Eric Clapton Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Eric Clapton Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Eric Clapton has a discography that reads like an endless laundry list composed of song titles. Eric Clapton has recorded memorable music tracks, both in the studio and live. People from different music genres know him, as he has a unique ability to make the guitar trigger raw emotions. Clapton has had an excellent career with the Yardbirds, Cream and John Mayall. He finally decides to do songs his way in a solo career. Below is a list of the best songs the musician has done so far.

Eric Clapton Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Eric Clapton top 10 songs till 2017

10. Sunshine of Your Love

Whoever talks about Eric Clapton has to say something about ‘Cream.’ The reason is that the group boasts of many hit songs in the Cream album, but the most popular are of course ‘Sunshine of Your Love.’ The song qualifies to be classic rock, thanks to the heavy distinct metal guitar as well as the drumming by Ginger Baker. Clapton has played the song for over one thousand times in different concerts around the world. ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ is a jamming song, and is lucky to be included on the 1967 ‘Disraeli Gears.’ The song is an all-time classic and thrills many across the globe. Some people say that the song made Eric Clapton a ‘god,’ from just a king of the guitar.

9. White Room

The song has some psychedelic tunes with incredible guitar licks, and is a hit from the same great album: ‘Cream.’ The introduction chords of this song are utterly unmistakable, especially considering that it releases as a section of ‘Wheels of Fire’ in 1968. ‘White Room’ is a song that links to the Vietnam War, and foreign troops used to listen to the song while in the war overseas. The wah-wah screams by Clapton blow the mind. The song draws mixed reactions from a section of listeners but is privileged to have been played over forty-one billion times on radios that deal with classic rocks all over the world.

8. Presence of the Lord

One of the best gems made by Eric Clapton, Rich Grech, Ginger Baker and Steve Woods is obviously ‘Presence of the Lord.’ Clapton works on the guitar, the vocals by Winwood and the band never disappoints. The group changes time signatures and works to produce an original rock crescendo. Winwood’s spiritual voice works excellently well with the interplay generated by the guitar strings. The song is both emotional and powerful, and it demonstrates the talent that this group does possess.

7. Tears in Heaven

‘Tears in Heaven’ is a sad song, and the motivation of the song is as well sad. Eric Clapton is inspired by the death of his beloved young son Conor (Four) to compose ‘Tears in Heaven.’ Lili Zanuck acts as the song’s director, and the result is a big international hit, with a very touching tune. The success of the song gets it to the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ in the year 2004.The song is also about two cops who worked undercover, but later became drug addicts, and suppose those are the duo who can never forget this song. Unfortunately, Clapton drops the song from his set list in 2004, after it apparently becomes emotional and difficult to perform the song.

6. Wonderful Tonight

Clapton is in love with an author, English photographer and groupie Boyd Patti, who inspires him to write the song. Boyd first marries Harrison George, then Eric Clapton. The couple divorces in 1988 but inspires the musician to write two songs: ‘Wonderful Tonight’ and ‘Layla,’ another hit track. Clapton falls into depression and heroin addiction after the woman refuses his advances. However, the lady divorces her husband later, to Clapton’s advantage. The romantic dance song is popular in weddings, since its release in 1977, in the album named ‘Slow hand.’ Clapton’s songs seem to cover all occasions, from burials to weddings. The song is a show of immense talent by the credited singer. ‘Wonderful’ tonight is all about Patti Boyd dressing and getting ready for a night party held in 1976, but the song is a hit until today. This is one of the Eric Clapton Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. My Father’s Eyes

The song is an autobiography about Clapton’s life. The death of two important people in his life inspires the song, his dad, and his son. Clapton sings that whenever he needs them, that is the very time that he needs his father’s eyes. Eric, a man, estranged from his dad. Above that is that his son died mysteriously after falling from a window, at the age of just four. The song is a Grammy Award winner, despite it being sad.

4. I Shot the Sheriff

‘I shot the Sheriff’ is a total smash, right from its time of release until today. The song is a rock version of Bob Marley’s song, which is an anthem all over the world. From that time, various musicians including Bob Dylan and Rolling Stones started to cut reggae-inspired tunes. The title did not seem controversial after the release of the song, probably because Clapton performed it at his concerts. The song is a favorite of both rock and reggae fans and is a hit all over the world.

3.’ Layla.’

People believe that ‘Layla’ is the greatest song ever composed by Clapton. The song records at a time when the Dominoes and Derek dominate the British guitar, but Clapton is lucky to have Allman Duane play the slide. The song is about the wife of Eric Clapton, who also happens to be the former wife of George Harrison. His crazy obsession with Boyd Pattie boils, driving him to release this track. He composes the song as a ballad, but Duane Allman helps Eric to turn it to a rocker. The song got little attention during the first year of its release, but after Clapton did it as a single, it now boasts as the most beloved song by the musician.

2. Badge

Great minds think the same, and Badge is a perfect indication. He writes the song alongside George Harrison, and the sweet melody of the tune makes the song be a favorite among those who love Clapton. The song crosses over into pop and rock territory, making it qualify as ‘Slow hand’s’ best song. Clapton married George’s wife, although the two remained friends and George was able to persevere the whole ordeal. The song is an explanation of Clapton’s life. The most interesting fact about the song that many people do not know is that the title of the song should have been ‘Bridge,’ but Clapton reads it wrongly, naming the song ‘Badge.’

1. Crossroads

The song comes from a track by Robert Johnson: ‘Cross Road Blues.’ Eric took the composition, electrifying it with a blistering lead. The song is originally recorded as ‘Crossroads’ with the Powerhouse band, although Cream’s version is the most popular. The song is special to Clapton, and this makes him name rehabilitation center in Antigua and his guitar festival after the song. The song is a hit all over the globe, and one of the best done by Eric Clapton.

Eric Clapton New Songs 2016

1. I Dreamed I saw St.Augustine

In his latest song, Eric Clapton claims to have seen St. Augustine. He sings that he saw that he saw him alive, like you and me. Eric sings that the saint had a blanket under his arms, and a coat made of solid gold, looking for those souls that have been sold.He dreams that he is one of those who kills the saint, and that is where he wakes up annoyed.

2. Can’t Let you do it

In this song, Eric sings of a girl with a high class, who steps all over him. He sings to her that he knows she will do it, but can never let her do it. He tells her that she is soo wrapped up to care, even if the sun failed to shine and the blue skies disappeared. The song is a manifestation of Clapton’s talent in music.

The music career of Eric Clapton speaks for its self, and there is nothing fans can add or subtract. Let us just hope that he lives longer to produce such good music.

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