Top 10 Game Animals That Entertain The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Game Animals That Entertain The World 2017. Humans have always been attracted to watching animals perform. Some do this by visiting them at the zoo or just keeping them in their home as pets. These creatures benefit us by either being on display or being part of our family in so many ways. Game animals bring a whole new world of entertainment to us as we watch them perform in sports. Animals have proven themselves for hundreds of years as being some of the best entertainers and there are some that are more versatile with natural attitudes that have gotten attached to the entertainment world. These are the top 10 game animals that entertain the world.

List of Top 10 Game Animals That Entertain The World 2017

10. Horses

horses, Top 10 Game Animals That Entertain The World 2018

Horses running full pace at a horse race are often more entertaining than a car race. They provide you with a gorgeous view as they thunder around the track at their incredible sleek pace. The crowd goes wild around you as the horses try and outrun each other in one of the fastest paced sports out there. This is one of the most ancient sports also in a way to determine which of the horses is the fastest over a set course or distance. The sport has remained much the same without changes since the early times.

9. White Tiger

white tiger, Top 10 Game Animals That Entertain The World 2017

Montecore the white tiger was a legendary and popular Las Vegas show animal appearing with his handler Roy Horn on stage. The show ended in 2003 when Montecore attacked Roy on stage. Roy Horn felt that Montecore was not attacking him, but rather trying to rescue him as he feels the tiger sensed Horn was having a mini-stroke. Animal experts dispute that theory as the tiger injured Horn seriously when it grabbed him by the throat. This attack ended the career of Horn and his magic stage shows which used; tigers, lions, and elephants. He became somewhat handicapped after what he refers to as a rescue and experts call an attack. Montecore’s fame made the entire class of white tigers famous and crowds love seeing them on display in zoos.

8. Greyhounds

greyhounds, Top 10 Game Animals That Entertain The World 2017

In the late 20th century the sport of greyhound racing began. This was started mainly because of the incredible speed of the breed and how entertaining it is to watch them compete. It has now become an organised and competitive sport where the dogs are raced around an oval track. To increase the dog’s speed, a lure travels ahead of them on a rail until the dogs cross the finish line. Most countries run greyhound racing as an amateur sport and mostly just for viewer’s entertainment. There are some countries such as; Australia, Spain, UK, and Mexico that use greyhound races as part of the gambling industry.

7. Whales

whales, Top 10 Game Animals That Entertain The World 2017-2018

Whales were never famous until the star, Keiko from Free Willy hit the big screen. This famous animal was in several Hollywood movies and is now the most famous animal star in the world. Before Keiko, there were no big animals or mammals with so much popularity in the film industry. His name means, Lucky One in Japanese and he gained his fame in the movie Free Willy which was filmed in an effort to find him a better-suited home. Between donations from the film and other donators, an estimated $7 million was raised to help Keiko regain his health and return him to the wild.

6. Jumbo


Jumbo was a circus elephant from Sudan who was taken as an infant after hunters killed his mother. He was exported to France and from there to a London Zoo. P.T. Barnum purchased him from the London Zoo and brought him to America for exhibition. There was a lot of objection to this sale and thousands of school children wrote to the Queen begging her not to allow Jumbo to be sold. The protest was not successful and Barnum exhibited him at Madison Square Garden where he earned enough money to cover Barnum’s expenses in buying him. He was reported to be the most pleasing animal in the circus and today elephants can be found everywhere the circus appears and other shows. This is one of the Top 10 Game Animals That Entertain The World 2017.

5. Congo


Congo was a famous chimpanzee who learned how to paint and draw. When offered a pencil and paper at the age of two he first displayed his ability to draw. At the age of four, he had already created more than 400 drawings and paintings. Congo’s method of art was considered, Lyrical Abstract Impressionism. Congo displayed an incredible ability and had a basic sense of composition in his drawings. His drawings had symmetrical consistency between two sides of a drawing as when his trainer drew one object, Congo would repeat the object on the opposite side of the page. Congo earned the title for being the smartest chimpanzee in the world.

4. Cock Fighting


This is a blood sport where two cocks are pitted against each other in a cockpit until one kills the other. This sport goes back over 6,000 years a and uses specially bred birds which have been conditioned for stamina and strength. The American Gamefowl Society requires that the wattle and comb be removed before the birds are allowed into the cockpit. This is to prevent freezing in certain climates and to remove anatomical vulnerabilities. This procedure is similar to docking dog’s ears and tails.

3. Octopus


Paul the octopus was a common octopus and was used to predict football results. His accurate predictions in the 2010 World Cup gained him world-wide attention and fame as an animal oracle. His predictions were achieved by presenting him with two boxes containing food. The boxes presented were identical except for the logos of the two competing teams being placed on each for the two different football teams playing. The box Paul chose to eat from was considered to be the winning team in the upcoming game. He made the correct prediction in four of the six matches at Germany’s Euro in 2008 and all seven of the matches in the 2010 World Cup.

2. Dog Fighting


Dog fighting is a blood sport where two game dogs compete against each other in a ring for entertainment. These fights can occur in special rings or pits as well as in garages, basements, warehouses, abandoned buildings, and even neighbourhood playgrounds. The fight between the two dogs continues until one dog dies or jumps out of the pit. The dog that loses is generally then killed by its owner. This sport, needless to say, is illegal in all 50 states due to the extreme cruelty to the animals.

1. Bull Fighting


In the traditional bullfight, one or more bulls are fought by humans. It is often referred to as a blood sport, although some areas do not consider it a sport since there is no competition involved. It is thought of more as a highly cultural event tied to the Hispanic culture and identity. Today, the bull fight involves a professional matador who will perform different moves which all have a specific meaning. It is said they try to gain inspiration from the crowd transmitted through the bull. The bullfighter gets very close to the bull and places multiple hooks behind the shoulder of the bull. The fight generally concludes with the killing of the bull, most often by a sword.

Animals have and will continue to entertain. Some make it to the big screen and some are in hidden arenas for a certain audience. Where ever they appear, animals are unique and fantastic entertainers. This can be seen by these top 10 game animals 2017 that entertain the world.