Top 10 Most Famous Dance Styles in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Dance Styles in The World in 2017. Dancing is extremely entertaining and exciting. Everybody loves dancing even those who are not good in it. Dancing is coordination in the body, brain and the music played. The body will move with the rhythm of the song. The most interesting thing is that dancing is perfumed by different animals so as to attract the opposite. In that case, even the animals dance. Whether you can dance or not everybody can dance. Whether you are making the correct move or not, you are dancing.

Dance has evolved over an extended period and different ways of dancing. Many popular dance styles are known globally. You can be familiar with the styles or not. There are those dances from the culture and that developed day by day. Below is a list of the best dance styles 2017 that are very popular globally.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Dance Styles in The World 2017

1. Hip-hop Dance

Hip hop Dance Top Most Popular Dance Styles in The World 2018

Hip-hop dance is a popular type of dance globally. The dancing style emerged in the year 1970s. It is also referred to as Street Dance and performed when hip-hop music. If you have a hip-hop culture, you can easily dance this style. It involves many styles of breaking, popping and locking your body. It is a popular dancing style for the dancing crews based in the United States.

The hip-hop culture developed hip-hop dance, and the moves executed close to the ground.

2. Tap Dance


Am sure that many people know how this style works. The tapping of your shoe is what characterises the dance. There are special shoes that specially made for this dance. Shoes made with a metal plate and placed on the heel and the ball of your shoe. The meat plate is attached there to contribute to making the sound louder.

The dance has founded roots in African American Dancing like Juba Dance. It is believed that the tap dance began long ago in the 1800s in the rise of a minstrel show.

3. Yangko Dance


It is a tradition and cultural dance of the Han Chinese. Its origin was from the Chinese and very popular culture in China. When making you moves, you should sway the body in a certain rhythm. The hips and the waist are the ones used to drive your feet in the rhythm of the music.

The dance has been there for over one thousand years in the Chinese culture. The dance is mainly danced during the Latern Festival. In the YouTube, there are very many videos that will show you this dance.

4. Belly Dance


This dance is a traditional West Asian and at times called Middle Eastern or the Arabic Dance in the west. The body part that is mainly featured is the hips. The belly is also involved while dancing. The dance originated from them the Middle East. This dance became popular in the West during The Romantic movement in the 18th and the 19th century.

5. Kathak

Kathak Top Popular Dance Styles in The World 2018

This dance is one among the best dances in the Indian classical dances that originated from the Indian people. The dance forms a trace to its origin to the nomadic of the ancient found in northern India known as Storytellers or the storytellers. It is used in the temple when rituals are being carried out.

The name of the dance originated from the word Sanskirt which also means story. Just as the name is hard to pronounce, the dance is not simple but very complicated.

6. Gangnam Style


This dance went viral in the year 2012 in August. The word of the dance is a phrase to a Korean negloisim that means lifestyle associated together with Gangman District of Seoul. The dance has influenced culture because the style received all sorts of reviews by people. The performances in various locations made the form to become phenomenal and became very famous.

7. Break Dance

Break Dance Most Famous Dance Styles in The World 2017

The dance is a street dance that was made famous by Michael Jackson. The has four main elements: downrock, toprock, freezes and power moves. The style has some acrobatic features and the elements of gymnastics in it. For you to dance the style, you must have the strength, able to balance your body, have the skill and the technique to make the moves. The one who dances is known as a b-girl, b-boy or a breaker.

8. Ballet

Ballet Top Most Famous Dance Styles in The World 2017

This dance originated from Italy in the fifteenth century. The dance developed in Russia and France and the dance mainly performed in concerts. The dance is complicated and cannot be done without proper practice. The dance is taught in various schools globally. The dance moves commonly choreographed with orchestral music or vocals. The ballet dance has moved on from being romantic, expressionist and being neoclassical ballet.

9. Salsa


Salsa dance is one of the dances from Cuba. It is a pattern dance even though the dance recognized as a solo form. It is played along with the salsa music specially made for the salsa dance. This dance requires a couple, but you can choreograph it with the line dance which any pattern is not necessary. The dance is popular in Latin America and globally.

10. Line Dance

Line Dance Top Most Dance Styles in The World 2019

Line dance is among the choreographed dances with a repeated sequence where the group in rows or lines is facing the same direction. They make the same step and move at the same time. They never get into contact with each other at any given time. You dance alone but make sure that you are moving with the same rhythm with the other partners.

So, these are the world’s Top 10 Most Famous Dance Styles 2017. There are many more dancing styles available worldwide. You may be familiar with the above styles, but the one you know is not listed. Some the list of dances are very many, I picked up the most wanted and best dances globally. You can try out these dances and see how much you can go. Involve your mind in the dance and you can. Anytime you are working out you can dance, and it will be effective.