Top 10 Hottest Nicki Minaj Music Videos All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Hottest Nicki Minaj Music Videos All Time till 2017. Nicki Minaj is the best rated female rapper of all times and the videos she produce rapping are just the best. Blending rapping with sexy videos brings out hot videos that have most views on YouTube and are selling highly to all kind of people. Nicki Minaj is known to collaborate with the best rappers in the business like Lil Wayne to bring out the best video of all times.

Top 10 Hottest Nicki Minaj Music Videos all time

This Trinidadian born Rapper has had various Awards to confirm the quality of the videos she has produced. She has 68 entries into the Billboard chart which are the most entries for female rapper; also she has had twelve top ten singles in her career making her the most successful among female rappers. She has produced three albums and numerous singles that have been a hit. Below is the list of her top ten hottest music videos of all times.

List of Top 10 Hottest Nicki Minaj Music Videos All Time till 2017

10. High School

This music video features Lil Wayne, Birdman and Emilio Rivera and was directed by Benny Boom. It was shot in 2013 and received about 76 million views on YouTube. In this video Nicki is portrayed to being in an affair with Lil Wayne. What makes this video is of how Nicki is dressed in a hot pink bikini in a pool. This song was loved by many of her fans. Though it had so many views critics never miss as that is their only job.

9. Stupid Hoe

This video was directed by Hype Williams and had a view of about 84 million viewers and it had 4.8 million views within one day after being uploaded to VEVO. It features Nicki is some colorful colors on her body and lips that are blended with some animated form of Nicki Minaj. This video is one of her hottest videos because even it is in animation form its still hot.

8. The Boys

This is video collaboration between Minaj and Cassie. It had 75 million views because of its awesome scenes. There is one thing that seems common on all of her videos there is the color pink which we can conclude to being her favorite color. In this video Nicki is seen driving in a pink car and some men dance with her in pink Short suits and are carrying pink umbrellas. She is also dressed in a gold outfit dancing in a room painted pink and white. Pink is the hottest color in Nicki’s videos.

7. Pills N Potions

In this particular video Nicki is not fully o all her make ups, she is just simply dressed in his video. The piano starting in the video matches well with her rapping and this is quite a hot video. In this rapping Nicki is singing love and how it should be shown under all conditions even in hard times. Who thought Nicki would produce a video music without so much noises like other of her videos.

6. Moment 4 Life

This video had more than 100 million views, simply because of its outstanding scenes of Nicki getting married to Drake. Even its title describes the scenes in this video since a wedding is one moment that cannot be forgotten for life. All the scenes portray the situation that happens before and during a wedding which was awesome. One statement in this video that makes it hot is how Nicki refers herself as King. This is one of Top 10 Hottest Nicki Minaj Music Videos All Time till 2017.

5. Beez in the Trap

In this music video Nicki features 2 Chains. It is explicit in nature with the dancers in G-string that seems to explain the high number of views of 120 million viewers on YouTube channels and VEVO. The video is a club where Nicki is dressed in Bikini and has green hair. Her leopard skin outfit which is seen from scenes shot on her back makes the video even more sexy and hot.

4. Pound the Alarm

All videos directed by Benny Boom just like Beez in the Trap and these particular videos are all hot and catchy to the eyes of Nicki’s fans. This particular video was shot in Trinidad and Tobago Nicki’s ancestral home. It had 121 million views which is contributed by the sexy outfit Nicki is on of hot pants and rhinestones bras. She is dancing with other dancers with more sexy and revealing outfits in a scene that looks like a festival.

3. Starships

‘starships are meant to fly…” this is the words that you will not miss to hear several times even if you play the video on low volume. This was one of Nicki’s best-selling singles from her album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. This video was shot in the destination country Hawaii where Nicki is dressed in some revealing bikinis of her all-time favorite color pink. It had 196 million views simply because Nicki had some revealing outfits and shirtless male dancers.

2. Anaconda

This video is titled after a very famous big snake. Seems Nicki it would be a big hit that why she choose the title Anaconda. It is the highest-charting single in the United States and it has more than 320 million views within three months of its release. It was nominated for the best rap song in the 57th Annual Grammy Award. Yah it is a big music video just like the name of its title Anaconda. It has scenes of young beauties dressed in black bikini and even the integration of some colored fruits makes the video even more hot and catchy.

1. Super Bass

At number 1 in this list is the all-time Nicki’s hit Super Bass. It had almost half a billion views on VEVO or 422,083,995 views to be exact. It is the best-selling singles ever produced by Nicki. The director behind this incredible video is Sanna Hamri female music video director with a reputation of producing hit music videos.
Nicki is seen in her pink hair with the shirtless men dancer making the video very hot and attractive to the eyes making people to view the videos again and again. It won the Best Hip-Hop Video at the MTV Music Awards.

These are the Top 10 Hottest Nicki Minaj Music Videos All Time till 2017.  Nicki Minaj is the best female rated Rapper whose success in producing hot ‘pinky’ music has had her winning several awards and nominations to the Grammies. She has been producing more and more of her awesome, sexy and hot videos each time she hits the screens with a new song.