Top 10 Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries of all time till 2017. Over the years people have wanted to know more about the environment around us. This being the wildlife and the plants in the wild. More documentaries and channels dedicated to the wildlife and understanding the wild have come up and more are expected to come up to as time goes by. Well this is good as we keep getting to know the livelihood of these animals and their homes. As we learn about them, there is also the aspect of understanding their threat to us and how we can keep away from the. Also we get to know which are the most dangerous and so forth.

List of the world’s Top 10 Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries of all time till 2017

10. Blackfish

Blackfish Top 10 Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries 2017

This documentary by Gabriela Cowperthwaite is a book on animals in captivity. This book has taken into account the safety measures of keeping a wild animal in lock up and how this can be bad once the animal decides to become wild and that the humans around are enemies. It takes a closer look at the orca Tilikum in Orlando USA. This creature has ended the lives of 3people including Dawn Brancheau, the trainer. This documentary is one of a kind and it unfolds like a thriller.

9. Winged Migration


This documentary is on the movements of birds. It is basically on birds that migrated in groups. Well in many places in the world, such birds are used to tell the onset of different seasons. This documentary looks at the lives of different birds around the year. Well to many it might seem like something trivial but it is such a good thing to get up close with the birds and get to see just how fascinating they are.

8. Galapagos: Realm of Giant sharks


This is about a small island that has a very large population of sharks around it. this documentary is by a group of scientists that sought to determine why an island of 1 square kilometer is size attracts such a large population of sharks and basically the sharks as a whole. The sharks featured here are the whale sharks which is the largest shark on earth. This documentary has been described by some as the real life Jurassic park situation.

7. The Last Giant.


There are many times we have seen people fight for the preservation of wildlife and their environment. This documentary is no different. It is about a woman who stood up for the sake of whales. This woman stood up to ensure these great ocean beasts were preserved and protected from any threat to them whatsoever. This documentary is based on the Strait of Gibraltar. This documentary is written and directed by Daniele Grieco.

6. Wild Discovery.

Wild Discovery Top Most Popular Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries 2019

It was aired on the Discovery channel from 1995 to 2002. Actually some of its re-runs are still aired in the same channel even to date. This show featured all the animals from all over the world up and including even the Serengeti and the brazil rain forests. This show basically shows the lives and the daily routines of the various animals in the different parts of the world including how they cope with the different weather factors facing them.

5. Nature


One of the most watched wildlife documentaries of all time till 2017. This documentary is based on the lives of different animals around the world. This program is aired weekly for an hour. This program has been nominated and won the same number of Emmys over the years. This program started being aired in 1988. This program looks into the different effects of the environment to the behaviours of these animals.

4. Shark attacks

Shark attacks Top Popular Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries 2018

There are many instances that people have heard of shark attacks on humans. But just how serious is this threat? How dangerous are these sharks? This documentary seeks to bring the knowledge of the gravity of this matter to people. This documentary shows the eating habits and predatory behaviors of these animals. It also shows them in their natural habitat and just how much they will go to get their meal. Apart from that there is a lot of education of the different species of these animals in the world. There are about 400 of them

3. The crocodile Hunter

The crocodile Hunter Top Best Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries 2018

This show by Steve Irwin and his wife Terri Irwin, is an unconventional show on the wildlife. It is specifically on the crocodile and just how dangerous it is. Apart from that this show also shows man’s interaction with this beast and man actually hunting it. This show has been aired on Animal Planet.

2. Life of Mammals.

Life of Mammals Top Most Highest Rated Wildlife Documentaries 2017

A documentary that is very comprehensive on the history and the loves of different mammals on the face of the earth. There are about 10 episodes where each loos at a different specific mammal. This documentary is based on understanding the evolution and the current lives of these animals and maybe what the future hold for the

1. Living amongst gorillas


This is a story of a person who has gone through the jungle of Central African Republic and has been in the habitat of about 3000 silverback Makumbas. He and others of his team of ingenious trackers studies the lives and characters of these animals.

These world’s best Wildlife documentaries of all time till 2017 have been one of the major source of education on what is going on in the wild for most of the people at home. They have in the recent past increased in number.