Top 10 Hollywood Films From Different Genres

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 best Hollywood Films From Different Genres till 2017. Hollywood is a movies industry which is popular in the world. Over many decades, they have done the production of iconic movies in various genres. Their films are at the top. Many of the Hollywood movies are classics. A film becomes a classic when it appeals to all people from when it is made up to time. They can also be reflect by their financial success. Greatest films are not measured scientifically since their greatness is subjective. Hollywood production is of history and full of unforgettable moments. A film genre is a picture based on similarities in their emotional response and the narrative element.

List of Top 10 Hollywood Films From Different Genres till 2017

10. Romantic comedy: City Lights


This film was first shown on January 1931 to the audience. The movie’s premise is that of Tramp who fell in love with a blind girl. This tale of blind life presents tramp as a character. He was homeless wearing a baggy pant and large shoes. The theme of this classic film is on the consequences that can result from suffering. This is one of the movies that are a silent film. It is the one that sounds like starting a flight in the industry of music. It is a film of many years but greatest of all times. City lights are the best of Charlie Chaplin. He preferred a silent art.

09. Sports: Raging Bull

Sports Raging Bull Top Popular Hollywood Films From Different Genres 2018

This is a tramid tragedy that is based on a real life story of a middle weight boxing champion who struggle to0 achieve this goal. He passed through successful stages of self disintegration and punishment. It is the 1980 biopic where Jake La Motta is shot in black and white. These classic film stars Robert De Niro with a lot of self destruction traits.De Niro’s performance was given praise that enabled him to win an Oscar. When this movie came out, it had reviews which were mixed. This resulted from the movie’s violentness.It is now considered as the magnum opus of scorceess.The source of this Hollywood film is the

08. Western: The Searchers


This is a classic Hollywood film that is done by Alan le May. John Wayne is featured to play a role that was central. He played a role of a civil war veteran who was searching for his niece who was abducted. He got assistance from War bond Jeffrey Huner who played the roles of the other characters. This film is complex with nuanced themes which include individualism and racism. It is a meandering tale that examines the innermost turmoil of fiercely independence. The film received many responses from critics but by now, it is regarded as the great classic of the Hollywood films.

07. 2001: A space Disney

2001 A space Disney Top 10 Hollywood Films From Different Genres 2017

This is a science fiction classic that involves exploration. It was released at a space race between USSR and USA.It was a wonder at its release time. It is one of the greatest films. It is a short story from Arthuric Clarke and is directed by craftsman. The movie is intelligent and it keeps the audience thinking on the whole story. The film aimed in showing the human evolution.

06. Fantasy: The wizard of Oz


This is a Hollywood classic film that has no surprise on wizard of Oz.It is a classic which is number one in the department of fantasy. It received many positive views. It is a film which was considered on UNESCO’s memories in the register of the world. This was because of its popularity. The plot of this film is condensed well. It is tales where Kansas farm girl dream of a better place. With no torment on her dog, she plans to run away.

05. Horror: Psycho


This is a film which was directed by Afred Hitchiok.The long queue that the film took was a popularity testament. Psycho was based on Robert Bloch’s novel. He was assisted by Janet Leigh, John Garin and Vera mikes. In the film, the shower murder is a scene which is among the famous ones. The scene created a showerphobia among many people.

04. Mystery: Vertigo

Mystery Vertigo Top Best Hollywood Films From Different Genres 2019

This is a master piece which was made by Alfred Hitchcok, the director. The movie was based on Dentire book in which he tells the story of a man who was dramatizing things which involved suicide. The whole work is mesmerizing suspense which is doomed on romance. This film spawned themes like obsession.

03. War: Apocalypse

War Apocalypse Top Famous Hollywood Films From Different Genres 2017

This is a film which is inspired by Joseph Conrad. This film was set during the Vietnam War. It is done by Francis Ford Coppola.It has a cast that includes actors like Martin Sheen Robert Duralo and Albert Hall. It narrates a story of the US officer who was assigned to kill an officer who had gone renegad.It is a film that won Palm d’or at the Cannes.

02. Gangster: The Godfather

Gangster The Godfather Top Most Hollywood Films From Different Genres 2018

This is a movie that saw many paraddies.This made it to be the legendary movie. It was done by Francis Ford Copppola.Gangster is a genre that has work which is defined. It is a movie which is known by everybody. The film has two documented stories on the corleone family. Marlon Brando’s portrayal is the iconic acting performance which is there to stay

1. Thriller: Silence of the lambs


This is the film that led to the win of the big 5 academy. It is directed by Jonathan Demme.On it’s starring, there was Anthony Hopkins who played the psychiatric.Foste played the role of the Hannibal lecter who was consulted by the FBI agent.

Hollywood has done their best to produce films which are great. They are all legends with an increased popularity. They have several lessons that people can learn. You need to watch all these films.