Top 10 Most Popular Comedy Movies All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Comedy Movies All Time till 2017. Comedy is the only genre of movies that literally any person can watch without getting bored or walking out of the theatre (yes, movies can be really horrible sometimes). Whether you love watching horror movies or documentaries, you can never say no to certain comedy movies. At times, some comedy movies try hard to be funny and that is the kind of comedy that would lead you straight out of the theatre before the second half of the movie. But there are some amazingly sidesplitting most popular comedy movies of all time:

List of Top 10 Most Popular Comedy Movies All Time till 2017

10. Bridesmaids 2011

Bridesmaids Top Most Comedy Movies All Time 2018

Now this is one chick flick that isn’t going to get your eyes rolling. On the other hand, you may cry with laughter. This hilarious comedy about the catfight between the maid of honor and the bridesmaid will leave you in splits. The best part about Bridesmaids that released in 2011 is that it has an emotional touch as well. You really begin to believe these characters and start rooting for them to win… at life!

9. Step Brothers


When Step Brothers came out in the year 2008, the audience went crazy. Well it isn’t surprising since it has Ferrell in it. Reilly too did his best and boy was it flawless! Ferrell and Reilly together are a scream in this movie to say the least. Every comedy requires a bit of improvising on the part of the cast, and this is what these two ‘step brothers’ executed to perfection.

8. Anchor Man

Anchor Man Top 10 Most Popular Comedy Movies All Time 2017

Ferrell to comedy is what icing to cupcake really is! He always does an outstanding job and you cannot help but laugh till you drop. In the 2004 movie Anchor Man, Ferrell plays the guy who has been the anchor man for quite a while and feels threatened when the channel hires a beautiful lady who he has to compete against.

7. Mrs. Doubtfire


No other actor could so brazenly disguise himself as a woman and give a performance of a lifetime. Robin Williams was one of the best comedians the world has seen and Mrs. Doubtfire released in 1993 is no exception. The way you want to cry with laughter at William’s portrayal of the Scottish housekeeper, you will also cry with sadness during certain points in the movie. This is the perfect movie when you aren’t in a great mood, because Mrs. Doubtfire will definitely make your day.

6. The Jerk


Steve Martins hilarious performance in this move turned him into an overnight star. The Jerk, 1979 got Martins praised by not just his new fans, but also the critics (who as we know are very hard to please, let alone trying to get them to laugh). Playing the role of a dim-wit, Steve Martins guarantees a million laughs from your side. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Comedy Movies All Time till 2017.

5. Caddy Shack

Caddy Shack Top Popular Comedy Movies All Time 2017

Caddy Shack turned out to be a classic. With Bill Murray playing the role of an eccentric golfer, it is a must watch for every kind of person. Whether you are a football lover or a fan of action movies, you will still crack up watching Caddy Shack, a 1980’s timeless classic.

4. Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber Top Famous Comedy Movies All Time 2018

In 1994 the world saw one of the silliest and funniest comedy movie. And it starred none other than Jim Carrey. Carrey and Jeff Daniels played the lead as two really adorable and really dumb friends who decide on a cross country adventure. Carrey and Daniels share an awesome chemistry that only helps make this comedy so much better and of course funnier.

3. The Hangover


The year 2009 saw one of the most memorable comedies in a long time. The Hangover, a movie about four guys going to Las Vegas for their best friend’s bachelor night, may make you think that this is nothing more than a cliché comedy. But once you watch it, you will not be able to stop yourself from laughing throughout the movie (especially during the credits).

2. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Top Most Famous Comedy Movies All Time 2019

What you would know before watching the movie is that this movie will be exactly as what the name suggests: these guys are out to bust ghosts. But what you wouldn’t know is the treat that you are going to be in for. This 1984 comedy will get you laughing at the comedy and even thrill you a bit with all the ghostbusting stuff.

1. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Top 10 Most Popular Comedy Movies All Time

Not only is this film spot on historically, but is also spot on entertaining. This 1975 comedy will leave you asking for more. Even after more than 4 decades, this remains a classic comedy that will get you laughing, every time you watch it!

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Comedy Movies All Time till 2017. These movies are sure to get you rolling on the floor with laughter. These are the most sidesplitting comedy movies we have come across and no matter how upset you are, you will definitely manage to lift your mood watching these classic hysterical comedies.

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