Top 10 Most Interesting Hobbies around The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Interesting Hobbies around The World 2017. When asked by someone what your hobby is, many people find it hard to narrow it down. You try thinking of the one thing that you like doing. The one thing that keeps you happy when doing it. There might be several such things. There are different hobbies in the world. People have been known to spend a lot of money on their hobbies or sometimes make their hobbies into businesses. This though depends on what that hobby is. There are many different ones. People have ventured into some different hobbies. Some can be boring while others can be very strange. Well whatever makes people happy is their hobby. Here is a list of some of the most interesting ones.

List of Top 10 Most Interesting Hobbies around The World 2017

10. Carving

carving, Most Interesting Hobbies 2017

This may seem like something so easy and that you can do is a very short time. But have you ever carved a town or a certain art out of a fruit? If you have, then you know just how hard it can be. People have ventured into this artistic work and carve things out of vegetables, fruits and other things using a Thai knife. There have been records of some very beautiful structures curved from various things including trees.

9. Duct Tape art


Dresses and clothes have been made from different materials. There have been records of people majorly celebrities having outfits made from some of the very bizarre materials. But now there are some people who have started making some clothes from duct tape. Apart from clothes the duct tape can be used to also create shoes and jewelry too. People may make fun of this but it is one of the most interesting forms of art there is out there.

8. Flying without a plane


Being in the air is not something easy for many people. But there they are in planes. Now there is someone who has decided to do away with the planes and try going into the sky on his own. With a suit made for that job, then this can be done. It is however one of the things called extreme sports. There may be many risks but people have taken to the skies without planes and maybe with only parachutes for their protection from falling to the ground.

7. Extreme dog grooming

extreme dog grooming, Most Interesting Hobbies 2018

Having a dog in the house is interesting and entertaining. There are many people who have dogs for different reasons including having a companion. Some people have therefore taken advantage of having a dog in the house and started another hobby. Here they dress the dog in various costumes and make them get a new look. I can be dressing in in a bear costume or a tiger costume. All this is for the dog to look interesting and also weird. It is interesting to see just how creative people can be with their dogs

6. Train surfing


People have surfed water for a very long time. Now there is a group of people who have decided to defy the law of surfing and do it on a train. This involves riding a train on top of it in most cases while standing. Remember the train will be moving a high speed that can be terrifying for people.

5. Tattooing vehicles.


People have tattooed their bodies till it is no longer something interesting to do. Now the art has jumped from people’s bodies to cars. A Taiwanese pensioner is one of the people who are doing this. He covers cars, motorcycles and bigger vehicles with texts of various things and some Buddhists texts. He tattoos the whole car including the windows, doors, mirrors and even the wheels. This is one of the Top 10 Most Interesting Hobbies around The World 2017.

4. Toy Voyaging, worldwide


This is basically sending your toy on a tour anywhere in the world. There is a website that has been created for this. Basically you decide where you want to send your toy to visit and well they will go. They will be there with a host till when you will want them back in which case you will write to them and tell them to return the toy. When on the trip you can write to the, send post cards among many other things

3. Mooing


This is sort of an extreme sport of sorts. It is a competition that takes place in Wisconsin in the USA. This competition involves making the best impression of a cow that one person can. If you emerge a winner, you will be rewarded. The latest winner was a 10 year old who was awarded 1000 dollars, a golden cow bell, a cow print jacket and other pieces. It is a weird sport but has been accepted in this place,

2. Extreme ironing


The chore is not something easy to do. Well it’s also not hard but tedious. People have therefore decided to make it interesting and find places in nature to do it. There have been people who have been see ironing in the forests, in the skies during sky jumping, on mountains and in very many other places. This has been named as an extreme sport. It started in 1997 by one Phil Shaw who ironed while rock climbing with friends.

1 News bombing


Photo bombing is a thing that many people have made fun of. Now there is a new version of it. News bombing. This involves standing behind a news caster as they report and being featured as a bystander in the news. It has started trending and becoming global.

These are the Top 10 Most Interesting Hobbies around The World 2017. There are many things people have ventured in during their free time or to have fun. These things can be weird but interesting. There are more activities outside there.

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