Top 10 Most Popular Best Korean Dramas

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Korean Dramas 2017. Korea is slowly but steadily cementing its position among the homes of best dramas in the world. Korean dramas seem to have taken the world by storm in 2017. Their dramas are more fascinating than ever and the blend of rich Korean culture just makes them incredible and must watch. Their dramas are certainly a must watch due to their amazing entertainment as well as their uniquely impeccable nature. Korean drama industry releases numerous sizzling dramas that caters for everyone’s taste. This article analyses those ten best Korean dramas that you cannot afford to miss this year.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Best Korean Dramas 2017

10. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Top 10 Best Korean Dramas

This is the drama about a lady who poses as a man and gives counselling on dating to men in order to spice their love life. This eunuch girl known as Kim Yoo Jung in the drama offers relationship advice in the king’s palace. Through his counsels she meets a prince called Park Bo Gum because of a love letter. The two are not aware of the eunuch girl disguising as a man and him posing as the future prince.

9. Imaginary Cat

Imaginary Cat Top Most Popular Korean Dramas 2018

The drama is about a young man, Hyung Jong Hyun who dreams of being one of the successful web toon writers in the world someday. Due to his uncontrollable emotions and self-centered nature, this dream seems impossible. His life takes a sharp turn when he finds a stray cat which he later named Bok Gil. This cat is his only source of comfort and life from turbulent life struggles albeit the cat cannot not communicate. The cat became his best friend. Why the drama is called Imaginary cat is mystery one can only unearth through watching this captivating and emotional drama unfold. It certainly merits to be ranked among the most popular best Korean dramas in 2017.

8. Moorim School


This drama is about two men who were fierce rivals. Lee Hyun Woo and Lee Hong Bin could not see eye to eye but they later turned out to be the best inseparable friends. Their rivalry began when they met at Moorin Institute. This special school was believed to hide a mystery. The two uncover the hidden secrets and mysteries surrounding the school and this is how their friendship quickly blossomed. Their rivalry

The drama focuses on two young men, Yoon Shi Woo (Lee Hyun Woo) and Wan Chi Ang (Lee Hong Bin) who at first, were rivals and eventually founded a good friendship. Their rivalry started when both of them were sent to Moorim Institute, a special school they believed hides a mystery. As they live their lives in the school, they uncover secrets and mysteries. The rivalry and competition rises again as they both try to pursue one girl, Soon Deok (Soo Ye Ji).

7. Come back mister

Come back mister Top Most Korean Dramas 2017

This is one of the best dramas of 2016 which integrates fantasy, comedy and fascinating romance into incredible drama. It is about lives of two men who died the same day, same hour albeit different accidents. The two men could not accept the fact that they had died. They felt that they still have unfinished business. Nevertheless, they all felt like they have some unresolved issues that they could handle when alive. The two were then given a second chance to live and finish whatever they have to. They have to all to follow strictly the three rules; not to reveal their true identities, not to be vengeful, and to keep off the affairs of the living humans. How the whole drama unfolds is captivating and this is the drama one has to watch in 2017. Whether they abide with the rules or break them as soon as they are back is the reason one cannot miss this drama.

6. Goodbye Mr. Black

Goodbye Mr. Black Top Popular Korean Dramas 2018

All big names in the drama industry in Korea featured in this outstanding drama. This first makes this drama worth watching. The drama depicts unforgivable betrayal, power of love and stern revenge. Cha Ji won (Lee Jin Wook) betrayed his best friend while working as a member of Underwater Demolition Team. He later returns with a new identity and plans a wedding with Swan (Moon Chae Won) to try make his identity real. Whether the marriage was successful or failed miserably is a reason one cannot miss this drama.

5. Six flying dragons


Historical dramas from Korea are simply the best in the world. This is why one cannot dare miss this drama. In this drama six people with different ambitions and success meet. Yoo Ah is the leading character whose outstanding contribution led to the establishment of Joseon Dynasty.

4. Jang Yeong sil

Jang youngsil Top Famous Korean Dramas 2019

This is drama based on real life events in the history of Korea. Jang Youngsil (Song II Kook is at the center of the drama as he started life as a a slave and rose to become the legendary scientist of all time. He did much contributions in astronomy. In Joseon Dynasty, he had developed very important inventions like the astronomical instruments, water clock and sundial among many other inventions in astronomy.

3. Oh my venus


This drama features Korea’s hottest stars in Shin Min Ah and So Ji Sub. Drama is about a beautiful woman who was popular in the university due to her unmatched beauty. As she grew older and busy at work she failed to get time for herself and later became very heavy. She meets Kim Young Ho, a famous trainer and asks him to lead him through training in order to lose weight. This deal made them come closer and closer and how it all ended is the reason you should watch this exciting drama.

2. Cheese in the trap

Cheese in the trap Top 10 Best Korean Dramas 2017

Despite initially facing numerous controversies, it still took the world by storm. The drama is about three people who started friendship, bitter rivalries and love. Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) gets mysteriously into life of Yoo Jung and Baek in Ho (Seo Kan Jun).they lead different lives in the university and deal with others differently. This captivating drama is favorite to most young viewers as they relate well with the events in the drama.

1. The descendants of the sun


This is currently the best and most famous drama from Korea. Song Joongki comeback was certainly amazing after release from the army. Drama revolves around the roller coaster love between Shin Jin (Song Joong Ki) and Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) and how they were later torn apart. Their busy schedule at work made them split as each pursued different career success. They later meet again and how this works and whether they fall in love again can only be answered by watching the whole incredible drama.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Best Korean Dramas 2017. Korea is certainly positioning itself as the home of captivating drama. The above list gives those top dramas that one cannot miss to watch in 2017. They are both entertaining and educative.