Hank Williams Top 10 Songs of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Hank Williams Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time. If there ever existed an iconic country artist who entertained people all the time, that must be Hank Williams. The gentleman is a brilliant songwriter, singer and country dancer whose career spanned for only six years during the center of the 20th Century. Country music fans wake up one morning to the news of Hank William’s demise, on the New Year’s Day in the year 1953 at the age of only 29 years. However, the artist had recorded dozens of incredible tracks, but we have ten of the finest in the below list. The tracks are co-written or written by Hank Williams, have a look.

Hank Williams Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of top 10 Hank Williams songs of all time

10. ‘Ramblin Man.’

‘Ramblin Man’ is a track released by Hank Williams in 1951. In the entire musical career of Hank Williams, the musician records many singles in an alter ego known as ‘Luke the Drifter’ who delivers parables and spoken word recitations. The song is an exceptional record because Hank stretches words and stitches forth and back between his lower and upper registers. The song also has a rambling key, which makes it one of his few records with the same theme.

9. ‘Move It On Over.’

The 1947 song is the first hit by Hank Williams that contains everything that Hank Williams does best including self-deprecating lyrics and humor. In the track, the musician’s wife locks him outside the home because he comes home late. Hank Williams has, therefore, no option but to sleep in the dog’s pen outside. The song has an insistent beat and a catchy chorus.

8. ‘Kaw-Liga’ -1953

‘Kaw-Liga,’ a track released in 1953 is William’s first hit in his post humor era that also happens to be one of his best, having topped ‘country music charts’ for over fourteen weeks. The song is not about a heartbreak experienced by Hank Williams himself but by Kaw-Liga, an antique of an Indian made of wood that exists in a store. The man’s object of affection happens to be a female statue that is later bought by a certain customer.

7. ‘Honky Tonk Blues’-1952

Hank Williams and his incredible producer called Fred Rose happen to make many stabs at this track throughout the years. However, the duo never came up with a hit that pleased all fans until early in 1952. The track expresses weariness with the honky tonk lifestyle that is coupled with hard partying and also happens to be a position one hit song for Charley Pride the year 1980.

6. ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’-1949′

‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’ is originally written as a ‘Luke the Drifter’ record in the form of spoken word. However, Hank Williams decides to sing it, and the results of the same are incredible. The song is Hank William’s best as well as a personal favorite that also happens to be a side B to ‘My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It.’ The song is an excellent performer in various charts and is covered by many other musicians who score well on it, including Terry Bradshaw.

5. ‘Hey Good Lookin- 1951

‘Hey, Good Looking’ is an upbeat tune originally written by Hank Williams to ‘Little Jimmie Dickens,’ after which the musician changes his mind and decides to keep the same for himself. Cole Porter had also written a track with that same title some ten years ago, but many people know that expression belongs to Hank Williams, and as such, they associate the song with him. The song propels the career of Hank Williams.This is one of the Hank Williams Top 10 Songs of All Time.

4. ‘I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive’- 1952

The song is a hit that rocked most shortly before Hank William died. It looks like the track would be the last in the specialty of the great musician. He sings that it is hard for him to believe that bad luck always haunts him, despite him doing the best that he can in life. The musician negotiates an unwieldy title, something that displays his skills as a writer. The song’s title is weird at first look, but it is real when you think about it, as no one will leave the world alive.

3. ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart’- 1953

The song released in 1953 as a side b for ‘Kaw-Liga’ and made it to position one on various charts, which makes the same a signature for Hank Williams. Various artists cover the stirring ballad, but what many fans fail to understand is the fact that the lyrics are directed to Hank William’s former wife called Audrey. Don’t you think the record is a beautiful breakup song? It must be one, especially when your previous lover had a ‘cheating heart.’

2. ‘Alone and Forsaken’-1949

‘Alone and Forsaken’ is a track that never released during Hank Williams’ lifetime. The record is a stark three-minute demo hat features Hank Williams and his guitar alone, something that makes ‘I’m so lonesome I could cry’ look too florid. The track is recorded by the ‘Postpunk’ and ‘proto-alt-country band’ also called the ‘Mekons,’ something that was done in 1986.

1. ‘I Saw the Light’-1947

‘I Saw the Light’ is Hank Williams’ most ebullient record ever performed. The song contains relieved exultations of a wicked person who is now saved and born again. Even the fans who are not religious have no option but to succumb to the melody that is so buoyant. The title is adaptable to all kinds of personal breakthroughs, whether secular or sacred. The song is the best; you will confirm that it is so sweet, especially the melody.

These are the Hank Williams Top 10 Songs of All Time. Hank Williams is a talented artist, or how else would you explain a musician whose songs have been done by several other artists many years after he died. Have you ever imagined how country music would be had Hank Williams not died at the age of 29 years? Maybe he would be more than Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Patron, or maybe country music would be the best genre. All the same, may his soul rest in eternal peace. We love you Hank Williams, and we will always love you.

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