emperor humiliates himself by parading naked through his kingdom.

1. Little Red Riding Hood


There are a couple of versions of this tale. The most widely known ends quite happily. Little Red Riding Hood goes through the woods to deliver food to her sick grandmother. On her way, she meets a wolf that distracts her by telling her to pick flowers. He finds out that she’s on the way to her grandmother’s house and goes to the house. Pretending to be Little Red Riding hood, he eats the grandmother. Once Little Red Riding Hood arrives at the house, she is greeted by the wolf pretending to be her grandmother. He eats her up, too. A hunter comes by and he ends up killing the wolf and saving both Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. In another version, the tale ends after Little Red Riding Hood is eaten, cautioning little girls to not trust strangers.

These are the Top 10 Interesting Fairy Tales About Beauty 2017. Although all of these tales have different morals, the theme that ties them together is the ideal of feminine beauty. Whether it is to caution young and beautiful girls about the attention of strangers, or to tell them to be themselves and not try to be something they are not, they all will remain classics.