Top 10 Most Expensive Stunts in Movie History

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Expensive Stunts in Movie History till 2017. Let’s face it, action movies without incredible death defying stunts, are not that much fun. When a character manages to scale the walls of a skyscraper or dive out of a plane without a parachute and then manage to catch up with one that had fallen out of the plane just in time, we are thrilled. Many producers know this so they try to include such scenes in the movies. In most cases these stunts are more believable when they are actually performed by real people, this however comes at a huge cost as the stunt men need to be paid and the entire crew who contribute towards the successful execution of the stunt. Some movies have made history by employing the most expensive stunts and here is a list of the top 10 most expensive stunts in Movie History.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Stunts in Movie History till 2017

10- Cliffhanger

cliffhanger, Top 10 Most Expensive Stunts in Movie History 2017

In 1993 the world had not seen too many death defying stunts until the Movie Cliffhanger came out. it stared Sylvester Stallone but the stunt was actually performed by Simon Crane who climbed a rope suspended between 2 airplanes at 15,000 feet. This stunt was listed by the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive aerial stunt. It is also one of the most dangerous that the insurance company refused to insure Simon Crane before he performed the stunt.

9- James Bond, “The Spy who Loved Me”


In this 1977 classic, there is a scene in which the character James bond is trying to escape on skis and to complete his escape he dives off a mountain side plunging down into the cliff before he opens up his union jack parachute and floats down to safety. This scene was done by a stunt man who did it live without the help of any special effects. It was very dangerous and the stunt man, Rick Sylvester was paid 30 thousand dollars for that 3,000 foot drop, back then in the 70s it was considered a historical amount spend on a stunt man alone. The movie was a hit and remains a classic to this day.

8- Terminator 2, “Judgement Day”


In this movie, there is a scene with a helicopter chase which had never been seen before in 1991. The helicopter chase involved a truck being pursued by a helicopter that was travelling at ground level and at one point it goes under a bridge in a stunt that was considered very dangerous, it was actually very dangerous that the film crew refused to shoot it and the director, James Cameron had to do the shooting himself. This movie was full of expensive stunts that by the end of the shooting they had spent just over 50 million dollars on stunts alone.

7- Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol


Tom Cruise is known for being a dare devil which is why it is no surprise that he does his own stunts, in this movie in 2011, he performs a daring stunt, climbing the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa which stands at over two thousand feet tall. For this stunt to be executed, a replica of the building had to be made and flown in to the set so that he could practice, then a number of cameras needed to be set up, wind needed to be simulated and special lights were needed to create the effect of the sun’s rays. The movie took up 150 million dollars and a big percentage of that went into this stunt.

6- Aerial hijacking, The Dark Night Rises


In the opening scene, of this movie, the director manages to spend millions of dollars on a stunt that involved 4 men sliding down from an airplane suspended on cables onto a building to rescue their boss and kidnap a scientist. This was indeed a breath taking scene and Chris Nolan, the director says for him he puts aside the thought of how much is spent and focuses on bringing to life the idea he envisions for the movie. This turned out to be a very elaborate and expensive stunt of all time.

5- The Amazing Spiderman

the amazing spiderman, Top 10 Most Expensive Stunts in Movie History

Just a year after the Batman stunt, the amazing Spiderman also made history in 2012 with an equally expensive stunt budget. The stunts involving spiderman swinging on a web, for the first time in the franchise were performed with more involvement of a stunt man that digitally edited shots. A real stunt man had to wear the spider costume and swing around to make the action more exciting and indeed it worked but it also came at quite a heavy cost worth listing in the Top 10 Most Expensive Stunts in Movie History. The entire movie cost went up to 250 million dollars. This is one of Top 10 Most Expensive Stunts in Movie History till 2017.

4- Matrix Reloaded


There is a chase scene in this movie that is quite breathtaking but it was not so much the stunt performers that took up the production cost but the set up for the stunt to be performed. They actually had to construct a prop highway with a wall standing at 19 feet, for that chase scene and that alone took 2.5 million dollars. Then they had to factor in the fee for the amazing stunt woman who did all the weaving through traffic on the custom made highway. By the end of shooting they had spent 120 million dollars. But is was well spent since the movie grossed in over 700 million.

3- Inception


Christopher Nolan has a love for real performances and he made no exception in the movie Inception. (NO he did not actually put people in a real brain) but he did have them construct a . This is where a lot of the stunts took place and the construction of this spinning hallway is what made the movie one of the most expensive stunt productions.

2- Ironman 3


In this movie, there is a scene in which Iron Man has to rescue the passengers of Air Force One who have been sucked out of the plane through a gaping hole. This scene was performed by a team of Red Bull sky divers who dressed up in business suits and had hidden parachutes but actually had to make the plunge to get the right shots. Actually they had to re do the jump close to 8 times a day to get all the scenes completed before visual effects could be added. The movie spent 300 million dollars in production.

1- Ben Hur


It is never going to be cheap including animals into a stunt and the Ben Hur, chariot chase stunt proves it all too well. Even though some movies have had a bigger expense on stunts, this one is considered the most expensive because it was made in a time when spending 4 million dollars on production of a movie was unheard of. Sets had to be built, over 80 horses needed to be trained and practiced with and a lot of people had to be used to create the perfect chariot race stunt.

It is clear that movie producers are trying to make more death defying stunts so we can be sure that very soon we are going to see new entrants in the Top 10 Most Expensive Stunts in Movie History.