Eminem Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Eminem Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. ‘Marshall Bruce Mathers III,’ popularly known as Eminem is an American rapper who turns into a sensation after releasing his ‘Infinite’ album. The rapper achieves mainstream popularity after composing the second album, ‘The Slim Shady,’ which goes on to earn him a Grammy Award. He is born in Missouri on 1972 and lives in Michigan, practicing as an actor, producer, songwriter, and rapper. Below is a sampled list of ten of his best tracks, filtered from his many hit songs. Scroll down and check whether your favorite song is position one.

Eminem Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Eminem till 2017

10. ‘My Name Is.’

The song is contained in the rapper’s studio album number two, ‘The Slim Shady.’ The track contains samples from ‘I Got The,’ a track from Siffre Labi. The song ranks at position twenty-six on ‘VHI,’ which samples the best songs from the 90s. The song is ranked position six by ‘the Q Magazine,’ among the top 1000 songs ever. ‘My Name’ boasts of being the track that offers Eminem with the first ‘Grammy Award’, as it won as ‘the Best Rap Solo Performance’ in the year 2000, during the 42nd edition of the ‘Grammy Awards.’

9. ’97 Bonnie &Clyde.’

The track makes an appearance on ‘the Shady Slim Ep’ in the form of ‘Just the Two of Us’ and also on ‘the Marshall Mathers’ He sings o his girlfriend telling her how much she loves her, and that he can never let the girl go. Eminem promises that nothing in the world can ever separate him from her because she is the best. He tells the girlfriend to prepare, for they are just about to go to the beach to have fun. ‘Just me and you baby.’ ‘Is all we need in this world, just me and you.’

8. ‘Not Afraid.’

Almost everyone has heard this song, fan of Eminem or not. The song’s video makes people afraid, regardless of the fact that the title reminds us not to be scared. Eminem goes to the highest floor of the building and looks down, and those with height phobia feel like they can switch off the TV. The track is the sixteenth to have a debut at position one on the ‘Billboard Hot 100′. The song is ten times certified as a platinum by the RIAA, giving the musician second song Diamond awards. The track has won many awards including Billboard, Detroit, and Grammys.

7. ‘Stan.’

The song is done by Eminem, with British musician Dido also featuring in the record. ‘Stan’ is the third track from ‘the Marshall Mathers’, Eminem’s album number three. The song rose to position one in Australia and Canada. Eminem starts the song by complaining that he regrets waking up, all because his tea goes cold. Morning rain clouds prevent him from seeing, but his girlfriend’s picture assures him that things are all right. ‘Dear Stan, I meant to write to you sooner, but I’ve just been busy.’

6. ‘The Real Slim Shady.’

Eminem places the song in his studio album number three, called ‘the Marshall Mathers.’ ‘Real Slim Shady’ is the rapper’s first track to rank at position one in Canada, and also rises to position four on the ‘Hot 100 songs, Billboard.’ The track turns out to be Eminem’s best after release. In the United Kingdom, the rack turns out to be the 13th best-selling, and wins many awards including ‘Best Male Video,’ ‘Best Rap Solo Performance,’ Grammy Awards and ‘MTV Video Music Awards.’

5. ‘Without Me.’

‘Without Me’ is Eminem’s song placed in his studio album number four, titled ‘The Eminem Show’ The song is released as the leading track in the entire album, and released again on ‘The Curtain Call: The Hits,’ the album that contains all the rapper’s great songs. The single performs well and rose to position two on the Hot 100 songs in the Billboard, and position one in over twenty countries. The song is an Eminem signature, and people associate him with ‘Without Me.’This is one of the Eminem Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

4. ‘Cleanin Out My Closet.’

The song is in the rapper’s studio album number four, titled the ‘Eminem Show.’ The single becomes the number two top song in the entire album, at position four on the ‘Billboard Hot 100 chart’ in the United States of America. The track is one of the best-performing singles and is has certification as Platinum in Australia. The song also features on ‘8 Mile’, the theoretical film by Eminem. ‘I never meant to make you cry, but tonight: am cleaning out my closet.’

3. ‘Superman.’

‘Superman’ is a single that contains backing vocals from Rae Dina. The song peaks at position fifteen on the ‘The Billboard Hot 100′ and position forty-one in New Zealand. The track is contained in ‘The Eminem Show.’ He sings to the girl telling her that he is sure she wants him, and he wants her too. He tells her that he intends to save the girl and that they should build their love together. ‘They call me Superman, am here to rescue you.’ The song is fun and romantic.

2. ‘Sing for the Moment.’

The song is so excellent that the critics of Eminem approve it, and acknowledge that they love his music, despite them not loving him as a person. The song peaks in the top charts in different countries. Amazingly, the track hits position fourteen in the United States, on the Billboard. In the song, Eminem sings about the conflict that exists between parents and teenagers, giving a story of a teenager who hates the father. ‘They say music can alter moods and talk to you.’ ‘Well can it load a gun up for you, and cock it too.’

1. ‘Berzerk.’

The song is done by Rapper Eminem, and Rubin Rick produces it. The track is single number one in the musician’s studio album number eight called ‘The Marshall Mathers.’ The track is a great success, and it rose to the top three songs on the Billboard, not mentioning the thousands of downloads that it boasts about, a majority of which was done immediately after its release. The song is the best Eminem ever composed.

Eminem New Songs 2016-2017

1. ‘I Miss You.’

In this latest release, Eminem sings about hypocrisy. He wonders whether people care when they ask whether he is happy and okay, or they do it because of the troubles he is having. Eminem tells his girl that he always wants to say he loves her, but that is never enough. He says he loves her again, but he cannot hear. ‘To come and see you once more, difficult as it sounds.’

Eminem is one of the longest practicing rappers in the United States. His long time experience in the music industry makes him stand out from the other musicians, and his uniqueness makes him a global celebrity. He never shies away from expressing his fearlessness on various issues that affect him. He recently released a track that attacks Donald Trump, which is an entry into American politics. Let us hope Eminem lives longer to sing more songs.

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