Faith Hill Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Faith Hill Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Faith Hill continues to conquer country music, transitioning to big screens. However, she is a wife, a mother and a girl from Mississippi who boasts of being one of the most successful singing queens of all time, having sold over 41 million albums globally. Her music continues to cross over to pop radios from the country, which shows she is a unique artist. Hill was adopted when she was still an infant, and that is where she loved music, even performing when she was just seven. Faith drops college at the age of 19 and heads to Nashville, where she takes jobs in the music world to earn a living. She later releases her debut album in 1993 after her first marriage breaks up, although a blood vessel surgery delays her second album. During the spring season in 1996, she teams up with Tim McGraw on tour, after which she gets pregnant, and they married in 1996. Hill boasts of an incredible collection of songs from various albums, duets with her sweetheart as well as movie soundtracks. Here are her ten best songs.

Faith Hill Top 10 Songs of All Time 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Faith Hill Till 2017

10. ‘There Will Come A Day.’

Faith Hill decides to go back to the Baptist roots, and that makes her terminate the album with a gospel track, which turns out to be inspiring and outstanding. Faith sings of the lovely place called heaven, as she believes that the track will ring down the golden streets. She figures out a time when both the earth’s and the angel’s voices will finally sing together. The record contains a ‘soul filled chorus’ that makes Faith’s vocals fill with raw emotions.

9. ‘There You’ll Be.’

‘There You’ll Be’ is a track from the ‘Pearl Harbor’ film in which Hill reflects on the love offered by another person, despite the person being away from her. She sings about reserving a place in the other person’s heart, something she does forever. The track is originally penned by Warren Diane, and it remains a big hit that reached position one on the ‘Adult Contemporary’ charts.

8. ‘Cry.’

‘Cry’ is written by Aparo Angie, as a sad track aimed at making a partner feel sorry after termination of a romantic relationship. ‘Cry’ is originally released for the country radio, although it later crosses over to ‘Adult Contemporary’ stations, where it does excellently well. Hill makes her vocals reach a raw hurt of rejection, making ‘Cry’ one of the singer’s most dominant performances.

7. ‘It Matters to Me.’

‘It Matters to Me’ is a romantic love track penned by Mark D. Sanders and Ed Hill, which boasts of being Faith’s third position one track. The song is Faith’s second record from the ‘It Matters to Me’ album. Faith sings about the unbearable scenario of couples fighting, and how much is hurts her when couples fail to talk to each other. The record has traditional country sounds and heartbreaking emotions, making it turn out to be excellently composed.

6. ‘Secret of Life.’

‘Secret of Life’ is a story about two men sitting in an alcohol drinking den discussing what the secret of life is, which they need to identify. She complains about the life of celebrities, who are never happy despite them having money and fame at their disposal. However, the bar attendee tells the men that life has no secret, it all depends on what you do with your life.

5. ‘When the Lights Go Down.’

‘When the Lights Go Down’ is a tale about how people behave after other people leave them alone. The track seems to unmask people, making the entire world see their real selves. The track is a sad story of a dead Hollywood star, the gentleman locking up a bar, the celebrity that loses a lover and the reality that the people are left to deal with. Hill decides to tell a story about vulnerability while singing with power.

4. ‘Breath.’

‘Breath’ is a track with a music video that reveals a sultry side of Faith Hill. The track turns out to be Faith’s seventh position one on country charts. ‘Breathe’ is a crossover hit for Faith with great electric guitar backings. The strong love track maintains Faith Hill as an everlasting artist in country music, strong power. This is one of the Faith Hill Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017

3. ‘Mississippi Girl.’

The song is written down by Shoenfeld Adam and John Rich, and Faith sings about her lifetime as a mother, playing with her children in t-shirt and jeans to going to perform in concerts attended by thousands of people. The incredible track explains Faith’s role as an actress, musician, and parent to her kids. The track is the first in the singing queen’s ‘Fireflies’ album and also doubles up as her first position one track among country music charts since ‘The Way You Love Me,’ released in 2000.

2. ‘Wild One.’

Penned by Jaime Kyle, Pat Bunch, and Will Rambeaux, ‘Wild One’ is initially recorded by ‘Zaca Creek’ the country band in 1992. Another group called ‘Evangeline’ covers the track a year later after it performs poorly in the first version. Faith Hill then includes the song that same year, in her debut album named ‘Take Me as I Am.’ Her version successfully turns into a hit, as well as her first position one. ‘Wild One’ launches Faith’s career as a single and introduces her to the country music world.

1. ‘Like We Never Loved at All.’

‘Like We Never Loved at All’ is a heartbreaking duet with Faith’s husband penned by Scot Sax, Vicky McGehee, and John Rich. The track takes a look at a failed relationship that still deals with the breakup, while the another partner haves fun after moving on a long time ago. The song is about surviving a breakup in love that has gone sour, which turns out to be a success in both adult contemporary and country radio charts.

Faith Hill Most Emotional Song

Piece of My Heart

In the emotional track, faith hill asks her hubby whether she ever failed to make him feel like he is the only man in the world. She tells him that she offered everything a lady has to offer. She goes on to sing the heartbreaking song, telling the man to take another piece of her heart and break it, if that makes her happy.

Faith Hill is a name that all fans of country music know so well. Her fantastic songs make us happy and relaxed, and we will listen to them forever. We love you Faith Hill, and we can never take a ‘piece of your heart,’ we will always offer you the support, as your everlasting fans.

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