Top 10 Most Famous Indian Television Channels

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Indian Television Channels 2016-2017. It is hard to have a debate of who has the true beauty of Asia because India is always the one that has always been known to be the one that has that title. Here is what makes it beats the rest. It has the best outfits, and the literature that is accompanied with the right kind of music is always something to love all the way because it always has its own individuality and distinctiveness. Now it cannot be complete when we go on and focus on the Indian entertainment because you will realize that the TV channels that are in the country have expert programmers.

There is something that can also not be ignored because the drama series and the shows when they mix up with reality shows make the TV series channels not only to be watched in India but also in other countries. I know the names of some of the mediums that you will see might not be new because they might have been watched by many over the world. Now, let’s check them up and find what is in our list.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Indian Television Channels 2016-2017

10. Zenga TV


This is an entertainment channel and is not long since it started working but it has been a promising venture that is rated to bring you all that you need to make you entertained. It has been designed with different types of programs for all types of viewers. What I can promise you is that you need to check out because soon, it is going to be a channel that is sweeping the world with perfection. All the big names in the industry should watch it out, it is coming with speed and anybody that will be not working day and night to improve itself, will be left behind in a thud.

9. Set Max

Set Max Top Popular Indian Television Channels 2018

This type of medium is one that is known to provide all its viewers with none stop movies that will always keep you glued to it from morning to the evening but where there are IPL matches and T20 matches, it always ensures that you don’t miss anything from the games. It is a channel that is aired by the Indian Cable Network and the good part that it has gained from time to time is that it is getting much fame each day that comes and goes. All those that are dedicated to having it in their houses have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

8. Colors TV

Colors TV Top 10 Most Famous Indian Television Channels 2017

This is a new channel that has been introduced into the market for viewers to view but have to promise you that it is one that will always keep your entertainment feelings well taken care off. That is why it has also made its name be loved in major households that are in India and you will never get bored at all with it. Some of the programs that it will provide you with include family dramas, comedy, reality shows and the ‘The fear fighter’ that is a show that is loved in India. This is one of Top 10 Most Famous Indian Television Channels 2016-2017.

7. Star Cricket

Star Cricket Top Most Popular Indian Television Channels 2019

You can guess the reason why this channel is called star cricket. Do you love cricket but you don’t know the best agency for you? Star Cricket is ready to give you the best you desire. Get ready to receive live broadcast of cricket matches from here. You will also get highlights and also detailed analysis of match. You don’t have to waste your time and money going to the field to participate those matches as spectator when you can sit right there at the comfort of your own sofa and enjoy a hot cup of coffee while seated and see the match live. It has made distinctive as well as unique place in heart of people who view it, and why not yours? This is the best channel which will capture your attention.

6. Sab TV

Sab TV Top Most Indian Television Channels 2017

Are you in need of that entertaining channel which is suitable for your kids during the holiday or weekend? Yes, if you are a serious parent, Sab TV is always prepared to give you amazing things anytime you have leisure in your hand. You will get a number of fabulous as well as programs which are in their most efficient as well as entertaining way and they are suitable for all age group. The show of this medium discusses issues of Indian society and they will touch your live. You will learn a lot of lesson when you hook yourself to this agency. What makes it gain popularity is about their show which is leading. Excellent programs are another issue which will capture your attention. Don’t lock yourself out when you know that Sab TV is ready to welcome you home. You will get satisfied if you give this channel a shot.

5. Star Gold

Star Gold Top Biggest Movie Indian Television Channels 2019

If you want to get old Indian movies, Star Gold is right here with sorts of movies to entertain you and what they broadcast are suitable for youngsters and older generations. This agency has gain fame due to its broadcast and it is classified as one of those medium which are watched and loved by Indian. If you’re movie lover, this agency will give you total satisfaction. It operates 24/7 and you can wake up in midnight when you don’t have itch of sleeping and this agency will be right there to entertain you. It will let you experience wonderful as well as amazing movies. When your weekend seems to be boring or you don’t have anything to do in the house, switch your mind to this channel and get what you’ll make you happy.

4. Zee Cinema


Don’t get confused and ask yourself questions. Zee Cinema just the way its name suggest, is a channel which concentrates on cinema and if you are movie lover, here is the best place that you can call home. You need to dedicate yourself to this agency when you want to get maximum entertainment without spending much of your money. When you tune yourself to this channel, your day will end up quickly and you will never see yours hours going since your mind will be focused to the movie this agency broadcast. You will enjoy watching your favorite shows at zero cost at the comfort of your sofa. Even when you have friends and you don’t have any sort of entertainment to give them, the Zee Cinema is all the best for the day. Bring your mind to this TV channel and you will never come across boredom.

3. Zee TV


This agency has ruled the mind of Indian for twenty years now. What you will find here is nothing but different shows as well as dramas that will let you experience every field. Who doesn’t love dramas anyway? Of course you’re not the one. When you don’t have anything to keep you busy, just take your remote and tune to this medium and what you’ll get is something very interesting. Their dramas and shows are crystal clear, definitely I know that you hate those things which are not clear and that is the same issue which this channel doesn’t tolerate dull dramas. If you want something that will uplift your moods, get yourself here and you’ll find yourself seated the whole day!

2. Sony Entertainment

Sony Entertainment Top Famous Indian Television Channels 2018

If you want to know the best channel in India which is most watched, Sony entertainment is the leading one. It is one of the best channels which Indians love watching. In October, 1995, Sony started its work and it is now 21 years old. What makes this agency reach its height is about unique entertainment, of course you will never pin yourself to agency which is boring. The wonderful programs as well as shows are something contributes to fame of this channel. You will find amazing shows which are telecasted every day and if you don’t have anything to keep you busy during those weekends, Sony will welcome you with amazing things that will end up grabbing your attention.

1. Star plus

Star plus Top Biggest Indian Television Channels

Ask the people of Europe and Asia about their favorite television channel and what they will tell is that they all love Star Plus! What will hinder this agency from being famous? Absolutely nothing, but what makes it gain such popularity? The answer is about their wonderful entertainment as well as engaging family dramas. We believe that when your favorite television channel starts showing nonsense, the first thing to do is to forget about it and then search for another channel that can bring good things. If you’re living in Europe, Asia or India, this is the best medium for you. If you find yourself with leisure time in hand, don’t even waste your time, grab your remote and tune to this medium and entertain yourself with family dramas.

So, these are the Top 10 Most Famous Indian Television Channels 2016-2017. You might have television but you don’t know that it will be meaningless when you don’t have good channel which can cater to meet your individual needs. These most famous Indian television channels 2016-2017 have struggled to meet demands as well as expectation of viewers. If you love watching family drama, sports, game shows, interesting shows and other entertaining programs or even movies which will take you to different world, these famous TV channel have everything to offer you.

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