Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies of All Time till 2017. Famous producers and romantic book writers the likes of Nicholas Spark’s author of the Notebook, which was the best romantic movie of all time have been known in producing some of the best romantic movies of all time till 2017. Their movies once watched make the lovers of this movies to want to watch again and again.

Romantic movies were produced way back from the 90s when people went to the cinema to watch romantic movies on their dates. A thing with the romantic movies is that they create an unforgettable memory in the mind of those who watch them.

Most of the romantic movies of the 20th century involved a love story between some teenagers or some guy and girl who appeared not compatible in any way but ended up together. The choice of words in convincing a girl to go on a date with a guy were well scripted and even triggered feelings in the watchers. Below is a list of the top ten famous romantic movies of all times from back in the 80s u 10. p to the 21st century.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies of All Time till 2017

10. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


Like all romantic movies this one involves a boy who met with a girl and they fell in love, but like in some actual relationship after some times the girl stops having feelings for the boy and decided to erase the memories of the boy from her head after they break up. Surprisingly the boy also does the same but erasing their memory made them actually realize that they had good and happy times before the worst happened to their relationship and just end up coming back together.

9. The Apartment


This movie actually derives its title from the storyline of the movie. It involves a character known as Baxter who loans his boss his apartment, while Baxter has a lady who he wishes to marry but to his surprise the lady has already being to his apartment with his boss and this actually breaks his heart after realizing the affair. Although Baxter has been working on being successful at the expense of his love life.

8. Before sunrise


This is a love story between an American man Jesse and a French woman Celina whose love life started on a train headed through Europe they fall in love along their train trip and after alighting at Vienna they promise to meet in six month time. During this time Jesse is revealed to having a wife and kid which is a big disappointment to Celina. With time they accept the reality that they are in love and end up together as a couple.

7. Love Actually


This movie actually deserve the title romantic movie as it involves the love story of eight different couples who find the way to express love to each other. The scenes in the move happens a few weeks to Christmas. The couple’s love story suffers some up and down butt the ending of the movie reveals all the different couples ending up happily together. This is the Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies of All Time till 2017.

6. The Proposal


This is one romantic movie where the characters in love start their relationship as business deal by the guy pretending to be married to the girl and they actually end up together. The characters are Margaret (Sandra Bullock) a hated book editor who forces her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her so that she does not get deported from the US to Canada.

This fake marriage ends up into an actual marriage as they fall in love in the course of their fake marriage after the two learn about each other’s past and find love existing between them.

5. A walk to Remember


This a love story that inspires those who feel that they cannot find love because of having a health condition. The storyline is about Landon and Jamie who meet through Landon doing his punishment of teaching students plays. The two at first promised not to fall in love with each other but end up breaking this promise when Landon decides to kiss Jamie in their play. With time Landon learns that Jamie has Leukemia and has only a few months to die. This does not stop Landon from dating and even getting married to Jamie. They spend time together and she died. Later Landon at the end of the movie learns that Jamie has confessed of Landon being her miracle. Landon keep loving Jamie even after she was dead and gone.

4. Casablanca


This is a story about a love story that started in a club by the name Casablanca and ended sore. It focus on the love between a character Rick and Lisa who fell in love with the knowledge that Lisa had a husband a fugitive of war. Lisa and Rick had plans of framing Lisa’s husband to be arrested and taken away so that they can end up together but Rick plans an escape only to allow Lisa and her husband to run away and he remains behind scarifying their love with Lisa.

3. Titanic

titanic, Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies of All Time till 2018

Titanic was the best romantic movie of the 90’s as it has an inspiring love story between Jack a poor artist who fell in love with Rose a rich guy who was being forced into marrying Cal a rich guy. Jack and Rose met at the titanic ship when Rose wanted to commit suicide on the ship but Jack stops her. Later they develop feelings for each other, but their love is brought to an end when the titanic hits an iceberg that caused it to capsize. As people ran to their safety Rose decided to remain behind with Jack but Jack tells her to go and leave him. She promised Jack to never get married till her old age while Jack remains behind and dies of freezing. This movie is on this category because of the sacrifice involved in the love life between Rose and Jack.

2. The Notebook

the notebook, Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies of All Time till 2017

This is a romance book written by Nicholas Sparks which was turned into a very famous romantic movie. It revolve in the love life of Noah and Allie who encountered resistant in their love life by Allies parent who dislikes Noah. Noah and Allie at the beginning of the movie are shown as old and Noah known as Duke is reading a book from his Notebook. The story read is shown as a scene of Noah and Allie falling in love and ending up together though along the way they were separated and Allie had been married to a different man. this is one of the Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies of All Time till 2017.

1. Twilight

twilight, Top 10 Most Famous Romantic Movies 2017

This one is top of the list because it involve the love story of a hundred year old vampire who falls in love with a girl. He is faced with so much challenge because he feel the urge to eat his own girlfriend but cannot do so because he loves her.

Despite the two lovebirds being so different in age they get over this and still fall in love with each other. All this factors make this an outstanding movie and top o the list as the romantic love involved has so much challenges which are all countered and the two love birds end up together.

Finally as I conclude the list of the most famous romantic movies of all time till 2017 that have been produced over the years and the ones on this list are just those that have been topping the list over and over again whenever they are reviewed.