Top 10 Most Famous Soap Operas of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Soap Operas of All Time in the world until 2017. What is your favorite soap opera of all time? It is guaranteed that you have watched a soap opera at least once in your life. People love soap operas. Not just women, men too. Some people have watched the same soap from the time they were a little kid. They love to watch the drama unfold in other people’s lives.

Typically, a soap opera focus on one or more families that are the stars and other people in their environment expand the story further. We all have our favorite soap and our favorite characters in that soap opera. It is a ritual, every day at a set time, you sit down to watch your soap. To watch the love, the passion, the fights, the drama, who gets hurt, who gets murdered, who is cheating on who, and the emotional ups and downs of all the characters in a relationship or not. We love every moment of it.

The question is, which soap operas are the best? People will argue that their favorite soap is the very best until they are blue in the face. Every city, every country, every continent has daytime soap operas. Soap operas are serious business to many people. Is your favorite soap good enough to be labeled as one of the best? We have compiled a list of the best soap operas of all time around the entire world. We based the top soap operas on everything from ratings, awards the soaps have won, and how long the actual programs have been aired for. Without further delay, here are the soap operas that people love the most. Did your soap make our list?

List of Top 10 Most Famous Soap Operas of All Time In The World until 2017

10. Lindenstrabe

Lindenstrabe Top Popular Soap Operas of All Time 2019

This a German soap opera that was first aired in 1985. It is actually the first German soap opera and is an absolute classic and legend in Germany. Lindenstrabe┬átakes place on a fictional Munich street. Simply, the plot just portrays the lives of everyday, normal people. People’s real life drama, love, sadness, and hope. There is nothing imaginary about this soap, it is as close to real as it gets which is why it captivates viewers easily.

For 30 years, this German soap has continued to awe its fans. It tackles modern day issues that every family and person can be faced with from drug addiction, legal issues, homosexuality, getting evicted, and losing your job. That is what makes Lindenstrabe famous, it is real life.

9. Young and the Restless


This is a long-running famous American soap, my grandmother has faithfully watched this soap for as long as I can remember. It takes place in Genoa City, a fictional town in Wisconsin. The Newman’s run the town and the story line. They own Newman Enterprises and are the center of all of the attention.

Young and the Restless shortened as Y & R has taken home over half a dozen Emmy Awards and continues to be a popular, well-respected soap.

8. General Hospital

General Hospital Top Most Soap Operas of All Time 2018

A medical drama soap opera in the United States. General Hospital is the longest-running daytime soap opera in production as listed by the Guinness World Records book. It centers around Dr. Steve Hardy in the fictional city of Port Charles. Most of the early drama revolved around Dr. Hardy but as the years went on so, did the storyline.

General Hospital has made this list primarily due to the fact that this soap is responsible for starting the “super couple” trend. As the first “super couple” ever originated on General Hospital name as Luke Spencer and Laura Webber

7. One Life To Live

One Life To Live Top 10 Most Famous Soap Operas of All Time

Another American soap opera that made our list. One Life to Live is based in the imaginary land of Llanview, PA centered around three prominent families. This was another classic American soap that was sadly canceled by the station in 2011 and the final episode aired in 2012.

Since then, One Life To Live has been picked up and is not being broadcasted online. You know how attached we all get to our favorite soaps. Many of One Life To Live’s faithful followers still watch them religiously on the internet.

6. La Tormenta

La Tormenta Top Most Popular Soap Operas of All Time 2018

La Tormenta was an extremely popular Columbian telenovela. Better known to people as The Storm. The main character Maria Teresa is used to living a life in the city. She moves to her family’s estate, “La Tormenta” to save them from financial ruin. This is a whole new experience for her. Family affairs, drama, and falling in love. Everything that viewers love, Spanish and American. This is one of the Top 10 Most Famous Soap Operas of All Time until 2017.

5. Avenida Brasil

Avenida Brasil Top 10 Most Famous Soap Operas of All Time 2017

This a Brazilian soap opera or as they say telenovela. It was originally broadcasted on television in Brazil in 2012. The storyline is about a young woman who was given away at birth by her stepmother. From the young preteen age of 11, she has plotted and schemed how she was going to take revenge on her stepmother for giving her away.

This soap makes the list for the fact that it has been broadcasted in more countries than any other soap opera Avenida Brasil has been broadcasted in over 100 countries and is still going. Not to mention, Brazillian soaps operas are simply breathtaking. Brazilian women are some of the most beautiful in all of the world.

4. Betiyann

Betiyann Top Famous Soap Operas of All Time 2017

The international title of this Hindu soap opera is Destiny. Betiyann originated in India and was directed by the famous star, Rajan Shahi. This soap opera has won numerous television awards and has captured the hearts of many people across the globe. It is no surprise that Betiyann is in the top 5 most famous soap operas ever.

The Hindu soap opera is based on Suryakant who is married to Savitri. Together they have 4 daughters, but following tradition Suryakant wants a son. Due to medical conditions, Savitri can not give birth to any more children. From there the plot thickens. He takes on a second wife to bear a son. All 4 daughters have romantic interests, drama, and so on. The characters are meaningful and you can help becoming fascinated by this family.

3. Shree


Definitely, not your average soap opera, Shree is a Hindi supernatural soap opera. Yep, that’s right. A soap opera throwing in a paranormal fix. That is creative. We are not the only ones who thought so, viewers are smitten with Shree. The ratings are phenomenal, Shree deserves to be in the top 3!

This Hindi paranormal drama centered around Hari. Hari has rejected 12 marriage proposals making his family think that an evil, curse has befallen him known as “ashubh saya”. Yet, he does fall in love with a beautiful woman named, “Shree”. In Hindi, Shree means Devi Lakshmi which is the consort or wife to the powerful Hindu god, Vishnu.

2. Days of Our Lives


While Days of Our Lives is my all time favorite soap opera, I wanted so bad to put it in the top spot. Yet, I coudln’t. Luckily, it gets a much deserving number 2 spot. Days first premiered in America i1965 and has been strongly going for over half of a century. It has won numerous daytime Emmy awards. Faithful fans including myself, will watch this show as long as it continues and I do not feel it is going to ennd anytime soon.

The long running soap is set in the town of Salem. Days of Our Lives is centered around various families in Salem. The DiMeras, Kiriakis, Bradys, and the Hortons. Of course, with other characters in the mix. The love, the deaths, the super couples, the tragedies, watching characters grow from babies into attractive adults, the show continues to thrive. The drama of these families never ceases to exsist, keeping us well enertained.

1. The Bold and The Beautiful


Another American soap opera has taken the number one spot. Bold and the beautiful known for short as B&B is cast in Los Angeles in the fashion world. It was originally aired as the sister show to Young and the Restless. Statistics have proven that B&B is the most famously watched show in the entire world. For several years in a row this soap has taken home the award for the International Television Audience Award. This means five continents and sixty five countries have voted and the ratings prove B&B remains the number 1 choice across the globe.

These are the Top 10 Most Famous Soap Operas of All Time in the world until 2017. Soap operas are watched globally. There are viewers spanning around the world that enjoy watching their soap. Whether they have been watching for years and know each character by name. Or if they pick a new favorite soap every year. It doesn’t matter, the lives, love, and drama of the characterts in these soaps keep us entertained now and for years to come. If your favorite soap opera didn’t make this list, try watching one of these top ten and see why they are the most famous.