Eric Church Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Eric Church Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. One of the musicians taking the country music by storm is Eric Church. The artist is among the few incredible songwriters in Nashville, an exceptional life performer, and an amazing dancer. The musician has four albums, and he gets more accolade and notorious with each song. We have sampled the ten best songs by Eric Church, the award-winning musician. Take a look, and I hope your favorite song made the cut.

Eric Church Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Eric Church:

10. ‘Pledge Allegiance to the Hag.’

The song is contained in Eric’s ‘Sinners Like Me’ album, and it pays tribute to a legend known as Haggard Merle. The song is a favorite for concerts, and fans always request for the track, whenever Church is performing. The song is a tribute to the Great singer who thrilled country music fans and to his straightforward and classic life. Eric’s fans relate those issues to the song, and they love it for sure. ‘Where folks still pledge allegiance.’ ‘I pledge allegiance to the Hag.’

9. ‘Creepin’

‘Creepin’ is a track from Eric’s album called ‘CMA,’ and it is the coolest song that he ever records. The song is written by Eric, alongside Green Marv, and it explains a lover who does not get away from the mind. One unique thing about the track is that it is not a sad song, as everyone would expect. The musician uses swampy sounds that make the record special from all the rest of country songs. ‘Just a creepin’, creepin’, oh creepin’.

8. ‘Give Me Back My Hometown.’

The song is very emotional, and a lot of hurts captures in the song. ‘Give me back my Hometown’ is a track contained in the album named ‘The Outsiders,’ and it is written alongside Luke Laird. The track is Church’s single number three to be position one, having topped the ‘Billboard Country Airplay’ tracks. The song also boasts of nominations to two awards: ‘Song of the Year’ and ‘Single of the Year’ awards at the CMA. ‘Give me back my hometown.’ “Cause this is my hometown.’

7. ‘These Boots.’

‘These Boots’ is a track from Eric’s album titled ‘Sinners Like Me.’ The record is typical and enjoys a mass following among fans, but what they do not know is that the song did not release as a single. Whenever Church performs the song, things get crazy, with fans removing their boots and throwing them into the air, until the track is over. Those who understand Church’s music classify the song as a regret ballad. ‘Like they had some things to prove.’ ‘These boots.’

6. ‘Talladega.’

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that ‘Talladega’ is the best song off the ‘Outsiders’ album. The track is quickly approaching the top 10 songs in various country music charts. The song’s theme is similar to another smash by the same musician named ‘Springsteen.’ Both tracks capture a feeling of someone refusing to let go because that is what feels perfect. The track features some cherished moments between lovers, but by bad luck, the moments cannot last forever. ‘And thinking as that checkered flag was waving.’ ‘Sure would like to stay in, Talladega.’ This is one of the Eric Church Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘Smoke a Little Smoke.’

‘Smoke a little smoke’ is one of the hard tracks the Church produced, and he placed it in the ‘Carolina’ album. The song is cool, and its narrator decides to enjoy life, despite him being just out of a breakup. He chooses to ignore the sorrow and enjoy smoking and drinking. The song is encouraging, and it offers courage to many fans who experience hard issues in relationships. ‘And put some feel good in my soul.’ ‘Drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke.’

4. ‘Like Jesus Does.’

‘Like Jesus Does’ is one of the best country music songs ever, but it fails to rise to the top five charts in country music. The track is written by Monty Criswell and Casey Beathard and is the final and fifth track off ‘Chief.’ The song a favorite anthem to the fans, explaining what true love is capable of doing. The song has a similar theme to another one by the same musician titled ‘A man Who Was Gonna Die Young,’ from the ‘Outsiders’ album.

3. ‘Love Your Love the Most.’

The song is an incredible love song that is also number one in the ‘Carolina’ album which turns out to be Church’s first top 10 hit the track. He sings about everything that he loves, although his lady is not so much among the things that Eric likes. The song is simple, and that makes it unique because it also sings about something that many men do in the real sense. ‘And hell yes I love my truck.’ ‘But I want you to know.’ ‘Honey, I love your love the most.’

2. ‘Sinners Like Me.’

The song fails to do well after its release, despite it being a thriller and a favorite during performances. The track was not well timed, and that explains why it did not perform as expected. Had it been released on ‘Chef,’ then the track would have quickly found its way to the top 10 charts. He sings about family and tradition, and how all of us have some weaknesses, as no one is perfect. ‘He laughed so hard when my face turned green.’ ‘He said, “you come from a long line of sinners like me.”

1. ‘Springsteen.’

‘Springsteen’ is a song that changed the entire music career of Church. The track transformed him into an overnight superstar. The song rose to the top of country charts and made the musician recognized by many, including ‘The Rolling Stone.’ The track is written by Jeff Hyde, Church, and Ryan Tyndell. The track is about the memories of teenage love, something that all of us can relate.

Eric Church New Songs 2016-2017

Record Year

In the latest song, Church sings about a girl who left him, thinking that she will ruin his life. However, it turns out that Church uses ‘lemons to make lemonades,’ and he sings even better. He thanks the girl for having left and offers her a present for leaving. ‘If you find your way back I owe you a beer.’ ‘For my record year.’

Eric Church is a talented singer, and his talent is a thriller to the fans of country music. His songs may touch people on the painful veins, especially when he sings tracks like ‘smoke a little smoke,’ which is ignorance to a broken relationship. He, however, sings the complete truth, and that is how life goes. Eric Church also sings romantic songs, the likes of ‘Love your love the most, ‘ We hope he produces more music, because ‘we love his music the most.’

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