Top 10 Most Humorous Jokers In The World of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Humorous Jokers In The World of all time till 2017. Jokes are good because they make us laugh and forget life stress. This is why jokers are important in the society. They are crack jokes which leave people’s ribs aching. There are many jokers in the world. Even though there is no specific parameter for rating jokers, there are those that are known for the exceedingly humorous jokes. You can’t help laughing regardless of whether you are bored or not. Some of them have funny faces that will make you begin to laugh even before they make any utterance. You are probably interested in knowing some of the most humorous jokers in the world. Just relax. Here is a list of top 10 most humorous jokers in the world of all time till 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Humorous Jokers In The World of all time till 2017

10. Louis. C.K

louis-c-k-, Top 10 Most Humorous Jokers 2017

This interesting joker is known for his exemplary performance when cracking jokes on stage. He is very creative and takes advantage of the situation to create new jokes that usually send the audience into laughter. He is liked by many fans because of his honesty. Even though he has a frank attitude on stage, some people consider him bitter. His jokes mainly revolve around kids. Some people believe that he hates kids because his jokes speak negative things about children. Nevertheless, he is a great comedian whose jokes will stand a test of time.

9. Dennis Leary

dennis leary, World's Top 10 Most Humorous Jokers 2018

He started his career in comedy as a stand up comedian. He would live many people laughing uncontrollably. His game is still up and many people admire his unique jokes. He has performed in different places in the world. Thanks to his irresistible jokes. He is extremely humorous and this has earned him not only fame but also good money. He is currently working in a number of TV shows as a comedian.

8.Robbin Williams


During his time as a comedian, Robbin’s shows were full of energy. He would drive his fans insane. He was very talented. He had the exceptional ability to crack several jokes within a short period of time. This would leave his fans laughing non-stop. He is regarded as one of the best stand up comedians. His extraordinary ability made him popular in the comedy industry. He later on began acting movies and eventually quit comedy.

7.Rodney Dangerfield


Even though retired from comedy, Rodney will still be remembered as the most humorous comedian the world has ever had. He was so gifted and would crack funny jokes at perfect times . His stage performance was outstanding. He inspired many talents. Most of the people he insipired are now comedians. He was maestro in stand up comedy.

6. Steve Martins


His comedy mainly featured great pick up lines. This would send the audience in continous laughter. The most impressive thing about Steve Martins is that he was very versatile. Unlike other comedians who mainly concentrated on cracking jokes, Steve Martins could also sing besides making rib-cracking jokes. He was and is still adored by many comedy enthusiasts.

5. Eddie Murphy


During his time as an active comedian, Eddie Murphy was fond of impersonating famous personalities. This made him stand out from other comedians. He is also known for his super stage performance that leaves many fans wanting more. He later on ventured in acting. Many people still remember him as a very humorous comedian. He is dearly missed in the comedy industry. He is one of the world’s most Humorous Jokers in 2017.

4. Lenny Bruce


He was the Most Humorous Jokers in The World of All Time. Bruce shook the comedy industry, taking it to another level. He will be remembered forever for his immense contribution in comedy. He was however contraversial and this landed him in jail. His choice of topics was awesome.

3. George Carlin


He had his own style of making people smile. He was loved because of this. In his comedy, he would make people laugh at the top of their voices by prophesizing about dooms day. He was very pessimistic and liked talking about wars and how it helps to eliminate human beings from the face of the earth.

2. Richard Pryor


His jokes revolved around demons inside people. He also talked about how different human races relate. People liked him because of his versatility. He had the ability to crack jokes on virtually anything that came in his mind. His fame spread like wildfire. He however began to use drugs such as cocaine and this negatively affected his comedy career. His jokes were inspired by personal issues. He is one of the most humorous jokers in the comedy industry.

1. Bill Hicks


Bill Hicks likes pointing at people when cracking jokes on stage. His interest is to see people deviate their attention from this commerce dominated world. His wish has always been to see a world where people share love instead of focusing on business. He cracks very funny jokes that usually leave the audience yelling for more. He is urguably the most humorous jokers in the comedy industry.

The above are the top 10 most humorous jokers in the world of all time till 2017. Some are still active while others have already retired from the comedy industry. But their rib cracking jokes makes them relevant up to day. If you watch their performance, you shall surely laugh your ribs off.