Top 10 Most Popular Disney Princes

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Disney Princes 2017. Where there is a princess, there is a prince. Over the years, Disney has created an abundance of theatrical stories involving a prince and princess. There is always talk about the Disney princesses. What about her male counterpart? Too often, we forget about the princess’s love interest. The prince always plays an important role in Disney movies. A hero, saving the princess from an unfortunate event, rescuing the princess from doom. What about the poor boy who only became a prince once a princess fell in love with him? We all have a favorite Disney love story. Think about the prince of the story. Who is your favorite Disney prince? Let’s take a look at the top 10 most popular Disney princes 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Disney Princes 2017

10. Prince Charming

Prince Charming Top Most Disney Princes 2019

Cinderella is a classic Disney movie. People all over the world know who CIndrella and Prince Charming. That is why he had to be included in this list. No sort of name, Prince Charming is quite generic. He found the glass slipper and stayed in hot pursuit of his one true love. Once, he found her, he rescued her from the evil step-sisters and extremely evil step-mother. Prince Charming sang his heart out to Cinderella. A true rag to riches story. Prince Charming captivated people’s hearts all across the land. Therefore, he starts our list off at a respectable number 10.

9. Prince Hans from Frozen


Frozen took the world by storm, literally. Little girls everywhere were obsessed. Did I say were? They still are. From the songs and music to the delightful snowman, Olaf. Even though Prince Hans was a villain. He was a memorable one. He met Princess Ana and charmed his way into becoming her fiance in a matter of minutes. What man can do that? He definitely did something right. Even though, especially in Disney movies. The good guy always prevails. That being said, we said goodbye to Hans. Another man took your place but, you deserved it. Yet, you still deserve a place on this list.

8. Prince Naveen


Disney’s first African American Prince, Prince Naveen of “The Princess and The Frog”. We know he was a frog for the majority of the movie. He was quite rude, a tad bit arrogant. Yet, he did marry Tiana when he was a frog. Tiana wasn’t your typical girl and that makes her not a very easy girl to deal with. Prince Naveen sure had his work cut out for him. His attitude changes and he takes a step back. Prince Naveen is happy being in love with Tiana. He also helps her with her lifelong dream of owning her own restaurant. His charm and good looks make him an instant favorite.

7. Flynn Rider from Tangled

Flynn Rider from Tangled Top Most Famous Disney Princes 2018

Another bad boy turned prince through marriage. What are these girls thinking? Shouldn’t a princess pick someone better suited? Oh, that charm and those amazingly beautiful eyes. It would suck in any girl. Plus, he chooses a different path, not one of a thief. Flynn Rider proves his worthiness and loyalty when he offers to trade his life for Rapunzel’s. What a man! That’s what I’m talking about. Bad boys do fall hard when they fall in love. Plus, it’s proof that people really can change.

6. Prince Simba


Simba is not a conventional prince, he isn’t even human. Although, this lion prince deserves a place on this prince with all of these men. “Lion King” is one of the best Disney movies of all time. The little lion cub, Prince Simba is in line to be king someday. To rule over an entire kingdom becoming king of all the animals in the land. That is a big job. Not to mention, it happens sooner rather than later. Then, Simba comes back to take his place as king battling his own uncle. Family rivalry at it’s finest. Long story short, Simba gets the job done. The prince lion becomes King Simba and takes Nala as his queen.

5. Prince Eric

Prince Eric Top 10 Most Popular Disney Princes

Another timeless Disney classic, “The Little Mermaid”. Dark hair, big blue eyes, witty, and helpful. All of the characteristics, a woman could want in a man. Ariel is a lucky girl, ummm…fish. Well, she becomes human. After all, who wouldn’t fall in love with Eric? Even though he is a prince, he is still hardworking and loves adventure. It seems as if Eric and Ariel are a perfect match. He has won our hearts taking place in the dead center of the list of Top 10 Most Popular Disney Princes at number 5.

4. Li Shang

Li Shang Top Popular Disney Princes 2019

“Mulan” was a Disney movie that gladly encompasses woman heroines. It also proves that if you just be yourself, you will find your perfect match. Li Shang and Mulan are a great example. Proving that the pretty little, modest, girly girls aren’t the only one who gets the guy. Mulan puts her family and her beliefs first, in front of her love, and he still follows. Li Shang has muscles, is a true warrior, a real man. He pursues Mulan, goes after the one he loves. That’s why Li Shang has made the top of our list of the most popular Disney princes.

3. Kristoff from Frozen

Kristoff from Frozen Most Popular Disney Princes 2018

The most popular Disney movies of recent times, “Frozen”. Kristoff isn’t technically a prince but, we all know he will be. We know Kristoff and Princess Anna is destined to live happily ever after. A man who will fight for the woman he loves. Goes to great lengths to rescue her. He just meets Anna and goes off on an epic journey to save her sister and her kingdom. Kristoff and Anna fall in love with each other’s true selfs. They see all of the flaws that the other has. They may not realize it at first but, the audience sees what is happening. Kristoff defiantly is the man for Anna. We approve, especially over Prince Hans. All in all, Kristoff fought his way into our hearts as well as Anna’s. He takes place as the most popular prince at a significant number 3.

2. Adam from Beauty and the Beast

Adam from Beauty and the Beast Top 10 Most Popular Disney Princes 2017

In at number 2, is Adam, the prince from “Beauty and The Beast”. We all love Belle, so we have to love the man who won her heart. She fell in love with Adam in beast form. Wow, that says a lot. He must have been quite a man or beast. Either way, he was doing something right. Belle fell in love with a creature and miraculously he turned into a handsome prince. Belle hit the jackpot there. Money, a castle, a prince, she ended up having it all. Once again, proving that good always prevails over evil. Belle was a good girl and once Adam realized he was good, they lived happily ever after.

1. Aladdin also known as Prince Ali

Aladdin also known as Prince Ali Top Most Popular Disney Princes 2017

The number one spot belongs to Alladin. This was a hard choice between him and Adam. Although, Alladin took the throne. Therefore, the most popular prince due to his good looks, charm, and he has a genie and magic carpet. Alladin tried using his wishes to win Princess Jasmine’s heart. All along, he just had to be himself. Jasmine didn’t want to marry a Prince, she didn’t want some conceited show-off. Although, Alladin did start out as a bad boy, more or less a petty thief only so he could survive. Jasmine would have rather had that then to be forced to marry someone she didn’t love. In the end, love prevailed. Alladin became a prince upon marrying Jasmine. This goes to show, dreams do come true. We will never forget this fairy tale story with genies and villains, a monkey and a tiger. Our favorite little magic carpet. A love that won our hearts and made Alladin the most popular Disney prince ever.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Disney Princes 2017. Next time you watch a Disney movie, don’t forget the prince. In the princess stories, even though the princess is the star, her male companion plays an important role. He’s the hero, typically saving his lady from tragedy and despair. You can’t have one without the other. The top 10 most popular Disney princes have managed to capture our hearts as well as the heart of their princess, making them all deserve a top spot on this list.