Elton John Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Elton John Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Elton Hercules John better known as Elton John is a legendary singer, songwriter, and pianist. Throughout his career that dates back to the early ‘70s, he has produced some of the best songs in the history of classic rock. At 68 years, the legend is still as spry as ever. At some point in his career, he battled several addictions but emerged strongly to keep entertaining his fans. He has released many songs,

ELTON JOHN Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 Songs by Elton John till 2017

10. ‘I’m Still Standing.’

Sir Elton John went back to recording high sales in the year 1983. Going back to the studio was made possible by hits like ‘I’m Still Standing.’ The song was bullish evidence that he was still in the reign and surprise to those who had ruled him out of the industry when he performed dismally in the late ‘70s. In this song, John even went a mile further to give a good video where John himself contributes some moves that display a wealth of choreography. Nothing compares to the amount of creativity he put in his work at the beginning of the 70s.

9. ‘Nobody Wins.’

This song was released in 1981. The track is penned courtesy of Gary Osborne. Gary Osborne proved his exceptional talent in this song making it a great success. The track is inspired by the work of a French Janic Prévost in J’Veux d’la Tendresse in 1980. It came to be known later that Osborne had a talent in translating songs from different languages which earned him a lot of money as a teenager. For this reason, Osborne was able to translate Janic Prevost’s words into his own. ‘Nobody wins’ expresses John’s feelings towards the worse condition of his own parent’s relationship.

8. ‘Are You Ready For Love.’

In the late 1970s, Elton John didn’t impress the punks. This saw an album produced at this time, ‘Victim of Love,’ perform so poorly. At the very time, Elton John released the song ‘Are You Ready for Love?’ and was still not accepted. However, there was later to be released a remix featuring Ashley Beedle. The remix was popularized by a Premier League advert in 2003. All of a sudden, the song was widely accepted seeing it reach number one in the United Kingdom. The song is such joyously unrestrained that one can only stop wondering how it never impressed in the first place.

7. ‘Crocodile Rock.’

‘Crocodile Rock’ is a song from the album ‘Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player.’ However small the aspirations of this song might be, it turned out to be a superb tune. It was a song that mimicked the rock and pops of the ‘50s that Elton and his peers grew up listening to. The central piano riff coupled with the guitar lines underpinning the chorus made this a great to hear.

6. ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.’

It is possible to come up with a parallel list of Elton John albums from the ‘70s. However, ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ comes on top of the rest by virtue of size and the content of the songs therein. This album could be the magnum opus of Elton John and Bernie Taupin. In the song, Taupin uses words that elicit nostalgia, wit, and even a bit of anger. The song tells of a gullible young farm boy trapped in a web of an influential figure. The sound achieved by Elton’s band in this track is just phenomenal. This is one of the Elton John Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)’

‘Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)’ is from the album ‘Jump Up’ of 1982. It was a creation out of the influence the Beatles had on musicians like Elton John. It is an unfathomable thrill being allies with an artist like John Lennon after only seeing him on covers of albums. The duo of John Lennon and Elton John recorded several tunes together. Their partnership yielded legendary in 1975. When John Lennon waa assassinated in 1980, lyricist Bernie Taupin reached the hearts of many fans by composing a ballad through this loss.

4. ‘I’m Still Standing.’

When it came to critical appreciation, people regarded the ‘80s as a ‘Lost Decade’ for Elton. It was quite unfair because during this decade, he produced a lot of hits, but people only remember few. I’m Still Standing came off the album ‘Too Low for Zero’ that was released in 1983. After this album, however, John would lose himself to drug addiction only to come back in 1989 with the album ‘Sleeping With the Past.’ ‘I’m Still Standing’ is a song that combines different genres and this makes it unique and lovable.

3. ‘Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting.’

‘Saturday Night’ is another great hit from the 70s, and it came off the album ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.’ Like ‘I’m Still Standing,’ this song is equally great. It compares to other great rock songs under Elton John’s repertoire in classic rock over decades. In fact, many Elton’s fans feel that ‘Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting’ comes on top of the others. It was penned by Bernie Taupin, and the melody was great courtesy of the legendary guitar riff by Davey Johnston. The lyrics give an imaginary picture of a thug in Britain in a particular period of its cultural history. Elton’s vocals present neither grace nor mercy. He kills the track with the rock wail. Elton earns a spot on the list of all-time great vocalists in the rock music scene.

2. ‘Tiny Dancer.’

For Elton’s fans, this is an undisputed classic. It was a great hit off the album ‘Madman Across the Water’ of 1971. The song is graced by a beautiful riff of the piano as it starts. As it continues to play, a warm sound is built effortlessly. The combination of an acoustic guitar with a relaxed tempo, coupled with Elton’s piano that has always been top notch, makes the song deserve an honor as one of Elton’s best. The imagery in Bernie Taupin’s lyrics that were a dedication to his girlfriend at that time makes the track an all time classic.

1. ‘Rocket Man.’

In this song, Elton and Taupin can express the sorrowfulness associated with space travel where one is alone away from Earth and as a result, a life of loneliness in the absence of family and friends. Many had tried to express this feeling, but nobody else did it better than this duo. The song was Elton’s 11th single off the album ‘Honky Chateau.’ This song has over time emerged as the greatest song by Elton. It possesses a unique production, and the theme of space oddity couldn’t have been brought out better by any other person but Gus Dudgeon who produced it.

New Songs by Elton John 2016-2017

Most recently, in 2013, Elton brought us ‘The Diving Board.’ It was full of reminiscent narratives in its lyrics and got approved by many. However, it wasn’t a song that can play at a party. Three years on and he is back with some happy songs. Here are some three tunes to look out for by Elton in 2017:

1. ‘Wonderful Crazy Night.’

It is a happy song that carries the name of the album. Elton personally joked to the LA Times that he didn’t want even the least of sadness in the record. In the song, Taupin’s lyrics are given life by the way Elton hits the piano in his typical legendary style.

2. ‘Claw Hammer.’

It is a catchy tune displaying some good work by Elton’s tour band. The band effortlessly invokes a jazzy soul characteristic of Stax Records.

3. ‘Looking Up.’

The song does not come up like a huge hit, but it is surely better than silence from the artist.

Elton has had quite a successful career. His long-time partner, Taupin is a lyric genius, and I doubt anybody else could have been a better lyricist for Elton. At 68, he is showing us that he still has a lot to offer. We look forward to singing to more happy songs from him like he has set the tone this year.

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