Fifth Harmony Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Fifth Harmony Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Fifth Harmony is one of the most dominant girl power group in the world. Composed of Lauren Jauregui, Normani Kordei, Diana Jane and Camila Cabello, the group is a favorite to many all over the globe. From humble beginnings, the group is today one of the best pop music groups, and their involvement in season 2 of the X-Factor is a recommendable activity. As we continue to celebrate the team, let us have a look at 10 of their best songs, and their latest release this year.

Fifth Harmony Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Fifth Harmony till 2017

10. ‘Me and My Girls.’

‘Me and my girls’ is one of the songs that make the ‘Better together’ album a success. The song sets the group ready for career maturity to enable them to rule the world’s musical field. The song is catchy, inspiring and awesome. The group sings that when it’s just them and their girls, they play their favorite songs and scream all night. The song presents a partying atmosphere where the lights are off and the music too loud to hear a word from another person. The song is a reflection of a girls’ day out, having fun on themselves.

9. ‘I’M in Love with a Monster.’

The song is special for the film ‘Hotel Transylvania 2′.However, the song plays as a kid-friendly track, with tremendous value. The girls sing about being in love with a ‘monster,’ a person who ‘buys a thorn before buying a rose.’ The monster is covered with dirt, before she covers herself in gold, all this because she dates a ‘monster.’ Camila sings that her friends tell her she is out of her mind, but she thinks that life will be boring without him. She decides rather be in love with a monster other than being out of love. The song is a manifestation of girls who love men who mistreat them.

8. ‘Sledgehammer.’

Fifth Harmony decided to shift from sweet spiced songs to more mature tracks quickly. Sledgehammer is one of those unique songs that comes with the transition. She sings that if anyone could take her pulse, it would feel like a sledgehammer, but feeling her heart would hit you like a sledgehammer. She tries to contain the deep love she feels for the guy, but the feelings reach boiling point, she just has to tell him that she is in love. She finally tells him that because the truth is out, she is getting closer to experience the love, no turning back. What a romantic story telling song.

7. ‘ Them Girls be like.’

‘Fifth Harmony’ are talented in pop and R&B, and there is no other expression of their talent than ‘Them girls be like.’ The track is not a sugar song, but one that brings women together in their sound, an excellent single to blast on your stereo. ‘Them girls be like’ is another romantic song where she sings about being confused, wondering whether to call the guy back or to let him go. She asks her friend whether she overheard them talk. She also has a feeling that she should post her pics without filters or hashtags because that’s how ‘they girls be like.’ They don’t care, all they want is to enjoy life. The song is a single ladies favorite.

6. ‘Better together.’

‘Better together’ is a bright dawn for the fifth harmony. This sugar coated song shows the growth of this group regarding sound. The song is unique, and no other song in the album contains its style. The uniqueness makes it privileged to be the sixth on this playlist. The song expresses regrets of a girl who fails to make her relationship with her guy. After the boyfriend is gone, the girl feels lonely, and this gets worse when she sees him with another man. She wishes he comes back, but it is too late; she just has to accept her mistakes and move on with life. This is one of the Fifth Harmony Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5.’ Miss Movin on.’

The song is a fan favorite, soo much that they complain it should have been the song to launch Fifth Harmony’ to the stratosphere. A majority of the people feel that the song is a heavy track that deserves more than what it gets. The song is well made, and if it’s not on your playlist, then count yourself a fake fan of Fifth Harmony. The song is perfectly composed, and it shows why this group has a brighter future ahead. Well done Fifth Harmony.

4. ‘Who are You.’

A majority of the songs by Fifth Harmony demonstrate the ‘girl power,’ but we are lucky they released a beautiful ballad with ‘Who are you.’ The song goes up the charts, showing that the group can do pretty well in sentimental ballad too. The group has however promised to release more tracks that show their softer side. The song is about a relationship that evolves rapidly within just a week. On Monday she receives flowers, on Tuesday, she is made to feel stupid, and on Wednesday the world belongs to them. On Thursday, he fails to prove it, Friday they fall back in love, on Saturday they fail to talk and on Sunday he asks for ‘space.’

3. ‘Everlasting love.’

The best girl power group today is Fifth Harmony, and are a possible second coming of ‘Destiny’s Child.’ The team beautifully composes the song, harmonizing vocals and a nice mid-tempo beat which is intoxicating to listen. ‘Everlasting love’ is a well-crafted song that makes it among the top three in this list. The track thrills fan all over the world whenever it plays.

2. ‘Worth It.’

Worth it becomes a global anthem, but for the right reasons. The intoxicating single is one of Fifth Harmony’s bet recordings this far. The song shows the group’s maturity as far as R&B sounds are concerned. The song is soo sweet that one can listen to it again and again, without getting bored. Everything about the song is fantastic, and it can’t help being a hit song.

1. ‘Boss.’

‘Boss’ is the song that personifies the Fifth Harmony. The song shows the kind of confidence held by the group and a representation of what has made the girls be a headline in the music world. They sing that every day is a payday and that they swipe their cards and do the necessary. They do not fail to mention some strong women such as Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey, who are their role models. The song manifests a modern day, independent lady.

Fifth Harmony New songs 2016-2017

1.’All in my head.’

The latest release by the group is a romantic song and all who have watched it will confirm this. She calls the guy to the bed and asks him to do the necessary. She sings that it is all in her head, and all she wants is love. The song looks like a bedroom story in a song. ‘All in my head’ is a great track, they have done it well.

2. ‘Write on me.’

‘Write on me’ is a romantic song where the girl requests the guy to ‘write on her life,’ for life is blank without him. She cautions that there is no eraser and that the guy needs to ‘tear her up. ‘The song is gorgeous, and please watch it and confirm.

Fifth Harmony is a group that has a bright future. From humble beginnings, the group is now able to thrill fans from all over the world. Their latest release shows their maturity in the musical career. We can’t help but expect the best from this group.

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