Top 10 Greatest Women Centric TV Shows of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Greatest Women Centric TV Shows of All Time till 2017. Females have come a long way since women started to gain their equal rights during the 20th century. They are now involved in the workforce, politics and entertainment. As a matter of fact, some of the best shows on television are about female characters and their amazing lives, talents and sex appeal.

The following top 10 greatest women centric TV shows will be outlined here to showcase some of the best female talent on television. Many of the shows on the list are no longer being aired but the reruns are just as good. Now, let’s take a look at this list.

List of Top 10 Greatest Women Centric TV Shows of All Time till 2017

10. Lost Girl

Lost Girl Top Most Popular Greatest Women Centric TV Shows 2018

Lost Girl first aired in 2010 and it is a supernatural drama from Canada. While Canadian television is not a big thing with American audiences; there are some shows that manage to infiltrate the states and make an impact. Lost Girl was one of those shows.

When Lost Girl aired it was critically acclaimed and the audiences loved it. The central character was named Bo Dennis and she had an unusual ability. She could feed on the sexual energy of other people. This premise alone is what has helped to make the show a big hit with the masses. Bo was also bisexual and this element helped to make the show very modern and in tune with many modern American lifestyles.

9. Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time Top Famous Greatest Women Centric TV Shows 2019

Once upon a Time was an unusual show but it was very original. It was an American television series that focused on a fairy tale drama in modern times. The program was set in Storybrooke which is an updated American seaside town that is cursed by an evil queen. Apparently, this evil ruler has doomed fairybook characters to live in Storybrooke outside of their element.

Emma Swan is the heroine in this show and she battles against the evil queen and her dark forces to uncover the truth. This show received good ratings and reviews and has been put on this list because of all the female empowering characters that play a role in this drama. Once upon a Time debuted in 2011.

8. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Top Greatest Women Centric TV Shows 2017

Buffy used to be a normal girl who cheered for high school and who hung out with her friends. However, when a vampire invasion took over her city she was called upon by a descendent of Van Helsing to fight against the blood sucking savages. Then, her series was born.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was originally a movie that turned into a cult television show with a huge following. Sarah Michelle Gellar played the role of Buffy and she was hot blonde bombshell with great combat skills and vampire fighting abilities. Many people like Gellar’s character because she was tuff, hardcore, smart and of course, very pretty. Buffy was the complete package and people tuned in to every episode to support this fact.

7. The 100


The television show 100 was about a Nuclear War that wiped out all life on Earth. It is 97 years after this fateful event and the only people alive are juvenile criminals who are sent from space out into the world to figure out if life can still exist on the planet. However, the juveniles are given free will to do as they please and then things get pretty interesting.

Some of the lead characters on the show were bisexual or gay. This included the females who appeared on the program. Many people from the LBGTQ community faithfully watched this program to view these individuals as they struggled to find a new life on Earth. They were really upset about the death of a fan favorite named Lexa. She was a bisexual female and very popular. This show was groundbreaking and had the first bisexual lead for a Cartoon Network Television Show.

6. Carmilla

Carmilla Top Most Famous Greatest Women Centric TV Shows 2018

Carmilla is a mysterious woman who is linked to the disappearance of many women. She attends a fictional university called Silas that is located inside of Austria. Carmilla becomes friends (and a roommate) to a female named Laura.

Laura is studying to become a journalist and is trying to figure out what has happened to all of the women that are vanishing form the campus. However, Carmilla is devious, brooding and just downright evil.

Fans like this show and they like the characters on them. The women are strong actresses with more than pretty looks to get them by. There are also plenty of bisexual and lesbian characters on the program the LGBTQ community have praised. This show debuted in 2014 and had a strong following when it was on air.

5. Outlander


Outlander was a British-American drama series based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon. The program is about a woman named Claire Randall. She is a World War II nurse that somehow slips through time to find herself in the Scottish Highlands during the late 18th century.

Randall has to adjust to her new life in this era while trying to find her way back home. This lead character finds love, battles foes and learns the way of the Scottish people. Many people tuned in to watch her every week and they loved her. The show received a People’s choice award and the Critic’s Choice Television Award for its work. This is one of the Top 10 Greatest Women Centric TV Shows of All Time till 2017.

4. Agent Carter

Agent Carter Top 10 Greatest Women Centric TV Shows 2017

Peggy Carter was the leading figure on the Agent Carter Women program that aired back in 2015. Agent Carter is a part of the Marvel Comics Universe and her character has been featured in the Captain American and Avenger films.

In her show, Carter has to save the world from evil forces while facing sexism and other anti-female issues that were present in the 1940s. Many people liked the show because Carter is fun, heroic, flirty, pretty and very trendy.

3. Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black Top Popular Greatest Women Centric TV Shows 2019

Orange is the New Black premiered in 2013 and has become an international sensation. The show is based off of a woman named Piper Kerman and her time in prison for a year. The heroine on the show is Piper Chapman (played brilliantly by Taylor Schilling) who is sent to jail for a past crime.

During her time in jail she encounters many different women from various walks of life. This program won numerous awards and has helped to make many of the actresses on the program a household name. Many females who followed the show really liked the portrayal of the women behind bars.

2. The Legend of Korra


The Legend of Korra is a cartoon show aimed at kids but more suited for young adults. This show is a follow up series to the Last Airbender. Ang has passed away and now his descendent Korra has become the next Airbender. She is learning how to use her new powers and discovering who she is during the process.

Korra’s character was given high regard because she is positive, strong and very open about her sexuality. Yes, Korra was bisexual but the show’s directors decided to keep her from coming out until the end of the series.

Many people who watched the show suspected that Korra was gay but could not prove it. In the last show of the series everything came out in the open. The fans were hyped up about what had happened. The Legend of Korra won numerous awards while it was on air.

1. Orphan Black

Orphan Black Top 10 Greatest Women Centric TV Shows

Another popular Canadian show that featured a strong female lead was Orphan Black. This show was about a street girl named Sarah Manning who was dealing with a disturbing past life. After she sees another woman commit suicide she is totally shocked.

The woman that kills herself looks exactly like Manning who assumes the dead woman’s identity and takes on her lifestyle. The woman who killed herself was rich but had other dangerous problems. Once Manning gets involved in the lady’s life she quickly discovers that she should have left her alone. This show was given many numerous awards and critical praise.

These are the Top 10 Greatest Women Centric TV Shows of All Time till 2017. Female based shows are empowering for women and very progressive. They connect with many women (and men) from contemporary life. People will usually tune in to watch their struggles, triumphs and accomplishments and to enjoy everything they have to offer.