Ellie Goulding Top 10 Songs of All Time, New Songs in 2016-2017

Take a look at the below list of Ellie Goulding Top 10 Songs and Albums of All Time till 2017 with new and upcoming songs 2017. Ellie Goulding is a talented US musician well known for her hit song titled ‘Lights.’ The singer enjoys massive following from across the world, thanks to her worldwide tours. She starts with electronic and pop music, but she naturally becomes obsessed with electronic music and spends her time composing the same. Her music is evidence that she is in the music industry to stay, and that she can only do better. We have sampled ten of the best songs that Ellie has produced, scroll down to see which song hits the first position.

Ellie Goulding Top 10 Songs List, New Songs in 2017-2018

List of Top 10 songs by Ellie Goulding till 2017:

10. ‘This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)

‘This love’ is a song from Ellie’s album titled ‘Bright Lights’ The track is both melodramatic and gentle, with her singing about a love that goes sour. She tells her man that he doesn’t know her well, as she could end the love anytime. She wonders who they are to find themselves in beds that do not belong to them. She cries about her sour love and regrets getting herself into the affair. ‘This love is be and end all.’ ‘This love will be your downfall.’

9. ‘Wish I Stayed.’

The song is another favorite from ‘Bright Lights.’ Ellie is away from home after going to the town. She recalls the simple things that the countryside has to offer. Ellie remembers the childhood skipping ropes, the smoke that always made them choke, although they never gave up. She recalls the memories of her childhood home. She wonders why they cannot use a language they agree on, and why men see houses when they look outside, while she sees the fields that she grew on. ‘The carelessness of running away.’ ‘I wish I stayed.’

8. ‘Beating Heart.’

The most incredible thing about the song is that it features in the film called ‘Divergent’ as a soundtrack. The track hails from the ‘Halcyon’ album and is initially written by Janiak Joe. Ellie reworks on it and is assisted by Kurstin Grey to produce it, turning out to be an excellent piece of work. She sings that she is leaving in the morning and although Ellie doesn’t know where she heads, Goulding knows it will be a long time. ‘I want to make the best of what is left, hold tight.’ ‘And hear my beating heart one last time.’

7. ‘My Blood.’

‘My Blood’ hails from the ‘Halcyon,’ and it is a captivating track. She sings about the Lord being aware that she is not going to die, but unfortunately bleeding is the only way to heal. She sings that because of all the blood she lost, it takes away the love that Ellie thought she understood. She sings that all she can see are the colors of her blood in the rocks, as the guy sails away from her. ‘With all the blood I lost with you.’ ‘It drowns the love I thought I knew.’

6. ‘Anything Could Happen.’

‘Anything could happen’ is the first song in the ‘Halycon’ album. Ellie talks about her childhood, with the video showing two lovers getting into a nasty road accident. She uses the song to put emphasis on the reason why people should not waste time, because the unexpected may happen. She believes that although it is always good to hope for the best, it is better to prepare for the worst as well. ‘And I know the truth.’ ‘That anything could happen, anything could happen.’ This is one of the Ellie Goulding Top 10 Songs of All Time till 2017.

5. ‘The Ending.’

The song starts with a piano riff and rises to a light dubstep. It is important to mention that ‘The Ending’ is a bonus song contained in ‘Halcyon.’ The track is, however, a favorite to many, majority of who have no idea that it is just but a bonus track. Bonus or not, ‘The ending’ is an incredible song that earns its position on the top five songs on this list. ‘If you lock me out, there won’t be any more in the ending.’

4. ‘All I Want.’

‘All I Want’ is originally done by Kodaline, although Ellie does it again and it turns out to be better than the original track. Her version of the song is, however, more emotional and heartbreaking, which could be the reason why fans love it a lot. Listening to the song makes you feel like it plays for the first time, thanks to her sweet voice and unique singing styles. ‘All I want is and all I need is.’ ‘To find somebody, find somebody.’

3. ‘Goodness Gracious.’

The song is written by Nate Ruess, Goulding, and Kurstin, members of the ‘Fun Band.’ The song is about a partner having the knowledge that the other half is not nice for them, but still continues with the relationship. The song discourages going back to abusive relationships, although it fails to figure some of the reasons that lead to that, like the hope that things may be better. ‘Just to keep crawling to your arms.’ ‘Goodness gracious I can’t seem to stop.’

2. ‘Under Control.’

The song is about breathing, feeling again, empowerment, seeing things better in life. The mid-tempo song shows Ellie’s creative talent. Ellie sings that she will never forget the feeling she had when she watched her lover walk away. She felt incomplete without him although he never missed to love her. ‘I feel like I am breathing again.’ ‘I got it under control, oh-oh.’

1. ‘Mirror.’

‘Mirror’ is the best song by Ellie, and it features on ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Ellie does her best in the song, and the results are amazing. She looks in the mirror and wonders whether this is indeed our world. She looks into the mirror and sees terror, from the games she played so well. ‘I look at the mirror, and I try to understand.’

Ellie Goulding New Songs 2016-2017

1. Still Falling for You

In the new song, Ellie sings about love that is like fire and ice, ‘like rain and the blue skies.’ She tells her lover not to let her down, as she still admires him. She even offers to take all his flaws and scars. ‘So what to do, still falling for you.’

2. Army

In the song, Ellie compares her love to an army, where they fight each other all the time and disagree. However, the relationship stays strong and overcomes all challenges. She recalls the nights when she was drunk, and her man understood, something fewer people could do. She knows what people gossip about them, but she cares less. ‘When I’m with you, am standing with an army.’

Ellie Goulding is sexy and beautiful, and I think her music corresponds with her beauty. The queen has thrilling songs that get fans dancing every time they play. She sings about love, breakups, betrayal and successful relationships. The girl is the best, listen to her latest songs ‘Army’ and ‘Still Falling for you’ and you will instantly fall for her music.

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