Top 10 Most Popular TV Channels in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular TV Channels in The World in 2017. Television is the best way of passing time when one does not have anything to do. Watching the TV can help you to change your feeling to better. With the invention of cable TV channels in the world, TV has provided great entertainment to the people in the world. It is the most crucial innovation for the entertainment life.Nowadays.TV channels has become competitive in an increasing manner. There are various TV channels that are close to the audience but a few are the ones that are popular. The following are the top 10 TV channels which are popular in the world 2017:

List of Top 10 Most Popular TV Channels in The World 2017

10. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network Top Most Popular TV Channels World 2017

This is a popular TV channel that targets only children. It is amazing to kids who are below the age of 5 years. Cartoon Network is a satellite and cable TV channel from America. It is owned by Time Warners’broadcasting system division. It airs out animated programmes that range from comedy which is animated to action. Cartoon network also contains contents of live action. As from late 2013, 98,671,000 households receive this popular channel. According to reviews, many viewers of this channel say that they can rather watch this than the other crummy channels. It is watched by the older people too. They enjoy programmes like regular show, Powerpuff girls, and the amazing world of gumball e.t.c

09. Disney channel

Disney channel Top Best Popular TV Channels World 2018

This is a TV channel that targets the teens and the kids. It provides entertainment to them through its programmed like Suite life of Zack, Hanna Montana e.t.c.This are series which are original to the targeted audience. Disney channel also contains cartoons that can be watched by the younger kids. It is a channel that is available to 98,142,000 households in the United States of America. Many of its viewers love and enjoy Ferb Good Luck Charlie. According to reviews, viewers say that it has changed the lives of their kids. Disney channel also offers programming blocks for seasons like Christmas and new year.Nowawadays, the channel has established counterparts in countries like Australia and in the Middle East.

08. Star sports

Star sports Top Most Popular Sport TV Channels World 2018

Star channel is a popular channel that is based in many countries. This TV channel airs out sports like foot ball, hockey, cricket, tennis e.t.c.It is a TV channel that is owned by Fox and Star TV.(international channels).Star sports is formerly called the prime sports..It is as cable network which is available in countries like Bangladeshi, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

07. M TV


MTV is a popular TV channel that is based in New York.Originally, it used to conceptualize music videos that would play the whole day. It normally targeted the young adults.Nowardays, it airs out mélange shows that relate to pop culture i.e. live concerts and reality shows. The MTV channel company has spawned channels in Europe; Africa channel shows all the chart busters music.

06. AXN

AXN Top 10 Popular TV Channels World 2017

This is a widely known TV channel that airs out movies. It is a pay TV channel which is owned by Sony pictures entertainment. It is a TV channel that is wide spread in regions like Europe, Asia, Japan and Latin America.

05. Star world.


Star world is an entertainment channel with various shows. Its shows include Family guy and Simpsons. It is a 24 hour channel with the Asian English. Star world is a cable and satellite TV channel which is owned by Fox and Star international channels. This TV channel syndicates the United States, and United Kingdom popular shows.

04. TBS


It is a TV channel which is funny. It has comedies like Lounger Town Sullivan and son. It also has the interesting comedy called’’ who gets the last laugh’’.Thie TV channel reruns its sitcoms and its original comedies. It is a channel that does not show any news.TBS features films from companies like new line cinema, Columbia pictures and universal pictures.

03. Discovery channel


This is one of the most popular TV channels 2017 which more educative and entertaining. People get to know more on the environment and many things that revolve around science. Discovery channel came from a single channel entertainment and now it has 100 channels in the world. The channel has 1.5 billion audience and subscribers. They all show extensive array of TV shows which are non-fiction. Discovery channel bands include the animal planet, velocity, military channel e.t.c.According to the reviews; viewers say that this is their favorite channel.

02. ESPN


It is a popular channel that airs out only sports.ESPN stands for entertainment and sports programming network. It is a TV channel from U.S.A.It is a joint venture from the Disney Company. It airs out every game that is going on. It has m89 million household‘s viewers. It is a channel of TV with valuable sports in the whole world. It was created to cater for the young sport fans.

01. BBC News

BBC News Popular TV Channels World 2019

BBC news TV channel is one of the most popular channels in the world 2017. Its full name is British broadcasting Corporation. It broadcasts impartial services to the public. It is popular because of its authentic nature of news.BBC news reports news from all segments and sections. It is the only channel to report something that has happened before the rest. According to reviews, many viewers like it because it broadcasts news from all countries.

In conclusion, these and more are all popular TV channels 2017 which are entertaining and informative. Television stations have benefited many people in many ways. Apart from entertainment, they have also created employment opportunities to people.