Top 10 Most Popular Android Games in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Android Games in The World 2017. The android gaming platform is improving and getting bigger and better each new day. Google play offers games to suit everyone’s taste regardless of their age and lifestyle. Here is a round up list of the 2017’s top 10 best android games for your phone.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Android Games in The World 2017

1. Ancestor


This is a fast-faced puzzler coupled with a side-scrolling action runner that will surely dazzle your eyes. You have to be a quick thinker if you want to go far. You must transverse dangerous landscapes filled with traps and foes as a cloaked hero, with the help of a mysterious orb that shoot lasers.

You have to clear your path by shooting down enemies and overcome obstacles. Winning battles will earn you currency chips which you can spend on various orbs. When you advance from the lower levels, it increasingly becomes difficult and demands swift thinking. This is a free game but you can also purchase the in-app currency to unlock all items.

2. Pokemon Go


As one of the hottest games this year, Pokemon Go was developed by Niantic. It lets the player physically travel to explore the games map and visit PokeStops, that are circular and purple in color. It is built on an almost identical game engine and forces you to get out of the house and explore your neighborhood. When your instructor reaches level 5, you are able to join the gym and one of the three teams that are instinct (yellow), valor (red) or Mystic (blue). This is now when the game ramps up and has quickly become a cultural phenomenon.

3. Vainglory


If you are looking for a high quality MOBA game specifically for your phone, then Vainglory will certainly be worth checking out. The game features all the frantic MOBA action, jumping in for a quick match with teammates and opponents, build your own party of allies and counter on all comers. You can still chill offline and train your strategies against bots.

When you fight your way down the lane, there is an upgrade system that goes out to let you counter attack your enemies. The game also has a tutorials section that helps boost your skills in the game. There are lots of stuff to unlock, a busting online community on Twitch, and live events for you to participate.

4. Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 Top Most Android Games 2018

This game is at the top when it comes to racing games, it provides an over-the-top stimulating experience with all the fixing. As a player, you are given four control options “Tilt to steer” (movement controlled by tilting the device), “Tilt and icons” (accelerates by an on-screen icon), “On-screen controls” (acceleration controlled by an on-screen virtual steering-wheel) and “Tap to steer” (acceleration controlled by tapping the screen on the side.

The players can work their way through the career mode, upgrade the ones they have or unlock new rides. The excellently polished graphics and soundtracks make Asphalt 8 an enjoyable trip that you won’t forget easily. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Android Games in The World 2017.

5. Disney Crossy Road

Disney Crossy Road Top Famous Android Games 2019

This game is quite fun as it involves dodging trains and traffic as a chicken or any other character that you unlocked. The game has Disney characters from mickey mouse and Donald Duck, and is therefore a perfect game for the kids. It can also be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates Disney land.

You have to assemble over 100+ Disney and Pixar figurines, travel through 8-bit depictions of Al’s Toy Barn and master unique themed challenges special to each of the words. The game has endless adventure.

6. Hearthstone

Hearthstone Top 10 Most Popular Android Games

In this game, players have to direct creature cards and throw spell cards in accordance to the Warcraft universe to defeat the online competitor. Hearthstone is a free to play online game, and all the nine heroes have their unique distinct abilities.

You will unleash powerful cards to sling spells, direct minions and restrict control of the ever-shifting battlefield. Whether a pro or not the experience is insane.

7. Smash hit


This is a minimalist target practice game; where the players tap the screen in order to shatter glass obstacles after tossing a marble. When you lose all the marbles then the game is over. If you are able to keep hitting the marbles refill without missing, then you can fire two, three and five marbles at the same time. As you play this game, you need to have high level of focus and get your timing right. The game is free of charge and is free from ads.

8. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure Top 10 Most Popular Android Games 2017

This game has simple controls hence you can play quite easily. In this game, you snowboard down the mountain side and collect all the runway llamas escaping boulders. You can pull off awesome stunts during a run, take power ups and complete challenges to go up in the level.

If you get tired of the challenges, just swipe over to Zen mode where there is unending relaxation. When you begin on the slopes with Alto, one scores points by performing some tricks such as backflips (tap and hold on the screen), grinding on flag lines and jumping on rocks.

9. Modern Combat 5


This game offers the greatest shooting action of all. The challenges allow players to actually test their skills in specific scenarios; you will drive into an action-packed single-player campaign and once you are relaxed drive into the multiplayer mode.

This game plays as good as it looks, has sharp controls and impressive graphics. One has to step into the battlefield, build a squad, add your friends and examine your skills in dynamic multiplayer warfare against online competitors from all around the world.

10. Clash Royale

Clash Royale Top Most Famous Android Games 2018

Unlock and upgrade troops by building your battle deck and take on real-life opponents. You have to be a quick thinker and toss strategically to win. You have to collect and upgrade dozens of cards that has the clash of Clans troops, knock down the enemy king and princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents to win the trophies, glory in the arena and crown. You can form a clan to share cards and create a battle community.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Android Games in The World 2017. Android gaming has attracted smartphone users in a big way, leading to the expansion of mobile phone games; most of which are played free. Your mind will be blown away by the countless options you will have to choose from.