Top 10 Most Popular English TV Channels in The World

Take a look at the below List of Top 10 Most Popular English TV Channels in The World 2017. If there is something that has revolutionized the world, it is the introduction of the television technology. In the old times, we had a way of passing time because of the existence of our great grandfathers who could keep us entertained as we wait for food to be prepared in the kitchen by our mothers. But the modern world has grown so diverse in the sense that, at one point, we are not always in contact with our grandparents because of the nature of work that we do.

That is why the TV now is one of the best technologies that will keep you company as you wait for something wherever and whenever you are. You might be feeling unwell and all alone in your resting bed and it has even been approved that we always feel good when we watch TV. You can not dispute the fact that TV is always rated to be among the best entertainment machines in our world. What is this that the TV has that always ensures that we are glued to it? A TV without a channel for viewing might be boring after all and that is why several companies have come up with TV channels that you can tune to and get your mood well taken care of. Here are the best and popular English TV channels 2017 that have circulated the world and taken it by storm.

List of Top 10 Most Popular English TV Channels in The World 2017

10. CN – Cartoon Network


This is a company that targets majorly kids that are said to be at the age of 5 years and below. But you will realize that they have more of it that even grown-ups will love to watch at some of the times. It is known to be an American cable basic cable and satellite channel owned by Tuner Broadcasting system. It is loved by kids as it always provides you with animated programming that ranges from comedy to action. It is rated that at as at the year of 2013, almost 98,671,000 households were able to receive that CN channel. Kids always love it and in fact, will always keep them glued after coming from school. They not only get entertained but also educated.

9. Disney Channel

Disney Channel Top Famous English TV Channels in The World 2019

This is a section that is great for both the teens and kids to get entertained and also educated. It contains some of the best show like Hannah Montana, life of Zack and Cody among others out there. These are rated as the original series that have always been brought to the life world so that children are always well taken care of. That is why most families that are almost 98,142,000 families found it a hard thing not to have the channel with them. It is one of the networks that is well programmed and each show is well put up to have a larger group that it catches up with at any one time. That makes kids rush from school to their homes to be able to catch-up with their program.

8. AXN

AXN Top 10 Most Popular English TV Channels in The World 2017

This is a pay television network channel but although you have to give them something small so that you enjoy their services, you will realize that it is going to be worth it. It has become also to be loved by majority of the people because of their famous movies that they program for you during the weekends. It is also owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment and was launched on May 22 1997. It did not take long as by now, the network has become a hot cake and it has spread all over the world. get it today and start off your entertainment moods in a boom. This is one of the top 10 most popular English TV Channels 2017.

7. BBC Food

BBC Food Top Popular English TV Channels in The World 2017

There is no one in this world that does not love food, but at the same time, you don’t have to get messed up by eating the same kind of food every day. You need to have a variety and that is why TV channel that is here of the right one for you to watch. It contains several shows that will get or make you educated or how you are required to cook several types of food, one at a time until it is ready for you to eat. In fact, you can take the ingredients that they are having and start cooking with them. It is one of the ways that have been used to change the lifestyles of people. It is owned by BBC world and it is broadcasted worldwide.

6. Star World


This is a medium that contains a variety of shows including Simpsons, family guy and others make it to be a 24-hour luxurious way of taking care of your resting time. It uses English in most of its programs and is owned by Star TV and also Fox International. One thing that makes it respected world-wide is the syndication of its shows from the US, UK, and some from Australia so that they become appealing to the English speaking nations. Choose it today and get the best time watching your programs without any interruption. This is the one of the world’s most watched English TV Channels 2017.

5. Channel V

Channel V Top Best English TV Channels in The World 2018

Are you music lover and you want to get all sort of news concerning music and anything which related to it? Tune yourself to this medium and you will be updated. All sorts of current music are found here. It is owned by Fox International Channels and STAR TV. It is dedicated to broadcast current news about music and makes its viewers get what they want. If you want to get significant news as well as information, channel V is the great choice. It is amazing and loveable medium which music lover finds it meaningful especially if they want to be updated. You will never beat this medium when it comes to updates about music.

4. CW Television Network

CW Television Network Top 10 Most Famous English TV Channels in The World 2019

Do you want to be entertained at the comfort of your home? CW television network is right here to bring you sort of entertainment. What you will get is variety of TV shows which can be watched by different age groups and so even when you have kids; this agency will suit your needs. Young adults and adults will get what they want in this medium. This agency was launched on September, 2006 and since then it manages to gain popularity and there is likelihood that it can continue leading the way for many years to come. Don’t be locked out, this is the medium to get entertained.

3. HBO


Are you in those moods for watching movies but you don’t know the best agency to hook your moods? The Home Box Office is the great one when it comes to movies. It is America cable premium as well as satellite channel and its work is to broadcast different sorts of movies daily, and so when you find yourself idle at home, this is the best channel you can get tuned and watch movies and of course you will get your favorite choice. What you will find here also is popular TV series such as Sex and City and all this makes this channel very popular. You’ll find several things in this TV channel which will entertain you especially if your day seem to be long, this is the best choice to get maximum entertainment.


ESPN Top 10 Most Popular English TV Channels in The World

ESPN is all about sports channel and its full name is Entertainment & Sports Programming Network (ESPN) and it is owned by US. It is also joint venture with Disney Company. The world knows it as interesting and sport channels and great for sport lovers. If you are fun of sports, this channel will enable you get more updates concerning sports and games that are happening in the globe. For the entire sports fan, ESPN is the best choice which is irreplaceable and unbeatable for its great sport news. You will stay updated for anything concerning sports.

1. BBC News

BBC News Top Most English TV Channels in The World 2018

The entire world know this channel and its main work it to broadcast impartial services in UK and their transmission is seen in some other countries only when they have licensing for it. The news they broadcast are considered to be authentic making it very popular and they report first hand news before anyone else. This channel features segments and also tiny section of their news that are dedicated to different kinds of news and their different genres are related to countries which are different and it is not like other channels which only broadcast news of their country’s origin. It is also about entertainment channels and it help people get updated and know more about latest entertainment as well as current affairs events as well as incidents.

Finally, these are the world’s Top 10 Most Popular English TV Channels 2017. There are some situations that have even recorded that the use of a television has managed to save many lives due to the warnings and information that is passed to them. That is why it is always said that having information is power. Some have even gone ahead to get healed from their sick beds because of coming into contact with best doctors that are available online. I have to promise you that there is a lot that you need to thank the current technology of having bringing to you the fruits of innovation. Some of the above companies might require you to at least pay something small so that you get to watch their programs. But the others are for free. Make your selection and be always the one that enjoys the lovely shows right from your sitting room.

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